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Hunting – Tactical

When you think of a tactical knife for self-defense, hunting, and utilitarian purposes, it is not unusual to think of a fixed blade knife with a sheath. Fixed blade knives are among the most visible of all knives. Your customers can buy them from retail outlets, e-commerce sites, and retail and auction sites like Amazon and eBay. But can they buy them from you

Knives Are Natural Sellers

We will be first to admit that some products in our inventory are a tougher sell than others. Fixed blade knives are not one of them. Knives sell very well in general, and fixed blade models are extremely popular among certain kinds of customers. We like to say that fixed blade knives are natural sellers among customers showing an appreciation for nature.

Take your average camper, for example. And we are talking about real tent campers here, not glampers or luxury RV owners. We are talking about people who get out into the great outdoors and get their hands dirty. A good fixed blade knife is ideal for these kinds of campers because of its versatility and durability.

A fixed blade knife is great for filleting that fish your customer just caught. It is perfect for cutting switches the kids will use for roasting marshmallows. A fixed blade knife has so many uses in the great outdoors that it would be impossible for us to list them all here. Needless to say that a camper without a fixed blade knife is missing out on a really effective and easy-to-use tool.

Here are some others you might target for sales:

  • Hunters and anglers
  • Hikers and climbers
  • Outdoor sports enthusiasts (mountain bikers, cross-country skiers, etc.)
  • Self-defense aficionados
  • Knife collectors
  • Woodworkers and artists
  • Archaeologists, paleontologists, etc.

The list above is just a short list of people who make great fixed blade knife customers. Your job as a retailer is to identify the target audience among all your sales avenues. Once identified, just market the knives directly to them. Generally, they sell very well to the right audience.

Build a Business Around Knives

Are you visiting our website in hopes of starting your own business? If so, you could build your business entirely around knives alone. There are so many kinds of knives that filling out a retail outlet would not be that difficult. If you are going to do that, we hope you’ll buy your fixed blade knives from Safety Technology. We also offer other types of knives as well.

Building a business around knives can be done one of several ways. For example, you could buy a healthy stock of knives and then take them to gun shows. Believe it or not, fixed blade knives sell very well in this sort of environment. The same kinds of people who purchase handguns and rifles also find fixed blade knives very attractive.

Between gun shows, you can sell your knives at flea markets and outdoor shows. We know from personal experience that flea market sales work very well. Flea markets are places where people go to spend money. They are looking to find great deals on things that are either hard to find or more expensive in other settings. Offer a good selection of knives presented in the right way, and the customers will be lining up.

You do not have to physically take knives to your customers to build a successful business. You can set up a storefront, establish an e-commerce site, or do both. Your task is to figure out what method would work best in your area and then go make it happen. You are limited only by your own creativity, imagination, and willingness to work.

Sell Other Products, Too

Maybe you are looking to build a business with a wider appeal. That’s fine. You don’t have to sell knives exclusively. We have dealers who carry our fixed blade knives in addition to things like stun guns, personal alarms, surveillance systems, and more. Fixed blade knives are just one part of an extensive personal safety and self-defense inventory for these dealers.

Safety Technology sells hundreds of products at low, wholesale prices. You can choose to sell as many or as few as you want. It is entirely up to you. After all, it’s your business being built here. You have complete control over what you sell, how you sell it, and the price you charge.

What is our part in this? Well, we support our dealers in a number of ways. First, we sell all our products at the lowest possible wholesale prices. We keep our prices as low as we can so as to make it easier for our dealers to find a comfortable price point at retail. Our standard wholesale prices are very competitive; our bulk pricing on orders of 1,000 or more pieces is even better.

Next, we support dealers with free dropshipping services. Where other companies charge extra for dropshipping, you pay only the wholesale price of the items your purchase, plus our costs for shipping and packaging. We do not mark up shipping or packaging one penny. You pay what we pay.

Next, all our dealers have access to a number of helpful tools. They include our current price list, web- and print-ready graphics, full product descriptions, and our downloadable color catalog. Dealers can even customize the catalog to include only those products they want to sell.

Finally, every dealer receives the full support of Safety Technology. We are always on hand to answer questions and solve problems. If there is anything we can do to help you succeed as a dealer, you just let us know. We will do whatever we can within the scope of our business model.

Sell Knives with Your Own Website

We are especially excited about the opportunity to sell fixed blade knives online. The online marketplace certainly has allowed Safety Technology to expand its sales footprint. There is no reason it can’t be a big part of what you do as well. Note that there are numerous ways to sell online.

You can build your own website from scratch simply by signing on with a web hosting provider and using a web template or content management system (CMS) to do the actual building. Be aware that if you go this route, you will also have to include a shopping cart and secure a payment processing provider.

If that’s too much to get involved with, Safety Technology can build a website for you. Let us do the work and we will have you up and running in no time at all. Our websites come complete with domain name, shopping cart, and transaction services. Contact us to learn more.

Knives as Survival Gear

In wrapping all of this up, we want to give you a head start in your marketing efforts. The best way to market fixed blade knives is to approach them as survival gear. It is true that a person could use a fixed blade knife for self-defense, but that isn’t going to be the case most of the time. Rather, the fixed blade knife is going to be part of your customer’s inventory of survival items right alongside flint and steel, camping stoves, and the like.

Focusing on the survivalist market removes some of the stigma that might come with associating knives with self-defense. Focusing on survival techniques will not dissuade people from buying knives for self-defense, but it will definitely make your business attractive to a certain crowd.

We recommend offering several models of fixed blade knives for variety’s sake. All your customers are different, and they are going to want several models to choose from. You will do better if you give them multiple choices. Our 15-inch survival knife is a good model to start with. Consider carrying our 10-inch survival life, the FS 4.0 ParaKnife and the ParaCuda Machete as well. These four represent a good starting point.

If there is anything we can do to help you as a dealer, do not hesitate to contact us. That’s why we’re here. Safety Technology is one of the most successful businesses in our industry mainly because we work so hard on behalf of our dealers. Whether you decide to sell fixed knife blades exclusively or combine them with other products we carry, the entire Safety Technology team is behind you.

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