Use Numbers In Your Page Titles To Increase CTR

Studies have shown the CTR (Click Through Rate) is increased if you use numbers in your page titles. That means you will get more clicks on your SERP (Search Engine Results Page) listing, even if you are not #1.

Pinterest has been advising people to do this for a long time to increase CTR.

Think about the different ways you could use numbers in the meta Title:

  • number of stun guns you have for sale
  • number of pepper sprays you sell
  • voltage or amps for stun guns
  • scoville heat units for pepper spray
  • total number of products you sell
  • how many different colors you have for products
  • number of different brands of stun guns and pepper spray. etc
  • include the price for the product and any discount you are giving

As you do this, you will come up with other ways to use numbers in the meta Title.

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