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Wholesaler of non-lethal self-defense devices so you can provide protection for your customers and their homes.

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Do You Understand The Difference Between Features and Benefits?

This helps you sell better face to face and helps you write better content for the products. If you study marketing gurus, they always tell you to focus on benefits rather than features when you write sales copy or create ads. Most business owners need help with the features vs. benefits dilemma. Most business owners […]

How to Use Celebrity and News Events To Be Found In The Search Engines

Let’s pretend that you are in Hollywood, it’s Oscar time, and you are standing in the crowd watching the celebrities walk the red carpet. Now pretend that you can quietly sneak on the red carpet and walk a couple of steps behind Nicole Kidman or Clint Eastwood…acting as if you belong there…people wondering who you […]

The Wealthy Use Leverage, So Can You

One common element that all people use is LEVERAGE. And you should use it too. Of course, your initial response may be, “What do I have to leverage.” More than you think. None of us live in a vacuum. Maybe you work for a company with other employees or belong to a church or another […]

Creating Your Own Products From Ours

If anything is worth selling, you will find many people selling it on the Internet. It doesn’t matter what the product is. So, to compete on the Internet, you must distinguish yourself from everyone else. There are many ways to do this, and I will comment on these in future emails. But one way is […]

Use Your Blog To Help You Rank

This is a tip if you have a website or plan on getting one for using a blog to help you rank higher in the search engines. A blog is simply a way to easily publish to the Internet without knowing any html code. You can build an eCommerce website site on the WordPress platform. […]

Blogging To Build Your Brand

The faceless eCommerce store is dying. You can no longer just list products for sale. You need to create a brand around your business. You need to add some kind of value to your business beyond just the products you list on your store. This is the missing piece of the eCommerce puzzle. Most website […]

How To Write Your About Page

I know some of you may have trouble writing your About page content. Many people consider this just filler. However, it shouldn’t be. Many visitors to your website will go there first. Most people when writing content for the About page, make it entirely about themselves, their company. In sales, practically everything you do should […]

Use Numbers In Your Page Titles To Increase CTR

Studies have shown the CTR (Click Through Rate) is increased if you use numbers in your page titles. That means you will get more clicks on your SERP (Search Engine Results Page) listing, even if you are not #1. Pinterest has been advising people to do this for a long time to increase CTR. Think […]

How To Write Blog Posts

Remember, there are 2 basic approaches to writing blog posts. One is to reveal personal information, opinions, likes and dislikes, so people get to know you and like you and identify with you. The second is to give info about your products, how they can be used, who should own them and your opinions. When […]

How To Figure Percentage Mark Up Correctly

How to calculate a percentage markup from your cost is usually done wrong. Most people do it this way… If they want to mark something up 40%, most will multiply their cost by 1.40. Or, multiply their cost by 40% then add that number to their cost. Same thing. So, if they pay $5.00 for […]

Why You Should Sell Personal Protection Products

For over 30 years, people have been asking me why they should buy personal protection products. This answer is deceptively simple. Because it’s the right thing to do. Your first priority is knowing how to protect yourself, and your second priority is teaching that skill to every family member. You don’t have to be a […]

The Rise of Home Parties For Self Defense Products

Home Party

Lately, a cool new trend has been popping up. It’s all about mixing social get-togethers with boosting personal safety. Do you know those home parties where people sell makeup or kitchen stuff? Well, now they’re stepping up their game by featuring items like stun guns, pepper sprays, and sneaky cameras. These parties are becoming excellent […]