How To Convince People Stun Guns Work

I want to share a selling tip for stun guns I discovered 32 years ago when I sold stun guns at flea markets.

People coming to my booth would have lots of questions because 32 years ago not many people knew what a stun gun was.  But, there was one question I got more than any other.

“How do I know this works?”

When I would get that question, I would ask them to hold their finger out.  I told them that I was not even going to touch their finger with the stun gun but hold it about 1/4 inch away.  I then told them that I would pull the trigger and they would actually see the electricity jump from the stun gun into their finger.

Well, one of two things would happen:  they would hold their finger out or they wouldn’t.

If they held their finger out, they would see the blue electrical charge jump into the finger and feel the sting of the hit.  They would jerk their finger back.  I would tell them to imagine what it would feel like if I had fired it while I was touching their neck or chest.  They were convinced.

If they refused to hold their finger out, then obviously they were afraid of what it would feel like.  They also were convinced.

So, if you sell face to face at a gun show, flea market, home party or just showing to friends, family or co-workers, use this technique and they will be convinced.

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