Military, Law Enforcement, Firefighter and Paramedic Extra Discount

Get An Extra Discount Off Our Wholesale Prices

Safety Technology supports veterans, active military, active law enforcement and retired law enforcement, active fire fighters and retired firefighters and paramedics with more than just words.

Veteran extra wholesale discount on products
Extra product wholesale discount for police
wholesale discount on products for paramedics
Firefighter extra wholesale discount on products

After you have filled out the Authorized Dealer Application and sent us proof of business or paid the $100 application fee, we will set you up as an Authorized Dealer.

When you receive your Customer ID from us, please send proof of service (copy of DD 214, etc) or copy of military ID or law enforcement ID or firefighter ID or Paramedic ID to or FAX to 1-904-720-0651 and you will be set up with an additional discount on our wholesale prices.

If you are not currently at out 1000+ wholesale price level, you will be put there PLUS given an additional 5% off the 1000+ wholesale prices.

I and the entire staff of Safety Technology thank you for your service.

Michael Gravette
Michael Gravette, President of Safety Technology