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Home/Office Hidden camera Wholesaling

USB Charger Hidden Spy Camera with Built in DVR

Records in crisp clear 1920x1080p resolution at 30fps on a 32GB micro SD card that stores up to 7 hours of footage. Night vision. Will do Loop or Motion Activated recordings. Easily connects to a computer to download and view video footage.

Mini Hidden Spy Camera with Built In DVR and motion activation

1280x720P or 1920x1080P video resolution at 30fps, 12M (4032x3024) photo resolution, up to 60-minute battery life, works with Windows and Mac OS, 32GB memory, dimensions 1” cube. Includes: Mini Spy Camera, USB cable w/TV-out, pocket clip, wall/dash bracket, user manual.

Covert Cameras

Hidden cameras are ideal security products for both home and office and have built-in DVRs, so your customers don’t need to hook up to a DVR player to record. A good hidden camera gives your customers an inside view of what’s happening when they aren’t around. As a Safety Technology dealer, these are products you will want to offer your customers. Hidden cameras with built-in DVRs are among the hottest security devices on the market today.

DVR Technology Explained

A DVR is a digital video recorder capable of recording whatever information is sent. In the case of a hidden camera with a built-in DVR, that information is the video feed captured by the camera itself. That means a hidden camera with a built-in DVR is more than just a real-time monitoring device. It is also a way to capture information that can be stored for later viewing and retrieval.

As a dealer, you might wonder what the market for these products is. We can tell you that it is quite strong. People want more than just real-time surveillance devices that require them to pay attention around the clock. They want devices they can check later on. That is what a hidden camera with a built-in DVR offers.

One of the most popular uses for these products is to keep track of what’s happening at home when a person is away at work. You might call it a ‘nanny cam’ if you were using it to keep track of the babysitter.

A well-placed camera records activity in whatever room you place it. Let’s say you believe the babysitter is not doing his or her job to your satisfaction. A hidden camera with a built-in DVR will reveal whether your suspicions are correct. Even when no babysitter is involved, you can use one of these cameras to keep track of your pets, kids, and even contractors who might be in your home while you are not there.

Built-In DVRs Provide Evidence

Another reason people love hidden cameras with built-in DVRs is a simple fact that these handy little devices create evidence. Every time the camera is activated, it digitally records and saves information. That information can be retrieved and viewed using a PC. It can be stored on an external device for archival purposes.

Let us assume one of your customers is unfortunate enough to be a burglary victim. A series of two or three hidden cameras with built-in DVRs could provide enough video footage for police investigators to track down a suspect. The beauty of these products is that they are hidden. Burglars do not know they are being recorded, so they don’t necessarily try to conceal their identities.

More than one burglary case has been cracked with the use of home video recorded by a hidden camera. Not only does such evidence help police make arrests, but it is also very useful in court. It’s hard to claim you didn’t do it when your face is clear on video footage.

Your Customers Want Hidden Cameras with DVRs

With all the basic introductory information on the way, it is time to cut to the chase: we sell these products because your customers want them. People who have a mind toward home security and safety want hidden cameras with DVR technology that they can afford. You can be their go-to source.

If you browse our inventory of hidden cameras, you will discover that each product has a suggested retail price. These prices are very competitive. For much less, you will not find similar products at retail prices, and many retail outfits charge more. We do our best to promote affordability by offering our dealers great wholesale pricing that encourages them to be competitive at retail.

The point we are trying to make here is that we’re offering you a range of products your customers want and can afford. All you need do to get these products into the hands of your customers is sign up as a Safety Technology dealer and start selling. One order will turn into two, then three, and so on. We will be here to help you every step of the way.

Marketing Hidden Cameras with Built-In DVRs

Nearly all the Safety Technology inventory products easily sell themselves with just a bit of effective marketing. So let’s talk about how you can market hidden cameras with DVR technology. Start by addressing that just about anything can happen when one of your customers is away from home or the office.

With that established, talk about how the home or office can be monitored around the clock just by placing a hidden camera in the right location. Finally, talk about how affordable our hidden cameras are. Combining these three points will get your customers thinking in the right direction.

In terms of actual venues, we think a great place to start is a local flea market or swap meet. Display a couple of hidden cameras on a table and be ready to discuss. It won’t be long before you talk to customers about all the great benefits of protecting their property with a hidden camera.

Local festivals and other public events that routinely solicit vendors are other options. These kinds of events are popular with families and seniors – which happen to be two of your most lucrative demographics. And, of course, do not forget co-ops. People love co-ops because they know they can find unusual items that are not available in their favorite department stores.

Sell Hidden Cameras Online

Your opportunities for selling hidden cameras with built-in DVRs are virtually unlimited. We say that to say this: you do not have to confine sales to things like flea markets and co-ops. You can sell online, too. The internet is a treasure trove of customers looking to buy without having to go out shopping.

Does online selling work? Look at it this way: you are considering buying hidden cameras at wholesale prices because you are reading information on our website. If online selling works for us as a wholesaler, it will work for you as a retailer.

Safety Technology can build a website based on one of our pre-built templates. Alternatively, you can build your own site using web space you have already paid for. It is entirely up to you. And if you don’t want a dedicated e-commerce site, there are other options.

Many of our dealers make good money selling on Amazon and eBay. Still, others sell by way of online classified sites. The key to selling online is finding the best venues for you. To make facilitating online sales easier, Safety Technology also offers a dropshipping service.

Dropship Hidden Cameras with Built-In DVRs

One of the best things that ever happened to online retail is dropshipping. Unlike brick-and-mortar retail, where store owners have to maintain a certain inventory level, online retail can avoid stocking altogether by leaving it to the wholesaler. Allow us to explain.

As a wholesale seller, we must maintain a warehouse filled with stock to supply our retailers. The drop-ship business model lets online retailers use this to their advantage. Rather than reinventing the wheel by stocking products themselves, those products remain in our warehouse until sold at retail.

Let’s say you run a website that lists three or four of our hidden cameras with built-in DVRs. The minute one of your customers places an order, you log on to your Safety Technology dealer account and order the exact same product from us. You also supply us with your customer’s name and shipping information. We ship the product directly to your customer with packaging with your name on it.

There is more to know about making money selling hidden cameras and other Safety Technology products. But for now, the most important thing is for you to become one of our registered dealers. The sooner you submit your dealer application, the sooner we can get started.

Hidden cameras are ideal security products for both home and office and have built-in DVRs, so your customers don’t need to hook up to a DVR player to record. A good hidden camera gives your customers an inside view of what’s happening when they aren’t around. As a Safety Technology dealer, these are products you will want to offer your customers. Hidden cameras with built-in DVRs are among the hottest security devices on the market today.