Sell Pool Alarm

Help People Protect Their Children With This In-ground Pool Alarm

Personal safety and self-defense go well beyond stun guns and pepper sprays. It also includes other products designed to keep you and your family safe. With that in mind, Safety Technology is proud to offer our dealers the opportunity to sell pool alarms. As the prevalence of residential swimming pools grows, the need for protecting youngsters with pool alarms grows with it.

How Pool Alarms Work

There are as many different models of pool alarms as there are manufacturers making them. Though they all differ to some degree, the principle on which they work is fairly universal. Pool alarms are based on the concept of measuring vibrations in the water.

A typical pool alarm consists of a device that is at least partially submerged in a swimming pool. That device electrically monitors vibrations in the water. Should a child or pet accidentally fall into a non-monitored pool, the resulting vibrations in the water trigger an auditory alarm.

Some pool alarms are designed to be mounted on the deck of an in-ground pool. Others are mounted on the wall of an above-ground pool. Still others just float on the water. Regardless of design, an effective pool alarm is a life-saving device that no pool owner should be without.

Why We Sell Pool Alarms

Everything we do here at Safety Technology has a purpose beyond making money. While we do need to earn a profit to stay in business, we do what we do because we are passionate about personal safety. That passion extends to children and pets. They are among the most vulnerable in the dangerous world in which we now find ourselves.

Our company is located in Florida. As such, we have plenty of experience with residential swimming pools. Just about every house here has one. Some of those houses are primary residences for Floridians; others are rental houses that provide lodging for tourists visiting Florida from all over the world.

We fully understand that every swimming pool in Florida represents a potential threat to youngsters. But thankfully, that threat is very manageable. Children can be kept safe through a combination of pool monitoring and security. That is why we sell pool alarms. We want to give our dealers the opportunity to serve their customers with an effective yet inexpensive device that could ultimately save a life.

Did you know that more than 900 children between the ages of 1 and 14 die in drowning accidents every year? Even a single drowning death is one too many. If a pool alarm can prevent an accidental drowning, it is well worth investing in. We encourage our dealers to present pool alarms to those customers who own residential pools.

Pool Alarms Prevent Unauthorized Use

Safety should be motivation enough to install a pool alarm in a residential setting. But pool alarms have an added benefit: they discourage unauthorized use of a residential swimming pool. Not sure what that means? Imagine yourself as the owner of a beautiful Florida home with an in-ground pool.

Imagine turning off the lights and going to bed. Just as you are ready to doze off into blissful sleep, you hear a big splash coming from the backyard. You look out the bedroom window to discover that half-a-dozen teenagers have given themselves permission to go swimming.

As strange as it sounds, this sort of thing does happen. A pool alarm is the solution. An alarm will discourage unauthorized visitors from helping themselves to your swimming pool. If anyone jump into your pool while the alarm is activated, he or she will be found out very quickly. The same is true if he/she attempts to remove the alarm before getting into the water. Removal will set off the alarm as well.

Sell Pool Alarms Virtually Anywhere

With pool safety and unauthorized use your primary motivations for selling pool alarms, the next thing to address is where you can actually sell them. Well, you can sell them anywhere people own residential swimming pools. They obviously sell better in warm weather states like Florida, California, Texas, and Arizona, but you can also sell them in the Midwest and Northeast, too.

About the only place in the U.S. you might have trouble selling pool alarms is Alaska. But who knows? A Safety Technology dealer who sells online may have an Alaskan customer from time to time. You never know.

The point here is that we have a built-in market for swimming pools in the US. The swimming pool industry continues to thrive from coast-to-coast and from the Canadian border all the way down to our border with Mexico. Homeowners continue investing in swimming pools because they represent leisure, relaxation, and a measure of success.

Any place you can find residential swimming pools is a good place to sell pool alarms. As a Safety Technology dealer, a more important concern is figuring out the best way to sell alarms in a given area. You can sell them door-to-door (a local permit may be required), online through your own website, at a kiosk in the mall, at a retail store in the center of town, at flea markets, and on and on.

Sell Pool Alarms from Our Catalog

A good way for you to start selling pool alarms is to utilize our downloadable product catalog. The best thing about this catalog is that you can download the whole thing or customize it to include only those products you want to sell. Once you have your catalog, you can pass it around as an electronic or printed document.

One of the advantages of catalog sales for existing Safety Technology dealers is the ability to start selling pool alarms without having to launch an entirely new marketing campaign. If you are already distributing catalogs to potential customers, you can add pool alarms with just the click of a mouse. Your customers will see them as they browse through looking for other items in your inventory.

If you're not yet a Safety Technology dealer, you can combine pool alarms with a few other key products to get your business launched. Catalog sales give you a good way to start selling without requiring tens of thousands of dollars in overhead. You just pass the catalogs and then place your orders with Safety Technology to meet customer demand. And by the way, we make this selling model possible because we drop ship.

Dropshipping Pool Alarms

Safety Technology is proud to offer dropshipping for every product in our inventory. For the record, we are the largest dropshipper in our industry. Dropshipping makes it possible for you to start selling pool alarms without having to stock them in your own home or office. We stock them for you.

The dropshipping model is pretty easy to understand. You sell a particular product via your catalog, your website, etc. Your customer makes payment and supplies you with shipping information. You then turn around and purchase the exact same product from Safety Technology. But rather than shipping it to you, we ship it directly to your customer using the information you supply.

The beauty of dropshipping is that your customer never knows we are involved. As far as they are concerned, their new pool alarm came directly out of your warehouse. And because you handle all customer service issues on your own, your customer doesn't even need to know that we exist.

How do you make money dropshipping pool alarms? You can see how much you make up from our wholesale price sheet which you will gain access to when you fill out the dealer application.

Other Ways to Sell Pool Alarms

We offer dropshipping because we want to give as many new Safety Technology dealers as possible the opportunity to make money in this business. Rest assured you do not have to use our dropshipping program; you can stock products in your own space and sell them any way you wish.

An advantage of stocking inventory yourself is access to our bulk pricing. That's right, our already competitive wholesale prices go down when you buy products in bulk. Bulk pricing is our way of rewarding our most prolific dealers with a little more room to make their profit.

Pool alarms are invaluable tools for keeping kids and pets safe and preventing unauthorized use of residential swimming pools. We believe in these products, which is why we are proud to carry them. We invite all existing Safety Technology dealers to consider adding pool alarms to their inventories. If you are not yet a dealer, feel free to contact us to learn more about how you can start selling pool alarms in your area.