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Use Your Blog To Help You Rank

This is a tip, if you have a web site or plan on getting one, for using a blog to help you rank higher in the search engines.

A blog is simply a way to easily publish to the Internet without knowing any html code. You can actually build an eCommerce website site on the WordPress platform.

You can get a free blog at www.wordpress.com. But, when you initially get it set up, it’s on the WordPress web site. You don’t want to keep it separate from your web site. It should be a page on your web site with the look and feel of the rest of your web site. Fully integrated into your web site.

The reason you want it part of your web site, is that every time you post to your blog, this shows up as fresh content and activity to Google and the other search engines. They like this and it will cause them to visit your web site more often. Over time, it will add hundreds of web pages to your web site of good, relevant content.

Integrating the blog is not simple to do so you’ll need to find someone to integrate it for you. You can use https://www.guru.com/ to find someone to do this for you. If we build your website for you, the WordPress blog will be included.

Whenever you write to your blog, keep your list of keyword phrases handy and add a few to your posting whenever you can. Also, you will have the choice of having comments turned on or off. On means that people reading your blog will be able to comment on it. You want comments turned on. You want people commenting on what you say on your blog. This will constantly be creating new content which will help you with your ranking in the search engines.

You don’t have to worry about people putting up stuff bashing you or using profanity. You can moderate the comments. This means that before any comment is posted live, you have to approve it. The process is very simple to do.

So, you definitely want comments turned on.

Make blogging a big part of your search engine optimization. Try to write to it everyday. A guideline for how long a blog should be is around 1500 words. Make sure you use keywords you want to rank high for. Such as stun guns, pepper sprays, self defense products, hidden cameras, etc.