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Remember the days when just about every young boy in America carried a slingshot in his back pocket? Those days may be long gone, but slingshots are still alive and well in our culture. People use them for both hunting and target practice. Now you can add them to your inventory when you become a Safety Technology dealer.

The History of the Slingshot

The slingshot is a relatively new invention due to the fact that it relies on some sort of material with elastic properties. As such, it is generally accepted that the earliest slingshots were made at some point in the early 19th century. Any previous versions of the modern slingshot were actually simple slings that were spun in a circular motion before releasing the projectile.

Here in the U.S., the first historical evidence we have of slingshots is found in the mid-1850s when young people were fashioning their own slingshots from pieces of vulcanized rubber and tree branches. In those early days, slingshots were associated mainly with young vandals.

It didn’t take long for slingshot users to figure out they can use the devices for hunting small game. By the end of the 19th century, it was normal for a skilled slingshot user to be very effective in hunting quail, rabbit, squirrel, and pheasant. An accurate shot with the right projectile could easily put dinner on the table.

Slingshots became commercially available at the dawn of the 20th century. Manufacturers were making their products using everything from cast iron to dogwood. They were still using vulcanized rubber for the sling. Fast forward to the end of the 20th century and manufacturers began transitioning to plastics and synthetic rubber materials.

Sell Slingshots from Safety Technology

The modern slingshot is a foldable device made with a combination of materials. You can sell slingshots to your customers by buying at wholesale prices from Safety Technology. Our inventory includes both slingshots and rubber bands for your convenience.

Please understand that a Safety Technology slingshot is not a toy. It is a hand-held weapon that can be used for both hunting and sport targets. It should never be used carelessly or, in the case of children, without proper supervision. With that said, your customers can have a lot of fun with a slingshot they purchase from you.

As a retailer, you sell the slingshots you buy from Safety Technology in whatever way you choose. We can act as your wholesale supplier, your dropshipper, or both. It all depends on how you decide to sell.

Buying Slingshots from a Wholesale Supplier

Let’s say you operate a retail store downtown. You stock every item you sell in a back room. You would rely on Safety Technology to be your wholesale supplier of slingshots and rubber bands. Furthermore, you would purchase as much inventory as you needed to keep your stock room full. We would sell to you at low wholesale prices that could be made even lower if you were to purchase in bulk.

If we acted as your dropshipper instead, our relationship would be a bit different. Rather than simply selling you products directly, we would handle stocking and shipping while you go out and sell to your customers. In essence, we would be partners of sorts. You sell, we ship.

Our dropshipping program still gives you access to our great wholesale pricing. You do not pay any extra to sell this way; unlike other wholesalers, we don’t believe in charging dealers extra for dropshipping. After all, we make money when you make money. It is not reasonable for us to make it more difficult for you to succeed by charging you more for something that doesn’t cost us anything more.

How to Sell Slingshots Via Dropshipping

Dropshipping obviously wouldn’t work in the traditional retail store. If you attempted to dropship in that setting, you would be standing in an empty store trying to sell customers product you don’t have on hand. That doesn’t work. So how do you sell via dropshipping? There are a couple of choices.

A lot of the more successful dealers got their start selling via home parties. That’s right, the same formula used by sellers of cosmetics and food storage containers for decades also works for personal safety and self-defense. You organize a home party complete with a brief demonstration, then show the Safety Technology products. Your customers being able to handle the products will increase your sales.

Another way to sell via dropshipping is to list products on sites like Amazon and eBay. There are other similar sites as well, but these are the two big names everyone recognizes.

If you want your own dedicated e-commerce site, you can do that too. Sign-on with an all-in-one platform, have Safety Technology build a site for you, or go ahead and build your own site using web space you already have. You can operate an e-commerce store without stocking a single item on your premises.

Selling Slingshots in Person

If you are amenable to in-person sales, we highly recommend this method for selling slingshots. A slingshot is a tangible, hand-held device that easily sells itself through a quick, face-to-face demonstration. It is amazing how often people will invest in a slingshot after just handling it for a few minutes.

You might consider renting space at a local flea market to get started. The great thing about flea markets is that they are affordable. Most flea markets will rent you a table for less than the cost of a meal at a sit-down restaurant. Equally important is the fact that flea markets tend to generate a lot of foot traffic. That’s what you need to demonstrate slingshots.

Some Safety Technology dealers sell slingshots at gun shows. Others sign up as vendors at local self-defense exhibitions, community events, music festivals, and the like. All you need to sell in this kind of environment is a state sales tax number and, where applicable, a business license. Both are very easy to come by.

There really are no limits on how and where you can sell slingshots in person. You could even go door-to-door if your local community allows it. Here’s the point: your opportunities to sell are limited only by your willingness to find them.

Sell Slingshots as a Safety Technology Dealer

We have told you just about everything we can about how and where to sell slingshots. Now let us discuss how you can become a Safety Technology dealer. It starts by completing and submitting our dealer application. This application takes just a few minutes to complete, so rest assured we are not asking for much.

Submission of your application will be followed by an e-mail from us detailing the next step in the process. This step involves furnishing us with documentation demonstrating you are operating a legitimate business. Don’t worry, the documentation requirements are easy. Just e-mail, fax, or mail them to us; we will activate an online dealer account in your name once we receive them.

As a Safety Technology dealer, you have access to a number of resources designed to help you succeed. For example, logging on to your dealer account gives you instant access to our complete product listing, price list, and color catalog. All these materials are freely downloadable.

On our website you will also find both print- and web-ready graphics. You can combine these graphics with our existing product descriptions to build your online store, sell on sites like Amazon and eBay, or create physical displays for selling in person.

Your Market for Slingshots

The last thing to talk about is your market for selling slingshots. What’s the first demographic that comes to mind? If you are thinking about teens and preteens, you’re on the mark. Slingshots are great products for young people interested in small game hunting and target shooting without the use of firearms.

A slingshot makes a great birthday or Christmas gift for that teen or preteen. So market the products to their parents as such. Just be sure to emphasize in your marketing efforts that slingshots are not toys. Parents need to know where you stand in this regard.

As for your adult market, you will be concentrating on hunters, sport shooters, and outdoor enthusiasts. These are the kinds of people capable of understanding the slingshot for what it is. Enhance your marketing efforts with this demographic by pairing slingshots with some of the outdoor and survival products Safety Technology sells.

We may be a technology driven society in the 21st century, but slingshots are still an item people want. We hope you’ll consider becoming a Safety Technology dealer so that you can sell slingshots along with pepper sprays, stun guns, and the rest of our great items.

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