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How the Definition of Self-defense and Attitudes Toward It Differ Around the World

How self defense laws vary around the world

Looking into self-defense rights, you’ll face different legal limits and cultural norms worldwide. Our deep dive reveals how the meaning of self-defense and people’s views change from country to country. You’ll get the scoop on Brazil’s tough rules for proving self-defense, the stand-your-ground laws in places like the U.S., and how society and laws mix […]

7 Tips On How to Prepare to Walk Safely at Night

If you’re wondering how to prepare to walk safely at night, addressing your concern directly, this article is your practical guide. Without fluff, we’ll examine effective strategies from high-visibility attire to emergency communication, ensuring your nocturnal outings are as safe as possible. Get ready to confidently navigate the nighttime with our focused tips. Key Takeaways […]

Scenarios Where Non Lethal Self Defense Options May Be More Effective Than Firearms

In the realm of personal safety, knowing when to utilize non-lethal self-defense options can be just as crucial as knowing how to defend oneself. There are scenarios where non lethal self defense options may be more effective than firearms due to legal implications, ethical considerations, or the need to minimize harm in uncertain situations. From […]

Decoding the Science of Intuition: How Our Gut Feelings Protect Us

Have you ever wondered why sometimes you just have a feeling about what to do, especially when things are up in the air? This is all about the science of intuition – it’s like our gut feelings have got our backs. It turns out our brain and body team up to help us react fast […]

The Virtue Of Violence!

Nancy and I watched the original “The Day the Earth Stood Still.” It came out in 1951. It’s a good movie and like the current version has a message. Back then, World War II had just ended and we were in the middle of the Korean Police Action or Korean Conflict as it was referred […]