Pepper Spray Needed On Campuses

I came across an interesting article about the need for pepper spray on campus. It was in the Shorthorn, the University of Texas at Arlington campus newspaper.

The guy who wrote it made a comment that was a little naive.

He said, “The other part of me is extremely offended that we have become desensitized, and it's no big deal for women to be more in need of pepper sprays, instead of looking to deter such inappropriate, aggressive and dangerous behavior in possible criminals.”

I understand what he means, but he’s living in the “can’t we all just get along” fantasy world.

Pepper spray IS a deterrent to such inappropriate, aggressive and dangerous behavior.

And, he’s so politically correct, that he can’t even come out and call people who commit inappropriate, aggressive and dangerous behavior, criminals. No, they are possible criminals.

I can guarantee that if every woman on campus carried a pepper spray and used in on “possible criminals’ this would have a long term effect of deterring possible criminals.

Better yet, shoot a few of them and that would definitely cut down on the campus attacks.

Be safe. There be dragons out there!