Wholesale Spy Products Dropshipper

These wholesale surveillance products will give you something unique to show your customers. Since the earliest days of home security systems, security experts have maintained that deploying surveillance equipment alongside alarms greatly increases the effectiveness of the alarm system’s deterrence factor. Statistics bear that out. Criminals thinking about accessing a property are a lot less likely to do so if they know they are being surveilled by video cameras. What does that mean to you? It means there is a strong market for surveillance and security equipment just waiting for you to tap into.

Some of the most handy surveillance systems are hidden cameras.  You can deploy them in many different place.

Residential Surveillance Systems

You might be wondering whether there really is a market for the kinds of residential surveillance systems we sell. The answer is an unequivocal ‘yes’. The emergence of home automation and wireless security is causing more and more homeowners to think about their own safety to the extent that they are also giving serious consideration to residential surveillance.

You can sell residential surveillance systems to customers in middle-class neighborhoods where both parents work and the kids are off at school all day. How so? By reminding them that they are the primary targets of burglars.

You can sell surveillance systems to customers living in upscale neighborhoods simply by reminding them that they have a lot of valuables to protect. And don’t forget those neighborhoods in every city that are classified as high crime neighborhoods. Homeowners in those neighborhoods want to protect themselves as much as anyone else.

We Sell Wholesale Dummy Cameras

Our selection of surveillance and home security equipment is not limited to just residential surveillance systems. We offer a number of other great products as well, including dummy cameras. You can make a great profit by selling dummy cameras to people who want the benefits of the appearance of home surveillance without the expense of investing in a complete system.

We sell wholesale dummy cameras to retailers around the country. Dummy cameras are a good seller, either as standalone items or additions to legitimate surveillance systems. You can sell them online, at local flea markets, at gun shows, and anywhere else you expect to find homeowners gathered.

Do Fake Security Cameras Work?

We are frequently asked whether the dummy (or fake) security cameras we sell actually work. Yes, they do. Remember that the key to the success of any home surveillance or alarm system is deterrence. Simply put, no piece of security equipment is going to keep out someone who is bound and determined to get in. But home surveillance and alarms work because they plant a seed of doubt in the criminal’s mind.

Criminals are essentially cowards who will do everything they can to avoid being caught. If a burglar even suspects he or she is being surveilled by video cameras, he/she’s going to second-guess his/her decision to enter that property. The burglar will be deterred from the original plans out of fear of being caught. As far as fake security cameras go, the burglar has no idea whether the camera he/she’s looking at is real.

Our dummy security cameras are meticulously designed to look exactly like the real thing. The only way a burglar could determine that your camera is not real would be to rip it down and open it up. And no criminal is going to take that chance.

Sell Fake Security Cameras for a Good Profit

One of the reasons we love offering these products to our retailers is the fact that they can sell fake security cameras at a pretty good markup. They are not hard to sell either. Dummy cameras are one of the most popular products in the personal security market right now.

As much as we would like every homeowner to have a complete surveillance system installed, the fact is that not every homeowner can afford it. Fake security cameras at least offer the deterrence factor homeowners are looking for. A lot of them start with dummy cameras and plans to get full surveillance system once the budget allows.

You Can Also Sell Digital Voice/Phone Recorders

Now that you are familiar with residential surveillance systems and dummy cameras, let’s expand the idea of surveillance to include conversations. The thing to understand is that surveillance is not just limited to video. Any kind of data that can be used to protect oneself from criminal or otherwise unscrupulous activity falls under the broad category of surveillance.

We offer our retailers a digital voice/phone recorder product capable of recording live conversations taking place within a room or over the telephone. This product is a hand-held MP3 recorder but small enough to fit in the palm of your hand or slip into a shirt pocket. It has a built-in microphone for recording in-room conversations.

The product also includes ports for recording audio from external sources, like a telephone or audio system. The removable flash disk makes it easy to transfer data from the recorder to a desktop or laptop computer, and the product supports three different recording modes. Your customers will be able to record, erase, and record again without any loss of quality.

Is There a Demand for Digital Voice/Phone Recorders?

There are lots of uses for our digital voice/phone recorder above and beyond surveillance. So yes, there is a market for them. We would suggest pitching them as a surveillance product first and foremost, then target other audiences as well. You can sell them to writers who are prone to recording their thoughts before sitting down to write. You can target business professionals who like to keep track of business meeting conversations.

Audio recording devices are popular among college students, professors, and all sorts of people who just need a temporary recording of a conversation. Trust us when we say you shouldn’t have trouble selling these inexpensive recorders alongside our other security products.

How to Sell Surveillance and Security Equipment

You can see that our inventory of surveillance and security equipment is extensive enough to give you plenty of choices to work with. The only question remaining is how you are going to sell. There are as many possibilities as there are retailers. For example, you may choose to sell by opening a wholesale account and purchasing our products in bulk. You can then turn around and sell them in whatever way works best for you.

Another option is to sell surveillance and security equipment using our dropshipping program. When you drop ship, you aren’t required to stock our products in your own office or warehouse. You just take orders online and then pass those orders along to us. We fulfill the orders by shipping products to your customers in packaging that has your name on it.