Sell Bug Detectors

Video and Audio Finders

Have you ever found yourself in a situation in which you suspected someone might be listening in on your conversations by way of a hidden transmitter? If so, what was your reaction? If a bug detector had been handy, you could have located just about any wireless transmitter in the room. Sound interesting? Keep reading to learn more about bug detectors and why you should be selling them as a personal safety and self-defense dealer.

The Bug Detector Concept

Covert surveillance is nothing new. It has been around since the dawn of humanity. But advances in wireless technology have made this sort of surveillance more prevalent than ever before. Anyone with a few extra dollars to spend can buy a wireless transmitter for audio surveillance, video surveillance, or both.

Video and GPS surveillance without the consent of the person or persons being monitored is legal across the U.S. Audio surveillance is not. In 12 states, audio surveillance is not allowed without the consent of all parties involved in the conversation. In the remaining 38 states, consent of at least one of the parties is required.

This should tell you something important: there is little to no justification for covert audio surveillance under most circumstances. So if you were to suspect that someone had bugged your home or office with a wireless audio transmitter, you would be completely justified in any attempt to find that transmitter and disable it. That is what bug detectors are designed for.

A bug detector scans the airwaves in an attempt to identify wireless transmissions. A good-quality device not only detects electronic bugs, it also helps the users zero in on the exact location of any detected device. That makes the bug detector indispensable to anyone who suspects he or she might be under surveillance.

For the record, bug detectors work equally well for locating hidden video cameras. As long as those cameras are wireless, they are communicating across frequencies that the detector should be able to pick up on. Some of your customers may want bug detectors just because they suspect they are being surveilled by hidden video cameras.

Selling Bug Detectors at Retail

Your goal as a retail distributor is to sell products to your customers. You can certainly sell bug detectors by themselves, but we recommend selling them alongside other products from Safety Technology. Bug detectors alone do not attract a wide enough customer base for you to build a solid business on. But combine them with things like surveillance systems and dummy cameras, and now you have something retail customers are interested in.

Selling bug detectors begins by understanding the kinds of people who buy them. The first group of individuals that come to mind are those trying to resolve difficult breakups. Alongside them are couples going through ugly divorces. Unfortunately, broken relationships can sometimes end with one party trying to spy on the other. It is never a good situation.

In the business world, company ownership or management might be concerned that competitors are trying to steal company secrets. Employees might feel like management is pushing the legal envelope by trying to monitor their conversations about things like wages, overtime, and workplace rules. Both are legitimate reasons for having bug detectors in the office.

Essentially anyone who is concerned about being spied on is a potential candidate for a bug detector. The fact that wireless technology makes it so easy to spy suggests that we all have very legitimate concerns. None of us wants to be subject to covert surveillance.

Places to Sell Bug Detectors

While it may seem like there is a limited market for selling bug detectors, the key to making money with these products is going out and finding your customers. We have a couple of suggestions to get you started. First, you might consider planning a couple of home parties focused on self-defense and personal security. Think along the same lines as home parties for selling cosmetics and food storage containers.

Believe it or not, your friends and neighbors are more interested in personal security than most people would give them credit for. Let's face it, we are all worried to some extent about being victimized by others who don't care much for our well-being.

A home party is a great environment for passing around a catalog of Safety Technology products. As a Safety Technology dealer, you have access to our full-color catalog online. You can download it as-is or use the information found therein to create a custom catalog featuring only those items you want to sell. Bug detectors could be part of your catalog either way.

Another good option for selling bug detectors is to rent space at a flea market. If you are not familiar with the flea market environment, here's what you need to know:

• Flea markets are high-traffic venues;
• Visitors expect to spend money; and
• They expect to find products at flea markets they wouldn't see anywhere else.

A good selection of Safety Technology products displayed in an attractive and intriguing way can bring lots of traffic to your flea market booth. Then it is a matter of engaging your customers in conversations geared toward bug detectors – or any other product they might be interested in.

Sell Bug Detectors Online

Are you limited to selling bug detectors at flea markets and home parties? Absolutely not. You can sell anywhere you can find customers. And yes, you can even sell online.

Working with Safety Technology to create an e-commerce site of your own is the fastest and easiest way to start selling. We can build and maintain your website for you (including making modifications when our inventory changes) leaving you nothing to do but drive traffic to your site. If you have experience in SEO, you should already know how to do this.

Perhaps you are the kind of person who wants total control over your e-commerce environment. We get that. You do not have to rely on us to build and maintain your site. You can do it yourself. Then you have two options for stocking bug detectors and other products:

  • Purchase stock and store it on-site; or
  • Let us deal with the stock by way of our dropshipping service.

We like to explain dropshipping as the best way to start selling bug detectors and other Safety Technology products without investing a ton of money up front. That's because you don't have to buy stock to dropship. Every product you intend to sell remains safe and secure in our warehouse.

When you receive a customer order, you turn around and order the same product from us using your Safety Technology dealer account. You provide shipping information at the same time. We then package that order and send it directly to your customer. You do not have to worry about stocking or shipping. You don't even have to worry about packaging.

What do we charge for dropshipping? Only the wholesale price of the product plus what we pay for shipping and packaging. That's it. Unlike other dropshippers, we do not charge our dealers anything extra for this service. We are not here to gouge you with high prices and hidden fees. Rather, we are trying to help you succeed as a small business owner.

Your Business Is Your Business

All Safety Technology dealers are independent business owners whose businesses are their business. We are not inviting you to become an employee or contractor of Safety Technology. Rather, we are offering you the opportunity to make good money selling bug detectors and other personal safety products as an independent dealer.

We are offering you an opportunity to own and operate your own business with Safety Technology as your primary wholesale provider of bug detectors, surveillance systems, non-lethal self-defense products, and more. You will find our wholesale prices among the lowest in the industry; you'll find our customer service to be among the best you've ever experienced.

If you are interested in learning more about selling bug detectors as one of our dealers, spend some time checking out our entire website. Feel free to e-mail us with any questions as well. Should you decide that this is a good opportunity for you, you can complete and submit our online dealer application in just a few minutes.

The dealer application is a formality we use to ensure that new dealers are either operating or establishing legitimate businesses eligible to receive wholesale pricing. Once we verify that, we will establish an online account for you. With that account you can buy products, download our marketing materials, and keep track of what is happening at Safety Technology.

Bug detectors may have a somewhat limited audience, but you can sell other things along with them. If you are ready to get started as a Safety Technology dealer, take a few minutes to complete the application. The sooner you do, the sooner you can get started selling bug detectors. Taking just a few minutes to fill out the application could be the start of something very big.