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Be Careful With PayPal

Many people want to sell our products and use PayPal to process their customers credit cards. However, I would warn against using PayPal as your only means of processing credit cards.

There have been instances of PayPal freezing distributors accounts because they sold certain products. Below is an excerpt from the email sent out by PayPal:

“I found several items which violate PayPal’s Acceptable Use policy regarding Firearms, Weapons, and Knives policy, as well as PayPal’s Surveillance Equipment policy.

If you choose to remove the prohibited items from your website, you will need to remove the following items:

Butterfly Knives, One Hand Opening Knives, Pen Knives, Telescopic Steel Batons, Sling Shot, Throwing Stars, Telephone Recorder, Cell Phone Recorder, and Conversation Recorders.”

The accounts were frozen then the email was sent.

The following information shows the difference between PayPal and a merchant credit card account.

With a Merchant Account, your funds are directly deposited into your personal or business bank account, which you control and which is also protected by Federal Banking Regulations.

With PayPal, your money is deposited into a PayPal Account, which PayPal fully controls. Since PayPal is NOT a bank, they do not need to follow federal banking regulations. These regulations are designed to help the average person avoid issues like having their bank account frozen for weeks or months with no explanation.

“Who would trust their money with a bank that could do that?”

Sadly, Paypal routinely freezes its customers’ accounts for almost anything and without warning. Once an account is frozen, the funds are often held by PayPal for months on end with absolutely no recourse for the merchant.

A domino effect occurs when a PayPal account is frozen, leaving the merchant with no way to fill orders. Those orders are then disputed by customers, creating more
chargebacks and the illusion of fraudulent activity on the part of the merchant.

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September 05th, 2017 15:59:09

Make Money Selling Stun Guns

Have you been looking to make some extra money? Did you know that you can make extra money selling something as simple as a stun gun? It’s true. And the best part is that you can help people out while making a pretty decent living doing it. 

It’s a crazy world out there. There are people walking around who are in such desperate need of money that they turn to mugging in order to make a buck. Other people are so full of rage that they assault strangers just to vent. There are car thefts and even rapes. All of these crimes are in the thousands upon thousands every year. It’s sad, but it is definitely true.

Since the world is full of all these terrible things, people need to have something to defend themselves. Stun guns are the perfect tools for getting the job done. Why? Because they work! While stun guns may cause a lot of pain, it isn’t the pain that does the trick. It is the quick burst of electricity that has been stored in the stun gun that causes a lot of physiological changes to occur rapidly in the body. Not only does the stun gun overwhelm the attacker’s nervous system so that they lose balance, but they are also depleted of all the energy they would need to move.

People need stun guns so that they can defend themselves from attackers, but most people don’t know where to find them. If you think about it, do you know where you could get a stun gun? You might say that anyone could find them online. But the problem is that though people know that they should get something to defend themselves, they don’t always seek it out. This is bad for them, but it presents a unique opportunity for you because you can be the one to bring the product to them.

The key to selling stun guns is to be able to sell them to your customers at a fair price while still making a profit. In order to do this, you must be able to purchase stun guns at a wholesale price. If you can find a company that will help you do this, then all you have to do is take a magazine to people and show them the product. Once the chance to buy a stun gun is in front of them, they can’t help but think about how they need one for self defense. The stun guns practically sell themselves. Plus, if you want to make more than one sale at a time, then all you have to do is take your catalog full of merchandise to a local vendor like a gun store or a pawn shop. These vendors know that people want and need stun guns. They too want to help people protect themselves and get paid for that good deed.

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March 14th, 2017 19:05:54

Wholesale Drop Shipper Products

Let there be no doubt about it, wholesale products are both essential to – and a management headache for – any retail business model. Almost anyone who has been involved in retail can tell horror stories about a time when their company purchased the wrong stock, or ended up with too much (or too little) of the right stock, or the myriad of other things that can go wrong for a small business attempting to store their wholesale products away from the sales floor! Many people have stayed awake at night wondering if there could be a better way for them to manage the necessary stock, making their business more streamlined – not to mention more profitable – in the process! Well, the fact is, there is a better way to manage these issues for almost any person who is serious about running a successful retail business.

If a retail business wishes to create a relationship with a reliable provider of wholesale products, often the best thing for them to do is to find a company that will offer wholesale dropship services. With this type of option, the fortunate retailers can simply contact their dropshipper to order precisely what they need, when they need it. The wholesale products are sent directly to the retailer without delay, eliminating the need for a stock of items. Even better, if the retailer takes advantage of having a website presence, their customers will be able to order their products and complete their sale online, receiving the goods from the dropship provider… while the profits still go to the retailer!

The benefits of working with a wholesale drop shipper go even further, however. The dropship companies simply allow a business owner to effectively manage the other important aspects of his or her business, by taking stock maintenance and shipping concerns completely off the table! In addition, with the aforementioned Internet presence, a retailer is able to vastly increase the number of items offered for sale. As long as the drop shipper carries the merchandise, they can sell it and make a profit.

