Wholesale Home Protection Products

Alarms, Diversion Safes, Pool Alarm, Door and Window Alarms

Safety Technology offers a diverse selection of home protection products that you get at the very best wholesale prices. Personal safety at home used to be limited to hardwired security systems with monthly monitoring plans. And while such security systems are still available, the world of personal safety has greatly expanded in the last several decades. Here at Safety Technology, we are fully involved in the personal safety market as both a wholesaler and dropshipper. We want to introduce you to the fact that you can sell home protection products as a retailer, either online or in person.

You Can Start a Home Protection Business

More people these days are looking to get out of the rat race and into some sort of self-employment gig that lets them control their own lives. Self-employment is not for everyone, but it is ideal for people with an entrepreneurial spirit and a willingness to work hard. If that sounds like you, starting a home protection business might be right up your alley.

There are numerous models for such a business. The easiest and least risky way to get started is to sell with a dropshipping partner like Safety Technology. Dropshipping requires a minimal investment in your own website and some initial marketing. Once you are up and running, steady sales will generate additional sales through word-of-mouth and marketing.

How does dropshipping work? It's simple. You list our home protection products on your own e-commerce website. Customers purchase from you at retail prices; you purchase from us at wholesale prices. Here's the beauty of dropshipping: you don't stock any inventory. Rather, we handle the inventory and shipping on your behalf. We ship products directly to your customers in packaging that identifies your company as the retailer.

There are other ways to sell home protection products without dropshipping. For example, you could buy products in bulk from Safety Technology and then sell them at local trade shows, summer festivals, gun shows, flea markets, or in pop-up shops. If you are really ambitious, you could combine these more traditional retail sales with dropshipping.

The key is to zero in on your target audience and market directly to them. For example, you might want to focus on middle class families concerned about home burglary.

Sell Diversion Safes

The middle-class families you want to target likely have certain items burglars consider valuable. These are items that are easily sold on the black market, like jewelry and cell phones, for example. A diversion safe would be an ideal product to market to those families.

Diversion safes are safes designed to look like ordinary household products. They work because burglars do not tend to pay any attention to them. Statistics show that burglars head straight to the master bedroom to find things to steal. So if you hid your jewelry in a container disguised as a can of brand-name shaving cream, a burglar would likely pass by without even checking the can. And that's provided he/she ever makes it to the bathroom.

Diversion safes have been around for hundreds of years. In the modern era, manufacturers are sophisticated enough to make diversion safes look like easily recognized household products from brand-name manufacturers. A well-placed diversion safe can keep burglars away from your customers' valuables.

Dropship Motion-Activated Alarms

Motion-activated alarms are another popular item with middle-class families. A motion-activated alarm can do a number of different things, depending on its design and manufacturer. The basic concept is simple: the alarm is mounted near an entry area in order to detect motion by way of passive infrared light. If motion is detected, an alarm sounds to alert occupants of the home.

There are motion-activated alarms that make dog-barking sounds. There are others that emit loud squealing sounds guaranteed to get someone's attention. All the motion-activated alarms we carry are completely wireless, so installation is a breeze. Your customers will love them thanks to their affordability and effectiveness.

We Sell Wholesale Home Alarms

Few home protection products have sold quite as well over the last decade as the home alarm. And make no mistake, we don't mean home alarm systems with 24-hour monitoring. We are talking about a full range of alarms that use a variety of means to help keep you safe at home.

Of course, we can be your supplier of complete wireless home security systems that include window and door sensors, motion sensors, and a keypad control center. You can order and sell additional components to add to those systems as well.

We offer voice alert alarms capable of telling your customers when someone is approaching the door, entering the shed, getting too close to the boat or car. We offer the motion-activated alarms discussed in the previous section. Indeed, there is an alarm for every need.

Not every homeowner is interested in a full-scale home security system with remote monitoring. For many people, our home alarms are a better option. You can be their supplier by including home alarms in your retail inventory. Buy from us in bulk or sell home alarms via the dropshipping method.

Wholesale Pool Alarms

Move beyond home alarms with your customers who also own swimming pools. That's right, you can add wholesale pool alarms to the list of home protection items you sell. Pool alarms reduce the risk of death or injury to young children who might accidentally fall into a swimming pool while no one is around.

If you are not sure how necessary pool alarms are, consider this: more than 900 children die in pool-related drownings every year. That is 900 too many. How many of those deaths can actually be avoided by installing a pool alarm to alert adults of an emergency?

Those of us at Safety Technology have a special place in our hearts for kids. That's one of the reasons we deal in pool alarms. If you plan to sell home protection products, we implore you to include pool alarms. A good pool alarm could end up being the most important product you sell.

A Home Security Business to Be Proud Of

Safety Technology is a veteran owned and operated business specializing in nonlethal personal safety. We take immense pride in the products we sell, the customer service we offer, and the support we are able to give our retailers. And just as we are very proud of our company, we want to help you build a home security business you can be proud of.

Building a home security business with us as your primary wholesaler offers certain advantages:

  • Dropshipping – The dropshipping business model represents the easiest way to start your own business without risking everything you own. You can get started with a minimal investment of time and financial resources by selling on sites like eBay and Amazon. Once your business starts growing, you can invest in other sales channels.
  • Quality Products – Safety Technology only carries home safety products we trust ourselves. With us as your wholesale provider, you will have access to the high-quality products your customers demand. We don't sell junk.
  • Selection – Our product list is not limited only to home protection products. In addition to things like diversion safes and alarms, we also sell wholesale stun guns, pepper sprays, tasers, hidden cameras, survival gear, surveillance gear, and so much more. We offer you one of the broadest selections online.
  • Full Support – We offer full support to our distributors and dropship retailers. If you ever have a problem, you need only call us for help. We will do whatever we can to support your home security business so that you can succeed as a retailer.
  • Great Prices – Our business model is designed around helping retailers make a good profit. As such, we believe you will find our wholesale prices extremely competitive. We keep our prices as low as we can so that you can maximize your profit with every sale.

Are you tired of the rat race? If so, now is the perfect time for you to start your own home security business with us as your wholesale provider. You can sell home protection products online, at flea markets, by holding home-based parties, at local festivals, or in any other way you see fit.

If you are not looking for a full-time business opportunity, don't dismiss what you've read in this article. You do not have to go full time to make good money selling home protection products. You can sell them in your spare time and still do well. Home security products make for great part-time businesses among people looking to earn a little extra cash, save for the kids' college fund, or pay for the annual vacation.

Here's the reality: American consumers are demanding reliable home protection products and personal safety items more and more with each passing year. The personal and home safety markets are not going to dry up any time soon. So why not take advantage of this burgeoning market and build a home safety business of your own? We can help you make your business dreams a reality as your wholesale supplier.