Stun Guns For Self Defense

Many people are seeking out alternative methods for non-lethal self-defense. Many are unwilling to own a firearm.  Maybe they have children in the home.  Or, maybe guns intimidate them. With this reality, one excellent choice for many people is a stun gun. These self defense devices are highly effective and non-lethal.  They have an excellent track record of use by law enforcement personnel and civilians alike. Modern technologies are further improving the efficacy and safety of stun guns. They are a very viable option for those interested in personal safety and property protection.

Stun guns operate on the relatively simple premise.  They administer an electric shock that renders an attacker unable to use his or her muscles. The shock generated by the stun gun is painful and temporarily paralyzing.  Stun Guns do not cause any permanent damage. Muscle spasms and twitches caused by stun guns do not persist. However, the thickness of a person’s clothing, sweating or other moisture, skin type, and even the charge of the battery can affect the efficacy of the shock.

Generally speaking, a shock of just a few seconds will drop most any attacker to their knees for at least several seconds and allow an individual to escape safely from a dangerous situation. The shock is most effective if delivered to the shoulder, rib cage, and the upper hip.  Other sensitive areas of the body can also be very painful! For additional safety, most modern stun guns come with safety swiches.

Stun guns are now available in a wide range of sizes and models. Some of them are as small as a tube of lipstick (and even look like a tube of lipstick!).  Women can easily carry a stun gun in a purse for protection. There are other sizes which are more suited to other security uses, such as a stun gun that is built in a flashlight. A longer-range stun gun, used by the military, is actually fired from a 12-gauge shotgun. It should come as no surprise, then, that the range for these different stun guns can also vary between a few feet and several hundred feet.

The future of stun guns is changing, as well. There are solid wires in the current models. However, some companies are attempting to change the method for the delivery of the electric current that generates the stun gun’s shock. Some potential options include the use of a water current, aerosol spray or even a laser beam! There seem to be a number of possibilities that may make the stun gun an even more reliable and effective method of self defense going into the future.