A professional wholesale dropshipper will probably already have developed and perfected the best ways for their services to help their retailers. It is also worth finding a company that does not charge additional fees for the privilege of purchasing products through them. This removes additional concerns and costs that need not be part of the equation at all. Some of the better companies are also able to provide – at a fair price – additional training for retailers, teaching them the ins and outs of how they can increase sales and enhance their bottom line through websites and other efforts in Internet marketing.

Once a retailer finds the right wholesale dropshipper for their needs, they can take advantage of the experience of the dropshipper in expanding their efforts and growing their business. In fact, the Internet makes it possible for even an average person (someone without any business background) to take advantage of selling wholesale products through dropshipping, even without a retail store!

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Why We Charge A Restocking Fee

First I need to define what kind of business Safety Technology is. Safety Technology, for over 20 years, has been a wholesaler. In 2000 we started drop shipping for our distributors. This was a service we provided but our business model is still (more…)

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March 14th, 2017 07:48:08

Wisconsin Woman Uses Pepper Spray To Fend Off Attacker

Pepper spray is legal in Wisconsin as long as its not more than 10% concentration. Many people like the woman below believe pepper spray to be illegal in Wisconsin.

A 20-year-old Madison woman who was grabbed and being dragged to an alley Tuesday afternoon got out of the suspect’s grasp by spraying him in the face with pepper spray, Madison police reported.

The woman didn’t report the attack until the next day, fearing she’d get in trouble for having pepper spray.

Not so.

“In Madison, it is legal to possess pepper spray and use it in self-defense,” said Madison Police spokesman Joel DeSpain.

The incident happened around 1:30 p.m. Monday on State Street near Lake Street.

“A disheveled man grabbed her by the wrist and tried to pull her into an alley,” DeSpain said. “After she sprayed him in the face, he let go of her arm, put his hands to his face and bellowed out a swear word.”

“The investigating officer told her this was a serious incident that needed to be reported immediately so police might have a better chance of arresting a suspect,” DeSpain said.

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What is Pepper Spray?

There are a number of sprays that are used for personal protection and often the names of those sprays are used interchangeably. However, pepper sprays on the market can vary in quality and effectiveness.   (more…)

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March 13th, 2017 06:29:36

What is a Wholesale Drop Shipper?

Using a wholesale drop shipper helps small businesses with many of the tasks that can be expensive, difficult and time consuming. These companies can take over many of these tasks in order to allow the small business owner to concentrate on some of the more important aspects of the business. 

A drop shipper is a company that stores a large number of products and then ships those items directly to customers who buy them from someone else. A small business owner who wants to use a wholesale drop shipper will join with one of these companies. Sometimes there is a one-time fee to join, sometimes there is an ongoing membership fee.

Once the small business owner has joined, they have access to the complete catalog of wholesale products that the business owner can then market and sell to others. Most of these companies allow small businesses to use the photographs and descriptions of these products in order to market them online. The small business owner may market them on eBay, on their own website, on Amazon or anywhere else that online traffic will bring in sales.

Once the items are placed up for sale, the small business owner controls the sale. They control the price, pricing the items high enough so that they can make a profit over the wholesale price of the item. The communications regarding the sale and other aspects of sales and customer service are handled by the small business. However, once the sale is completed, the rest of the tasks are outsourced to the drop shipper.

After the sale, the small business owner goes to the website of the wholesale drop shipper and places the order for the item. The item is paid for, and the difference between the price that the small business owner got for the item and the wholesale price paid to the drop shipper is the profit that the business owner keeps.

The wholesale drop shipper is given the address of the original buyer of the item, and the wholesale drop shipper ships it directly to them. This eliminates the time and effort that would have gone into shipping the item to the small business and then repackaging the item for shipment to the original buyer. The process is fast and direct, resulting in faster shipping times and fewer shipping complications.

The benefit to the small business that uses a wholesale drop shipper is far less time spent on the manual tasks of wrapping items, printing labels and making trips to the post office. This saves a significant amount of time for a business owner who needs that time to spend on marketing the items and choosing items to sell. It also means a savings on storing inventory and it means that the small business doesn’t have to purchase large numbers of items in advance, taking a risk that the items won’t sell. By purchasing only the items that have already sold, there is no inventory left over and no liquidation of merchandise is necessary.

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Using Stun Guns for Personal Defense

Stun guns are non-lethal weapons that are sometimes used as personal security devices for self-defense. These weapons use a high-voltage current that is activated by the user when an attacker or aggressive person is physically threatening the person with the stun gun.

Stun guns generally have two contact points that are used to deliver the voltage to the attacker. In most stun guns, the contacts must be held in contact with the skin for at least a few seconds in order to produce a response in the attacker. Most stun guns on the market will also go through clothing and don’t have to be held against the attacker’s bare skin.

When a stun gun is used for personal defense, the owner pushes a button to start the electric current when the attacker comes too close. Stun guns can be used to shock the attacker, causing a startled reaction that can give the stun gun owner a chance to get away from the attacker before any other aggressive actions are taken. In other cases, stun guns are used to cause a more dramatic reaction to the attacker.

