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Find and Use Low-Hanging Fruit Keywords

hand effortlessly plucking ripe, low hanging fruit from a tree, symbolizing the ease of finding and utilizing valuable keywords in digital marketing

You’re searching to improve your website visibility and attract targeted traffic. Well, look no further! Introducing low-hanging fruit keywords – those valuable yet often overlooked gems that can skyrocket your search engine rankings. You’ll uncover hidden treasures your competitors have missed by utilizing keyword research tools and analyzing Google Search Console’s Performance tab. With their […]

A Free Google Tool You Should Be Using

If you are selling on the Internet or plan to, Google has a free tool called Google Trends. If you are using it, good. If not, you need to start. The tool will give you many interesting insights into the keywords you are interested in. For instance, if you type in stun gun, you can […]

Focusing On Small Win Keywords

There’s always going to be those few “big win” keywords that get a lot of traffic. Most people, deep down, feel that if they could just find a way to get ranked in the top 5 for those keywords, they’d have it made with countless leads and a bunch of sales. Then they get discouraged […]

Use Questions In Your Website’s Meta Titles

I advise my Advanced SEO Club members to use questions in their Meta Titles for their websites. Meta Titles show up as the headline in the search engines. Questions grab attention. It’s natural for people to want to know the answer to a question. Usually, the questions they use only require a Yes or No […]