To Get The Sale, Focus On The Pain!

Here’s a little secret that people don’t like to share with you… The best way to get people interested in your products is to hammer home every single pain point they have that your products can fix. Most sales are made because the product or service relieves a particular pain the customer has. For instance, […]

Never Forget The Fundamentals!

Let me take you back to July of 1961. The Green Bay Packers football team is meeting their new coach, Vince Lombardi, on the first day of training camp. The previous season ended with a loss of the NFL Championship game. The players were eager to learn the advanced techniques and plays Vince Lombardi would […]

The Virtue Of Violence!

Nancy and I watched the original “The Day the Earth Stood Still.” It came out in 1951. It’s a good movie and like the current version has a message. Back then, World War II had just ended and we were in the middle of the Korean Police Action or Korean Conflict as it was referred […]

You Don’t Need All The Answers To Be Successful!

Many people think that they need to have all the answers to be successful in any capacity; business wise or in life. While we all require some knowledge, there some people in the world that have made it without. That is, without qualifications, studying, school or even full expert knowledge of the field they want […]

Are You Afraid Of Competition?

In 1964, I was 15 years old. That year a movie came out that expanded my consciousness and made me rethink what was possible. That movie was Fistful of Dollars with Clint Eastwood. I ended up seeing Fistful of Dollars 12 times before it left Jacksonville. In the regular western, it was always one against […]

Selling at Gun Shows and Flea Markets — Did You Remember These Things?

Here are some things you might not have thought of when planning your gun show or flea market. Do you need a hotel room? If the show or flea market you’re attending isn’t close to your home, you may need to make travel plans well in advance. You may need to book a room several […]

A History Of Pepper Spray

Using pepper spray didn’t start to be popular as a self defense product until the 1980’s. However, history indicates that red chili pepper was in use for personal protection in ancient India and China. There are quite a few historical documents showing it’s use in China thousands of years ago. Chinese people and even warriors […]

4 Steps To Use To Be Successful On The Internet

There are several steps to being successful on the Internet: Have a web site that reflects your personality. Add a picture, put up copy that tells your customers something about yourself. People buy from people they know and like. Have a form on your web site to collect first names and email addresses. It helps […]