How to Maintain Good Relations with Drop Shipment Wholesalers

One of the keys to successful business is maintaining good relationships. Whether you are talking relationships with customers, suppliers, or even government authorities, good relationships tend to result in good things. Sour relationships tend toward bad things. As such, maintaining good relations with drop shipment wholesalers is critical to the dealer who relies on drop shipping.

Drop shipment wholesalers like Safety Technology rely on dealers like you to be the foundation of our businesses. If it were not for dealers, we would have no one to sell wholesale products to. That's why Safety Technology work so hard to maintain the best business relationships we can.

Whether or not you work with Safety Technology, it is imperative that you establish and maintain good relations with your drop shipment wholesalers. Below are a handful of tips explaining how to do it. Nail them down and you should be in good standing with all your wholesalers.

Know the Products

Few things sour a relationship between wholesaler and dealer faster than a lack of familiarity with products. As a wholesaler, we provide our dealers with a ton of information about every product we sell. It is up to dealers to familiarize themselves with that information. The best of our dealers do even more independent research.

Knowing the products you sell ultimately makes it easier for us to assist you when a problem arises. It makes it easier for you to offer your own customers that level of service they expect. Not knowing the products you sell doesn't help anyone.

Familiarize Yourself with Shipping

Drop shipment wholesalers like Safety Technology use a variety of shipping services to get products into the hands of retail customers. Dealers should be intimately familiar with those shipping services. They should understand shipping times, rates, and all the other little details that make for a smooth shipping experience.

Ask Wholesalers for Help

We cannot speak for all wholesalers, but we can say that we appreciate when our dealers ask us for help. We would rather offer some sound advice or help design a website – especially when it helps a dealer succeed – than leave dealers to fend for themselves.

We see our relationship with dealers as a kind of partnership. No, Safety Technology is not legally intertwined with our dealers in any way, shape, or form. But we partner with them in as much as we assist them whenever we can. Asking for and receiving help makes the relationship between wholesaler and dealer even stronger.

Sell... A Lot

Strong sales certainly cover a multitude of problems, don't they? Absolutely. Your drop shipment wholesalers will overlook a lot of difficulties related to handling your account if you are producing strong sales. After all, your sales equal their sales as well.

One of the best things you can do to maintain strong relationships with your wholesalers is to sell a lot of merchandise. The more merchandise being moved, the happier everyone will be. Moreover, wholesalers are like anyone else in the business world. They tend to be willing to go the extra mile for their biggest sellers.

Follow the Rules

We do not have a lot of rules for dealers here at Safety Technology, but we know other wholesalers do. Your best bet as a dealer is to follow those rules to the letter. They are there for a reason. Skirting the rules is only going to make your job more difficult and, ultimately, make your wholesalers unhappy.

Maintain Good Communication

At the heart of most relationship troubles – be they business or personal – is a lack of good communication. Poor communication leads to misunderstandings. It leads to mistakes being made and corrections not being made quickly enough.

Communication is critical to all your relationships with wholesalers. So put some effort into it. Return missed phone calls, answer your e-mails, and even write letters if necessary. The more you and your wholesalers communicate, the better off you will be.

Pay Your Bill

We feel like we should not have to include this last piece of advice, but reality forces us to cover the topic of paying your bill. As a retailer, you are not thrilled with customers who do not pay their bills. You are never happy when a credit card is rejected, or a personal check doesn't clear. It turns out your wholesalers feel the same way.

If any of your wholesalers have been generous enough to extend you credit, don't let them down. Pay your bill when it's due. And if you can pay early, that's even better. Wholesalers are particularly vulnerable to low cash flow, and they cannot afford to have large numbers of dealers with accounts in arrears.

Now you know how to maintain positive relationships with your drop shipment wholesalers. Remember that good relationships lead to good things.