Wholesale Dog and Bear Repellent

Mace Animal Defense for dogs and Guard Alaska bear spray are great sellers.  Especially when you buy them at Safety Technology’s low wholesale prices. Sometimes staying safe has nothing to do with muggers and overzealous nightclub patrons. Sometimes it’s about keeping yourself safe from animals, like dogs and bears.

Outdoor and animal defense sprays are designed for those times. If you are already selling self-defense and personal safety products, why not add outdoor and animal defense sprays to your product list?

Animal Defense Sprays

  • Mace Muzzle – This product is a self-defense spray perfect for preventing attacks by aggressive dogs. It is an excellent product for joggers, walkers, postal workers, delivery drivers, and others who spend a lot of time moving around residential neighborhoods.
  • Guard Alaska Pepper Spray – This product is one intended for campers and hikers. It can repel an attack from an aggressive bear. It is used the same way a human pepper spray is used: aim the dispenser, press the trigger, and spray the bear in the face. The pepper spray does the rest.


Both products are available from Safety Technology at affordable, wholesale prices. We sell at wholesale so that our dealers have room to make money at retail. That is how this works. The difference between our wholesale price and your retail price, less any expenses you might incur, is your profit. And trust us when we say there is plenty of room for profit with outdoor and animal defense sprays.

Sell Mace Muzzle for Neighborhood Use

Mace Muzzle animal defense spray is an ideal product for guaranteeing safety while walking around the neighborhood. Let’s face it, we all know of people seemingly incapable of controlling their dogs. Some of those dogs are aggressive enough to be downright frightening. But with Mace Muzzle in a person’s pocket, he or she will have a lot more confidence going for that daily run or walk.

If you are selling this product, market it as a safety product for around the neighborhood. Talk about unruly dogs and how they can be quite disruptive. This is a product that will sell itself to people who routinely find themselves having to deal with aggressive dogs.

Sell Guard Alaska Bear Pepper Spray to Outdoor Lovers

Bear pepper spray is a product targeted at outdoor lovers who spend time in the mountains, public campgrounds, or anyplace else bears can be found. It is even appropriate for people who live in remote areas frequented by bears. As a non-lethal self-defense weapon, it incapacitates a bear the same way a human pepper spray product would impair a human attacker.

How effective is this stuff against grizzlies, brown bears, etc.? Effective enough that organizations like the Sierra Club encourage the government to require carrying pepper spray on public lands known for having bear problems. And remember, this is non-lethal.

Be sure to sell that point when describing Guard Alaska bear pepper spray to your customers. As big and ferocious as bears can be, people have a tendency to feel uncomfortable about using lethal self-defense. Explaining that this product can stop an attack at 30 feet without causing any permanent harm to the bear is a huge selling point. This spray will not kill a bear, but it will stop it long enough for the user to get away.

Buy from Us at Wholesale Prices

By now you should have a good idea just how attractive Mace Muzzle and bear pepper spray are as non-lethal animal defense products. So what do you do with that information? You consider becoming a Safety Technology dealer. As one of our dealers, you can sell as few or as many items from our inventory as you like. That includes outdoor and animal defense sprays.

You make money by buying from us at wholesale prices. We keep our prices as low as we possibly can. In so doing, both your business and Safety Technology benefit. Your business benefits with plenty of room to make a decent profit on markup; we benefit by moving product. Together, both of our businesses succeed.

If you are willing to buy in bulk, you’ll spend even less. Our bulk pricing gives you more flexibility to stock your store while helping us move more inventory. We are willing to earn less per piece in order to make our money on volume. And by the way, you could learn from this example.

Setting Your Own Retail Price

As a business owner, you set your retail price for Mace Canine and Guard Alaska bear sprays as you see fit. You can set the maximum price as determined by what the market will bear, and thereby make the most per piece. Alternatively, you can set your prices slightly lower than the competition. You would make your money by selling a higher volume.

That’s the great thing about being a business owner. Not only can you choose to sell at any price you want, but through any venue that appeals to you. This is your business. You are in control of every aspect of it. Safety Technology merely acts as your wholesaler and, if you so choose, your dropshipper too.

How We Dropship

We dropship each and every product in our warehouse – including Mace outdoor and animal defense sprays. In our role as a dropshipper, we do not interact with your customers in any way. We don’t sell to them; we do not provide customer service; we don’t even answer their questions. All of that belongs to you as the business owner. Our job is to get products from our warehouse into the hands of your customers.

Dropshipping is a business model that combines the resources of a wholesaler with the passion of a retailer. You go out and sell Mace outdoor and animal defense sprays at home parties and local festivals, for example. You order from us as your customers order from you. How? By using the online Safety Technology account that we activate for you after you become a dealer.

With each order, you provide us pertinent shipping information. We pack up the order, arrange for shipping, and send it on its way. You pay us a small fee to cover shipping and packing materials along with the wholesale price of the products. That’s it. We do not add any extra charges or fees for dropshipping.

Lots of Ways to Sell These Products

So, have we peaked your interest in selling these animal defense sprays? If so, the next thing you need to know is that there are lots of ways to sell. You are limited only by your ability to reach your audience. Remember, the audience for Mace Muzzle are people who frequently have trouble with aggressive dogs. Outdoor lovers, campers, and hikers are the primary audience for bear pepper spray.

People you know may immediately come to mind as you think about your audience. That’s great. One of the best ways to sell to them is to download our full-color catalog, organize a home party, and then pass the catalog around. You can sell this way through our dropshipping program.

Outside of home parties, you can sell animal defense sprays at local community events and festivals. Just contact event organizers and identify yourself as a vendor. You will probably be able to rent a table rather inexpensively, and you’ll have access to a tremendous amount of foot traffic.

Next, think gun shows and flea markets. Both venues are known for their traffic. Both are also known as places where people come to spend. Flea markets are especially attractive in this regard. Flea market visitors don’t just go to browse, they go to find good deals with cash in hand.

Safety Technology Is Here to Support You

We have barely scratched the surface of all the ways to animal defense spray. We didn’t mention brick-and-mortar storefronts or the many opportunities you have to sell online. At any rate, what you need to know is that Safety Technology is here to support you every step of the way. We want your business to succeed because it helps ours to succeed as well.

Whether you decide to sell online through your own website or set up a brick-and-mortar store in a local strip mall, rest assured that Safety Technology will support you with great wholesale pricing, answers to your questions, and a variety of materials that will assist you with both marketing and inventory.

Listen, people want non-lethal self-defense products. They want Mace Muzzle and Guard Alaska bear pepper spray, they just don’t know it yet. Your job is to make the introduction so that the sale can happen.