Wholesaler Of Child Safety

Protect Your Child

Nothing strikes fear into the heart of a parent more than suddenly realizing a child is missing. What do you do? Where do you go? How do you find that precious little one you love so much? The answer to all these questions is to prevent the child from going missing to begin with. We know things happen, but we also know you can help your customers better protect their children with our child safety products. We hope you will consider selling them.

Why Child Safety Is So Important

Just to be clear, Safety Technology sells child safety products not only to make a profit. Child safety is as important to us as anyone else. It should be important to everyone.

According to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, the FBI recorded more than 465,600 cases of missing children in 2016. That's almost half-a-million! Now granted, many of those cases involve teenage runaways who would not have been controlled by a child safety device. Nonetheless, just one missing child is one too many.

Our child safety devices are designed to help parents know where their kids are at all times. We sell both wireless child leashes and a product we call the Child Guard Panda. Both have the same purpose: keeping you abreast of the location of your children through a wireless transmitter and receiver.

Here's how it works: both products include a receiver a parent can attach to a child's clothing. Parents can adjust the signal strength and distance according to their own comfort levels. Should a child exceed that distance, an alarm on the parent's receiver will sound. That parent will know to get up and go retrieve the child.

Sell Something Parents Really Need

We sell child safety devices at wholesale prices so that dealers can both make a profit and help parents. We hope you will sell the same products as a Safety Technology dealer. Help the parents in your local area by selling something they really need. Your willingness to carry child safety devices could mean a real difference in the life of a child.

Hopefully your customers will never face an emergency in which a wireless leash saves a life. But parents need these products regardless. There is no way to know if a child temporarily out of the line of sight is where he or she is supposed to be unless there is some means of keeping a connection. That is what our child safety products do.

They create a wireless connection between parent and child. That connection works whether the sun is shining or not. It works in a grocery store, the park, or anywhere else parents visit with their children. And because it is wireless, children are not tied to a physical leash that looks uncomfortably like leashing a pet.

You Can Sell Child Safety Products

As we said, we sell child safety products at wholesale prices so that you can do the same at retail. We want you to make money as a Safety Technology dealer on every product in our inventory. In short, you can sell child safety products you buy from us alongside stun guns, pepper sprays, and everything else we offer.

Selling child safety devices shows your customers that you are mindful of their kids. It demonstrates your understanding that the world is a dangerous place and, as such, you can be trusted to offer the kinds of equipment and supplies they need. In all of this, you will have the knowledge that one of the child safety products you sell could end up being a lifesaver.

How to Sell Child Safety Products

One of the most effective ways to sell products like this is by way of the tried-and-true home party. We know, most of us think of home parties in terms of cosmetics and food containers. But home parties are used to sell all kinds of things – including child safety devices and other personal safety products.

It is actually very simple. You organize a home party around the theme of personal safety and self-defense. If you want to feature child safety devices, you can really push that angle. Arrange for someone to come and give a short presentation about safety, then pass around the full-color catalog you have downloaded from our website.

Don't worry about carrying dozens of different products with you to the party. There's no need for that when you take advantage of Safety Technology's dropshipping program. Just take the orders at the party, then login to your Safety Technology account when you get home. Place the same orders with us. We will use the shipping information you provide to ship the products directly to your customers.

Not into home parties? Check out these other ways to sell child safety devices:

• Local Public Events – Any local public event that solicits vendors represents a good opportunity to sell child safety devices. Think of local food festivals, concerts, community celebrations, etc. Look specifically for local events that tend to attract families.

• Flea Markets – The fact that flea markets generate a tremendous amount of foot traffic makes them a great venue for personal safety products. Furthermore, the fact that parents bring their children is a built-in marketing tool. Just think about it for a minute.

• Traditional Storefronts – Some of our dealers do very well operating traditional storefronts. Some live in small cities where retail stores in the center of downtown do well. Others live in larger areas more amenable to stores in suburban strip malls. Both work.

• Pop-Up Shops – Don't ever underestimate the value of the pop-up shop. Maybe you live in a hot tourist destination like Central Florida. A pop-up shop during the height of the tourist season would be a fantastic opportunity for selling child safety products.

Sell Child Safety Devices Online

Of course, you are not limited only to selling Safety Technology products in traditional retail markets. You can sell online, too. Many of our dealers started out working sites like eBay and Amazon by utilizing our dropshipping program. Because they did not have to worry about shipping or stock, they focused all their efforts on generating as many online sales as they could.

We also have other dealers that have either built their own websites or obtained a site directly from us. These are self-defense and personal safety sites that focus only on the kinds of products we sell at wholesale prices. They do very well, especially among a target audience specifically looking for these kinds of things.

You could even sell child safety devices by utilizing free, online classifieds. Not a lot of dealers do it, but there are some who have figured out how to make it work. The thing to understand is that online selling is virtually limitless. If you can find a way to get the message out there to your target audience, you can sell.

How to Make Money Selling

Now you know you can sell child safety devices in person, online, or both. Here's the million-dollar question: how can you make money doing it? It starts with Safety Technology's wholesale pricing.

Safety Technology dealers have access to low, wholesale prices on every item in our inventory. We also offer even lower bulk pricing to dealers willing to buy large lots. If you were to compare these prices (and you will be able to once you become a dealer) with the retail prices on the same products, you would notice a difference. That difference is known as the markup.

Dealers buy child safety products from us at wholesale prices. Then they mark up those products to a competitive retail price. The difference between the two represents gross profits. They subtract their own costs of doing business to come up with their net profit.

Making this work means deciding on what kind of margin you want to make. What is margin? It is the difference between your total costs and your net profit. Let's say you sell one item for $100 while incurring costs of $80. Your gross profit is 20%. But now let us say your total costs amount to five dollars. Your margin is 15%. In other words, 15% of the total retail price represents the money you made as net profit. That is your margin.

If you need help selling child safety devices, the Safety Technology customer service department is always at the ready. We want you to succeed as one of our dealers. Should you decide to begin selling our child safety devices, do not hesitate to contact us with questions. We are here to help you help parents by putting child safety devices in their hands.