Be An Internet Marketing Hero!

Greek mythology is often associated with the courage of heroes and gods, but it is also a catalog full of deception, trickery and lies. In fact, liars are so prevalent within Greek mythology that when ancient Greek philosopher Plato imagined his ideal and perfect city, he wanted to remove all existing poetry because of all of its representations and ideas of cheating, lying and swindling others in order to satisfy human needs.

The conclusion is that being a God or hero in the world of Greek myth does not mean being truthful not does it mean that goodness prevails. You can get known for a whole lot of unhelpful reasons.

On that note, perhaps some of the most famous lies in Greek mythology are in the story of Odysseus, the character who features at the center of the Homeric epic "The Odyssey." The Odyssey retells of Odysseus’ return to his homeland (the isle of Ithaca) after the end of the Trojan War. Odysseus was cunning and clever, so much in fact that centuries later the Roman poet Virgil would give him full credit for the creation of the Trojan horse idea.

Even when Odysseus finally returns to his own kingdom after a decade of wandering, he still lies and dresses in the clothing of a beggar, attempting to fool everyone including his own wife Penelope.

There is no difference between these famous characters and what is going on today in the world of Marketing. Everyone is selling themselves or selling something on or offline – whether it be an impression of themselves or a product/service. And of course we all want it to be the best, we want it to look good and be accepted and received well by our target markets.

A great example where you will find this kind of deception is on dating sites. People will put up ultra flattering photos or even photos of someone else...someone, they feel is more attractive than they are. But, ultimately, the truth will come out.

But there is a flaw in this desperation; one that will catch up on you if you are not careful. The need to exaggerate or deceive is not always a conscious one, sometimes it can happen by accident and the result is that you over embellish about what you are offering because you are thinking about the money.

People like this will give unrealistic quotes, images that don't accurately represent the product, and make false promises, They believe the end justifies the means.

Don’t be tempted to do this.

For a start, post realistic images – Images speak volumes and there is no harm in displaying them loud and clear and with a great spin. But be careful. Post attractive, but realistic photos of what consumers can expect when visiting your business or investing in your products. Because the lesson we learn from every ancient story is this – the truth always comes out and if you hype people up to expect a holiday in the Caribbean and fulfill their sense with that promise – once they buy and see the caravan instead of the exotic setting, they are going to think you are a douche.

And that is as gentle as I can put it. Be enticing and descriptive with your words but not deceptive. Otherwise, you will end up an infamous liar like Odysseus and honestly, that is not the label you want to have.

Authenticity and accurate representation is the modern hero of Internet Marketing.