Wholesale Pulse+ Taser

Compact Civilian Shooting Stun Gun

Safety Technology is a Master Distributor for Taser. Our wholesale prices on these non-lethal self defense weapons allow you to compete when selling this very popular tool. Ever since the introduction of the Taser brand of self-defense weapons was introduced in the 1970s, they have proven themselves effective as a non-lethal way of rendering an attacker unable to continue. Civilians, police agencies, and even the military depend on Tasers for self-defense every day. We invite you to get involved in this exciting and dynamic industry by selling the Taser Pulse as a standalone product or alongside the rest of your personal safety inventory.

Sell the Pulse with Confidence

The Taser Pulse is a non-lethal self-defense weapon with an excellent reputation. You can sell it to your customers with confidence. The Taser Pulse is a compact stun gun device designed for concealed carry. With an appropriate holster, your buyer can easily carry the Pulse with no one being the wiser. Should a dangerous situation unfold, it can be easily retrieved and deployed at a distance of up to 15 feet.

We encourage you to become as familiar with the Pulse as you possibly can prior to selling. Why? Because customers interested in this product are known to have lots of questions about how it works, its effectiveness, its legality, and so forth. In terms of legality, you will be happy to know that civilian model Taser products are legal to sell and possess in 46 states. There are very few restrictions in most of them.

If you are planning to sell the Pulse online, you will not be able to sell to customers in Hawaii, Massachusetts, New York, and Rhode Island. A couple of other states require background checks so, before you start selling, check the laws in the states you plan to target. You should be able to find the necessary information fairly easily.

Lots of Ways to Sell the Pulse

We love the Taser Pulse as a retail product because there are so many great ways to sell it. Some of our sellers order the the Pulse in bulk, at wholesale prices, to sell alongside a complete inventory of personal safety products in a retail setting like a strip mall or main street store.

Other dealers we work with prefer to take their sales on the road. They visit local festivals, gun shows, rallies, and other events that tend to draw large crowds. They set up shop in local flea markets that offer generous amounts of table space at pretty affordable prices. All these venues are excellent places for reaching out to customers who care about personal safety and self-defense.

Still others we work with buy the Pulse at wholesale prices and then sell the products online at retail. This can be done via an independent website, a website they purchase from us, or existing e-commerce sites like Amazon and eBay. The key to their success is our dropshipping program.

How to Dropship the Taser Pulse

It is amazing to see just how fast the dropshipping model has revolutionized American retail. We act as a dropship wholesaler on behalf of retailers who want to sell our security products online. The process is fairly straightforward.

As a retailer, you list the Taser Pulse and other personal safety products in the online environment you choose. Your customers purchase directly from you, making payment by whatever means you have established within that environment. They provide you with shipping information at the time of sale.

You then log into your Safety Technology account and order the exact same product from us. You pay us wholesale price using your credit card or PayPal account. You also provide us with customer shipping information. We then pack and ship the item directly to your customer in packaging that identifies you as the seller. That’s it. The difference between our wholesale price and your resale price represents your profit.

Please note that you do not have to choose between dropshipping and in-person sales. Some of our dealers do both. They maintain an online presence that generates a steady stream of revenue while requiring very little attention. At the same time, they boost sales by selling in some of the venues we already talked about: flea markets, gun shows, etc.

Combining dropshipping with in-person sales is one way to maximize your opportunities. By pursuing as many markets as you possibly can, you grow your business faster by selling more products and engaging with more customers.

The Pulse for Personal Safety

So, just what is the appeal of the Taser Pulse to the average retail customer? It’s all about personal safety. Selling the Pulse is all about understanding the natural desire your customers have to protect themselves in dangerous times. You appeal to them on that level.

Over the years, there has been a rather intense debate over gun ownership and gun control laws. That debate isn’t likely to end anytime in the near future. Meanwhile, the average man and woman on the street still want to protect themselves against criminals who seek to do them harm. That is what the Taser Pulse is all about.

The advantage of the Pulse over firearms is its non-lethal nature. This is a strong selling point for many of your customers. Because the Pulse is non-lethal, users can be confident of their own ability to protect themselves without seriously endangering the lives of those they feel threatened by.

The Pulse, like so many other civilian models, delivers enough shock to incapacitate an attacker for up to 30 seconds. That is enough time for the user to make an escape. At the same time, studies have consistently shown that the amount of voltage and the time involved is not enough to physically harm most people struck by Tasers.

The Taser for personal safety is all about temporarily incapacitating an attacker in order to facilitate an escape. Anyone who desires non-lethal self-defense in an easy to use weapon is a good candidate for the Pulse.

Buy the Pulse at Wholesale

We have presented you with the benefits of selling the Pulse as a personal safety and self-defense product. Now let’s talk the benefits of doing business with Safety Technology. The bottom line is that we want you to buy the Pulse at wholesale prices from us.

As a Taser wholesaler, our goal is to sell our products in bulk to as many retailers as we can. That is our business model; we make no bones about it. We have been in business more than 20 years, so we know that this business model works for both us and our dealers. To that end, we want to help our dealers thrive just as much as our business thrives.

Our wholesale prices are low enough to give you plenty of room to set a decent margin. Whether you choose to sell in person, online, or through a combination of both, you will be able to mark up the Pulse products you buy from us to cover all your expenses and put some profit in your pocket. Don’t worry, we leave you plenty of room for markup.

We recommend stocking accessories if you plan to sell in person. If you are selling online, include the accessory products in your listings. The reason behind selling accessories is simple: they make up-selling a breeze. Up-selling will increase your revenues and keep your loyal customers coming back whenever they need replacement power packs or cartridges.

Sell the Pulse, Make Money

We can wrap all this up by addressing the primary reason you have read this article to its conclusion: you want to make money. That’s great. Making money is the whole reason you have decided to start your own personal security and self-defense business. Now you just need a couple of things to get you going.

One of those things is a product line. That is where the Taser Pulse comes in. You sell the Pulse and make money – it is no more difficult than that. It leads to the second thing you need, which is a wholesale partner capable of supplying you with the inventory you require. That is where we come in.

Whether you choose to dropship or sell face-to-face, Safety Technology maintains the inventory to support your sales. You can rely on us to keep you stocked with all the products you want from our inventory. And like you, we are always looking for new products to add.

The personal safety and self-defense market continues to grow year after year. As more people come to grips with the fact that their own safety is up to them, they are also coming to understand that the products we sell are the kinds of things they want and need.

You are the critical link between Safety Technology and consumers inasmuch as you sell our products at retail. Your customers will be looking to you for great brand names like Taser while we support you with wholesale prices and dropshipping.