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Wholesale Personal Alarms

Loudest For Protection

Personal alarms represent a means of protecting yourself separate from built-in car alarms or full-fledged home alarm systems. These alarms are typically a portable device you can carry with you in a purse, messenger bag, or coat pocket. We have found that these items sell very well among people who do not like to leave home without the means to stay safe. These would be great additions to your personal safety store.

More Than a Dozen To Sell

How big is the personal alarm market? Big enough that Safety Technology carries more than a dozen personal arms that you can sell to your customers. Each one of these products is intended to keep your customers safe one way or another. Our inventory includes:

  • Door Alarms – These convenient devices are great for traveling. Your customers can use them at hotels, bed and breakfasts, and anywhere else they sleep away from home. A door alarm makes it clear whenever someone opens the door without authorization.
  • Pocket Alarms – Just as the name suggests, pocket alarms are personal devices that people carry in their pockets. In the event of an emergency, one press of a button sounds the alarm and gets the attention of others.
  • Keychain Alarms – Like pocket alarms, our keychain products are intended to provide a quick and easy-to-deploy alarm at the flip of a switch. Keychains offer the added convenience of going wherever a person’s keys go.
  • Child Alarms – Protecting children is non-negotiable. A good one will notify parents if a child goes outside of a specific distance, whether voluntarily or not. Child alarms are wireless devices that help parents stay abreast of where their kids are at.
  • Water Alarms – The water alarm is a good tool for alerting someone to the fact that the water tank or washing machine is leaking. These are placed on the floor. If they come in contact with water, they make a loud noise to alert whoever is responsible.


Hopefully you get the point. These products are easy to sell because they meet a particular need. They give people an extra measure of protection against attack, personal emergencies, and even things that might just be inconvenient.

Understand Who Buys

All the products in the Safety Technology inventory are things we know, from personal experience, sell in the personal safety market. Yes, there is a group of people likely to buy alarm products. These are people who are not interested in taking chances with their own safety or that of their loved ones. They are:

  • mothers and fathers
  • business travelers
  • leisure travelers
  • nannies and babysitters
  • college students
  • neighborhood watch members
  • joggers and walkers
  • night shift workers
  • shoppers and restaurant diners


The people who buy alarms come from virtually every walk of life. They all have one thing in common: they are fully aware of the dangers of modern life. They understand that a personal alert device could mean the difference between escaping an emergency and being claimed by it.

Buy From Us

Understanding the kinds of people who buy personal alarms is just the beginning of being a successful seller. You also have to have a good wholesaler to keep you supplied. That’s where Safety Technology comes in. We sell hundreds of other products that you can choose from to create a complete inventory to offer your customers.

Our prices are very competitive. We keep them that way because doing so benefits both you and us. You benefit from affordable prices that leave you a lot of room for markup. We benefit because our low prices allows us to sell more product.

As we both benefit from low, discounted pricing, we can grow our businesses together. Safety Technology can be your wholesaler and dropshipper while you reach out to end-users as a retailer. It is a dynamic partnership of sorts that yields benefits to everyone involved.

You can buy from us either in bulk or smaller quantities. Buying smaller quantities still gives you access to competitive prices, but buying in bulk means spending quite a bit less. Bulk pricing is intended to reward dealers willing to purchase items in large lots.

How To Sell

Next, we need to talk about selling the personal alarms you buy from us. Let’s face it, no price is low enough if you cannot sell your inventory. But no worries. Selling is easier than you might think. It is a matter of reaching the right people through the right venue.

If you were going to buy for travel purposes, where would you look first? Many people would start online. Therefore, a fantastic way to get started as a Safety Technology dealer is to offer our personal alarms online.

  • Your Own Website – Build your own website or let us build one for you. You will have your own domain, your own shopping cart, and a site that you will have complete control over.

  • Retail Sites – If you do not like the other two options, you can always sell on sites like eBay and Amazon. When you choose established retail sites, you can sell without having to reinvent the wheel. Those sites already have the infrastructure in place.


We have heard of some dealers selling online by utilizing online classifieds. This particular strategy may not prove fruitful in every circumstance, but it is another avenue to consider.

Selling In Person

While you might go right to the online marketplace in search of your own personal alarm, not everybody likes to shop this way. There are still some consumers who prefer a face-to-face experience with vendors. You can be one of those vendors by selling via a more traditional retail setting.

A good place to start is your local flea market. Flea markets are known for three things: heavy traffic, people willing to spend, and niche products that are hard to find. This makes the flea market a perfect place to sell.

Community events are another option for selling in-person. Events like food festivals and concerts are always looking for vendors willing to sell their wares. You just sign up, pay your fee for renting a table, and go out and sell. Along those same lines, think gun shows and self-defense trade shows.

If you are thinking of old-school retail, you can always open your own personal safety and self-defense store. Find some available retail space downtown or a suburban strip mall. Depending on where you live, you might even have access to a neighborhood store that used to be a small market or repair shop.

Regardless of the retail setting you choose, our alarms should be part of your inventory. They are affordable consumer items that people want. If you stock them, customers will buy them.

How to Get Started Selling

We have offered you a full range of possibilities for selling. But before you can order from Safety Technology and enjoy wholesale pricing, you have to become an official dealer. Don’t worry, it is not hard to do.

The first step is to complete and submit our online application form. This short form only requires basic information to get the ball rolling; you can complete it in a couple of minutes. Once we receive the form, we will review it and follow up with an e-mail with further instructions.

To take advantage of wholesale in bulk pricing, you will have to have a sales tax number from your state that verifies you have an existing business. If you are new to the whole retail thing, visit your state’s sales-tax website to find out how to apply for a number. Most states allow you to do it online. They instantly generate a number so that you do not have to wait.

Once everything is in order, we will establish a Safety Technology dealer account for you. Logging into that account will instantly give you access to all our products at low, wholesale prices. You will also have access to our color catalog, our complete product list with descriptions, web- and print-ready graphics, and more.

It is Time to Get Started

Suffice it to say there is money to be made in personal safety and self-defense. You can generate a good profit by selling these personal alarms, either by themselves or in conjunction with any of the other products we carry. The personal safety and self-defense market is wide open right now, so this is a good time to get started as a Safety Technology dealer. Get those forms filled and let us get started.