The severity of the reaction that a person has when shocked with a stun gun varies depending on the voltage of the device and the length of time that it’s held in contact with a person’s skin or clothing. It can also vary according to the amount of clothing that is between the stun gun and the attacker. Thicker clothing can mean a less severe reaction or one that takes much longer to be felt.

When a stun gun is activated, the current passes from the stun gun and enters the body of the attacker, affecting the person’s nervous system. The voltage then enters the muscles, causing much of the reaction that is felt. A person who receives a shock from a stun gun will have an immediate muscle reaction. This reaction causes the body’s muscles to move rapidly, resulting in a gyrating, seizure-like reaction in the attacker. The more intense the shock, the more the muscles react and the harsher the reaction of the rest of the body.

Being in contact with the stun gun’s voltage for several seconds will cause the attacker’s muscles to react violently enough to cause the body to use up its store of blood sugar. This is what causes the attacker to lose the ability to move. This involuntary lack of movement is where the name of the weapon gets its name. If the shock is more intense or lasts for a longer period of time, it can cause the assailant to lose consciousness.

A shock, a stun or a loss of consciousness will not result in any permanent bodily damage for the attacker. The effects of coming into contact with the voltage generally only last for a few minutes or less. This brief reaction time gives the stun gun owner a chance to get away from a dangerous situation and get to safety.

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March 11th, 2017 09:35:18

Selling at Gun Shows and Flea Markets — Did You Remember These Things?

Here are some things you might not have thought of when planning your gun show or flea market.

  • Do you need a hotel room? If the show or flea market you’re attending isn’t close to your home, you may need to make travel plans well in advance. You may need to book a room several weeks or even months early if you’re planning to attend a very large convention or popular event. Also, it’s cheaper to book airline tickets months in advance instead of at the last minute, so plan accordingly.
  • What will you wear? Your attire for sales day can impact your success. You should look professional, but make sure you’re comfortable. Don’t wear new shoes. Instead, make sure your footwear is well broken in since you’ll be on your feet all day long. Wear comfortable clothing that you can move around in since you’ll be setting up and tearing down your booth. Skirts, dresses or business suits probably aren’t the best option. In most cases, a golf shirt, slacks and loafers are a good choice for a day-long event. You might even put a change of clothes into your vehicle in case of accidents happen because the worst thing you can do is look slovenly.
  • Who will you meet? Network with your fellow vendors – they could turn out to be potential customers or you could create a mutually beneficial sales relationship. Or they can tell you about other Local Marketplace events they display at that are very lucrative to them.
  • Will you have a chance to eat? Hopefully, you’ll be so busy you won’t get a chance to step away from your booth to grab a bite to eat. It’s wise to pack individually wrapped snacks (granola bars, crackers, etc.) and bottles of water to tide you over if you can’t make time for an entire meal.
  • Learn from your customers. The event is a valuable learning tool. While you may not have time to interact at length with customers during a busy event, listen to their comments. It could help you improve your next show

ManualThere are 5 steps to ensure success at a local Gun Show or Flea Market:

Step #1: Pre-Show Preparation

Step #2: Choosing Your First Show

Step #3: Setting Up Your Space To Maximize Your Sales

Step #4: Conducting Your First Show

Step #5: Selling To Your Customers AFTER The Event Is Over

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What Is Bounce Rate?

Distributors are always asking what the bounce rate means that they see in their Google Analytics account.  And what is a good bounce rate and what is a bad bounce rate?

Bounce rate is a very important number for website owners. It tells you what percentage of your visitors are leaving or bouncing away after landing on your site.  In other words, it lets you know how many land on a page on your website then leave your site without visiting another page.

This is important information to Google when they look at everything to rank your web pages.  They want to make sure that the websites delivered in their search engine results are meeting the expectations of the visitors.  So, the better your bounce rate is, the better your pages will rank in Google.

There are different ways a visitor can bounce from your site:

  • Your visitor hits the “Back” button on his browser.
  • Your visitor clicks on an ad you have on your web page.
  • Your visitor clicks on an external link you have on your web page.
  • Your visitor closes his browser.
  • Your visitor uses the search box on his browser.
  • Your visitor types a new URL in his browser.

Everything above would cause the visitor to leave your site if he did any of these things right after arriving at your site (and before clicking to go to another page on your website), it would be counted as a bounce.

The formula for finding the bounce rate on your website is:

Bounce rate equals “People who left after one page” divided by the “Total number of visitors to your website.”

As an example, if your site received 1,000 visits and 750 of those visitors bounced, or left your site after visiting just one page, the bounce rate would be 750 divided by 1000, which equals to 0.75 (or 75%). You can calculate the bounce rate of your whole website or just a single web page.

The lower the bounce rate on your website, the better, because it means that visitors are finding your website interesting and they are visiting other pages on your website.

A general rule of thumb is that 50% or lower is a good bounce rate.

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