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Use Questions In Your Website’s Meta Titles

I advise my Advanced SEO Club members to use questions in their Meta Titles for their websites. Meta Titles show up as the headline in the search engines. Questions grab attention. It’s natural for people to want to know the answer to a question.

Usually, the questions they use only require a Yes or No answer.

Are You Looking For A Stun Gun?

Looking For The Best Price For A Nanny Cam?

However, these questions may be too similar to what a competitor would write. And, maybe the obvious answer, Yes or No, is not seductive enough.

Using questions is still a great idea, but let’s make the desire to know the answers, greater.

Here are a couple of examples of what I mean:

Are You Making This Common Mistake When Deciding On A Stun Gun?

What Makes Pepper Spray Effective? It’s Not What You Think!

When you’re trying to get people to click on your website in the search results, you need to intrigue them. Make them want to go to your website.

If you use questions, don’t make them with an obvious Yes or No response.

If people can “get away” with not reading something because they don’t care about the answer to the question, they will. When your audience can answer “yes” or “no,” there’s less chance they will pursue it.

I don’t think people have limited attention spans; I think our tolerance for average is limited.

We have the luxury of looking for exactly what we’re after. We don’t have to waste our time on anything mediocre, generic, or boring.

Go back to any Meta Titles you’ve used questions in that someone could easily answer “yes” or “no” and make them better.

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