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7 Things To Consider When Creating Your Personal Safety Plan

People Planning Safety Procedures

When crafting your personal safety plan, start by identifying potential risks. Understand what makes you say, ‘Uh-oh!’ Then, create a strong support network; you’ll need all the help you can get, especially from folks who don’t panic easily. Communication is key—work out secret signals that scream ‘Help!’ without making a sound. Keep important documents and essentials at hand, like your passport […]

Polite Pitfalls: How Expectations for Politeness Can Sabotage and Endanger Women

Woman feeling uncomfortable at a party

When do expectations for politeness become a threat to women’s safety? This article exposes the societal narrative that often pressures women to prioritize politeness over their instincts, potentially risking their well-being. Here, we explore “how expectations for politeness can undermine and jeopardize women” and offer empowering strategies for maintaining politeness and personal boundaries. Key Takeaways […]

Top 10 Signs That a Stranger May Have Ulterior Motives and What to Do to Stay Safe

Spotting a stranger with a hidden agenda can be unsettling. In this article, we decode the ‘10 signs that a stranger may have ulterior motives and what to do.’ Learn how to read the ominous signs and confidently navigate these tricky social waters. We’ll provide solid, actionable advice – no fluff, just the facts you […]

Women – Speak Like A Man When In Danger!

This is not to diminish the power and effectiveness of communication styles that are traditionally female-coded. It’s about what works in a confrontation between an aggressive man and an intimidated woman. Of course, the best way to avoid a confrontation is to … avoid it. Leave the scene when you can. But real life doesn’t […]