Who Are the Best Drop Shippers for You?

You Need A Reliable Drop Shipper

Retail drop shipping is like any other industry in that there are some companies that do it better than others. Such is the nature of the drop shipping business. As a retailer, you want to hook up with the best drop shippers you can find. The only problem is defining what actually qualifies as the best.

We could tell you that Safety Technology is the best drop shipper in our industry. We could also tell you that we are the largest. The latter claim is pretty easy to prove just by showing sales and revenue statistics. But there is no way we can prove we are the best without you signing up and experiencing what it's like to be a Safety Technology dealer.

All this leads to an inevitable question: who are the best drop shippers for you? We cannot give you an answer. However, we can point you to some of the things you should be looking for. The best drop shippers in every industry have a few things in common.

They Sell the Product You're Interested In

Though this may sound like a no-brainer, you'd be surprised to learn how many retailers hook up with wholesalers who don't sell anything they are really interested in. They just sign up and market a few products because they think that's smart business. It is not.

You have a very specific idea of what you want your retail business to look like. So focus your attention only on products that fit your vision. Then find drop shippers with the products you need to make your vision a reality.

They Believe in Fair Pricing

All the best drop shippers believe in fair pricing that benefits both them and their dealers. This is so fundamental to wholesaling that it boggles our minds to see some drop shippers who either charge excessively high prices or add an extra fee for the drop shipping service.

Making drop shipping too expensive only hurts the wholesaler. Higher pricing means fewer dealers carrying that wholesaler's products, and fewer dealers means lower sales volumes. That is one of the reasons Safety Technology gives so much attention to pricing.

They Show an Interest in Your Business

Next, the best drop shippers for you are those that demonstrate a genuine interest in your business. They are drop shippers willing to do whatever it takes to help you succeed. Who wouldn't want that kind of support from a wholesaler?

A wholesaler generally interested in your success will offer you as much advice as you need. They will provide helpful tips about marketing. They will give you the same level of customer service you give to your retail customers. In short, a good wholesaler will invest in your business with the knowledge that your success translates into their success.

They Are Easy to Work With

The best drop shippers in the business are companies that are easy to work with. They are companies that do not set up an extensive list of rules in an attempt to tightly control what their dealers do. Too much control may cross the line that separates independent retailers from company employees.

We assume you are not interested in drop shipping wholesalers that don't make any effort to work with you. You are not interested in wholesalers who do not answer phone calls or return e-mails. You are not interested in those that continually change their pricing to the point of becoming confusing.

What you want are drop shippers that keep everything as simple and straightforward as possible. You want wholesalers that routinely communicate with you; retailers that are not afraid to answer your questions or help you solve problems.

They Take Pride in Their Own Businesses

One last thing to consider in your search for the best drop shippers is the pride those companies take in their own business operations. Here at Safety Technology, we are extremely proud of the business we have built over the last 20+ years. So much so that we go to great lengths to protect our name and reputation.

Why is this important to you, as a dealer? Because a wholesaler that takes pride in what it does is one that will make the effort to take care of customers.

If we treated our dealers poorly, it wouldn't be long before our excellent reputation started to slip. Continuing to mistreat our customers would only make things worse. We would eventually be transformed from a company with good reputation into one that people do not want to do business with. And trust us when we say we haven't put in the effort over the last two decades just to see that happen.

The best drop shippers are out there. You just have to find them. But first, define what being the best means to you.