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Wholesale Emergency Water Filters

Perfect For Camping and Emergency Situations

Survival water filters at wholesale from Safety Technology. The difference between survivalists and the rest of us is that they take access to clean water very seriously. Or course, you can buy at wholesale from Safety Technology. They know that in the event of a natural disaster or some other emergency situation, access to clean water might be limited. So they buy things like the water filter products sold by Safety Technology. This is why you should be selling them.

If Water Filters Didn’t Exist

People underestimate the value of a good water filter because they are used to turning on the tap and getting all they need. They do not realize that the water coming out of the faucet has already been filtered and treated for them. So what if water filters didn’t exist? History answers that question.

Back in the day, before water was filtered and treated by municipalities, people got it from wherever they could. As long as their main water source was clean, they drank to their hearts desire without any issues. But that was easier said than done. Animal waste, trash, and other contaminants often polluted water sources. And where water was polluted, disease spread.

We still see the same kinds of things today in third world countries where water treatment is not a priority. But even the United States could find itself in trouble by way of a natural disaster or armed conflict that knocks out our water treatment capabilities. Individual water filters solve that problem for survivalists.

An individual water filter is not capable of handling tens of thousands of gallons to supply an entire community. But it is enough for a family who cannot find clean water in any other way. Water filters utilize carbon fiber, activated carbon, or another substance to remove everything from organic matter to heavy metals. A good filter makes water taken from just about any natural source clean and safe to drink.

We Sell Numerous Water Filters and Accessories

Safety Technology wants to be your main supplier of water filters and accessories. We offer numerous choices including carbon fiber filters that hook directly to manual or automatic pumps. We have a couple of portable water filter bottles as well as a filtered gravity bag system. There are enough water filters and accessories in our inventory to satisfy the needs of most of your customers.

We sell water filters and accessories to you at the lowest possible wholesale prices. As a dealer, you add your own markup to the products when you sell them at retail. The difference between our price and yours constitutes your gross profit. Then just deduct your own expenses to determine your net.

We trust that you will do very well selling water filters to your customers. You can target survivalists, campers and hikers, and even people who just want to make sure they’re not caught off guard by the weather (think hurricanes, ice storms, etc.). These products do very well among customers who are also interested in things like solar-powered products and paracord.

Learn How Water Filters Work

We advise that you take some time to learn how water filters work if you’re going to sell them. The survivalist is going to want to know, for example, why carbon fiber is better than activated carbon for filtering water. They are going to want to know which products are most suited to their intended uses.

Fortunately, water filters are not complicated. You can learn the basics with just a few minutes of research. Then you will be ready to explain to your customers everything they need to know before they buy.

The most important thing for you to understand from the sales standpoint is just how beneficial a good water filter is. Let’s say you’re speaking to a potential customer who hikes a lot. Experienced hikers know that it is not enough to go off into the wilderness and hope to find a clean running creek or stream. They have to be prepared.

A water filter is one way to be prepared. It is the best way for someone who doesn’t like the idea of using iodine tablets or who has no interest in boiling water in the field. The same can be said for survivalists who set up their own manual water pumps in the event of disaster. Attaching a filter to that pump is far easier than continually relying on boiling or iodine tablets.

Where to Sell Water Filters and Accessories

You should have plenty of opportunities to sell water filters and accessories in your local area. A good place to start is the annual camping/RV show. Survivalists frequent such shows to find the kinds of things they need to stock their shelves. As for campers and hikers, their attendance is expected. Survivalists, hikers, and campers are the three kinds of customers who are most interested in water filters.

You may live in an area that plays host to one or two survivalist trade shows per year. If so, know that such shows are gold mines for water filters and other survival equipment. Never pass up a chance to sell at one. You will have an audience ready and willing to buy water filters, para cord, and the rest of the survival gear you choose to stock.

Another good option are the many local events communities around the country host. For example, your town might be having a weekend festival to boost the downtown area. Sign up as a vendor and rent a booth. It is virtually guaranteed that the event will draw a crowd, and that crowd will be willing to spend if you give them something that interests them. Water filters do just that.

If trade shows and community events aren’t your cup of tea, no worries. Traditional retail works well, too. Consider selling at the local flea market. Flea markets are high-traffic venues frequented by your target customers. You might also consider renting a mall kiosk or setting up a full retail store in a local strip mall. There are lots of possibilities.

Sell Water Filters Online

You obviously are not limited to selling water filters in person. You can sell online as well. Safety Technology can help you get started by designing a website for you. We have more than 25 years’ experience in this business, so we know how to do things online. If you would prefer, you can set up your own website from scratch.

Another option is to sell on sites like Amazon and eBay. Note that your competition on these sites will be pretty stiff, so be prepared to compete. You can do very well without having to invest in your own web space.

For each of these online options, do not forget that Safety Technology offers one of the best dropshipping programs in the industry. We do not charge any extra fees for dropshipping. You pay wholesale price on all the products ordered, plus what we pay for shipping and packaging.

Dropshipping is an excellent way to get started as a Safety Technology dealer without a huge financial investment. We stock the products you sell; we ship directly to your customers whenever you get an order. That means you do not have to invest in stock or storage space; just find an online venue, then go out and sell.

Sell Water Filters with Other Survival Gear

We found that a good way to sell water filters is to combine them with other survival gear. People with a survivalist mentality look for things they can add to what they already own. Water filters may not be something they think about routinely but put one in front of them and suddenly they start thinking about clean water.

The fact that so many of us take clean water for granted suggests that water filters for survivalists are very much an impulse product. Taking advantage of the impulse is a lot easier when you sell other survival items alongside them. That is why we recommend also selling fire starters, solar chargers, knives, etc.

Sell Water Filters as a Safety Technology Dealer

Does the idea of selling water filters and accessories intrigue you? We hope so. This is a great industry to be involved in for anyone who has a mind for retail. We invite you to become a Safety Technology dealer and start selling the water filters and other survival products in our inventory.

Note that as a dealer, you are a self-employed business owner. Safety Technology will never tell you how to sell, when to sell, or what to sell. We are here simply to act as your wholesalers and dropshipper. If you need help figuring things out, just ask. We are more than happy to support our dealers in whatever way we can.

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