Sell Stun Gun Leatherette Holsters

For Lil Guy and Runt Stun Guns

Selling stun guns opens the door to lots of other opportunities. For instance, stun gun holsters are an example of just one accessory you can sell alongside your Li'L Guy and Runt stun guns. Accessories are a fantastic way to upsell the customer already giving serious consideration to a moderately-priced stun gun.

Why You Should Sell Stun Gun Holsters

If you step back and think of the stun gun as similar to other forms of self-defense, you realize that a person needs quick access to his or her weapon to retrieve and deploy it effectively. For some people, that means stun gun holsters are better than purses, pockets, and messenger bags. This is the main reason you should sell stun gun holsters alongside the stun guns they are designed for.

Carrying a Runt stun gun in a purse is better than not carrying anything at all. But carrying it in a holster is better. The holster is worn on the hip just as if it were a holster for a firearm. This gives the user quick and easy access. There is no fumbling around in a purse or trying to reach into a pocket that is a little too tight for purpose.

The beauty of stun gun holsters is it they don't have to be ornate or complicated. In fact, you would have trouble distinguishing one of our Li'L Guy holsters from a flip phone holster of a decade ago. This offers the user a couple of advantages.

First, the simplicity of the stun gun holster means there's nothing to get in the way of fast retrieval. Just flip up the top strap, grab the stun gun, and deploy. Nothing could be easier. Second, not knowing what the holster holds puts an aggressor at a disadvantage. He or she might be expecting an old flip phone when, instead, he/she is greeted with millions of volts of stopping power.

We Sell Two Models of Stun Gun Holsters

Our current inventory includes two models of stun gun holsters. The first is designed for the Li'L Guy stun gun and comes in three different colors: pink, purple, and red. Unlike standard nylon holsters, our leatherette holster includes a heavy-duty belt clip and ring. It also features a magnetic clasp to hold the top flap closed. This is an attractive and durable holster that will certainly get the job done.

Our second model is designed for the Runt stun guns we sell. It comes in six colors: black, blue, green, pink, purple, and red. It is also a heavy-duty leatherette holster with a similar belt clip and ring for easy and convenient wearing. The easy-flip top strap is held closed with the magnet.

Both these holsters are made to fit their respective models. This is something to focus on when you are trying to sell our stun gun holsters. Your customers will get a holster that fits their stun gun like a custom glove. There are no guarantees a generic nylon case will fit as well.

Stun Gun Holsters at Wholesale Prices

Our suggested retail price for these great little stun gun holsters is under $5.00. How can you sell them for so little and still make a handsome profit? It all boils down to our low wholesale prices. We sell stun gun holsters at wholesale prices low enough to allow you to set your markup at a level that will cover your expenses and put extra money in your pocket.

Wholesale pricing is key to success in the retail business. The better your pricing, the more room you have for achieving the kind of margin you want. And while we're at it, low pricing is what makes Safety Technology a preferred personal safety and self-defense wholesaler. Our customers buy from us because they know we will not gouge them on price.

How high you go with your markup is entirely up to you. Just bear in mind the difference between our wholesale price and what you charge retail customers constitutes your net profit. Your gross profit is calculated after you subtract the cost of doing business. Accounting for those costs makes it clear just how important low wholesale pricing is.

Make Good Money Selling Stun Gun Holsters

The combination of our wholesale pricing and our extensive product lists is helping personal safety retailers make good money in a thriving business. And make no mistake, the demand for personal safety and self-defense products will not fade anytime soon. If anything, demand will continue to grow.

Your customers are coming to the realization that their safety is really in their own hands. While we appreciate the need for police officers and the fine work they do, the reality is that responding officers are at least a couple of minutes away when an emergency call comes in. Your customer may not have the luxury of waiting that long.

The whole idea behind the stun gun is to take immediate, non-lethal action against an aggressor. Your customers understand that. That's why so many of them are buying non-lethal stun guns and the stun gun holsters that go with them.

You can make good money selling stun gun holsters online, at home-based parties, at flea markets, and so forth. And if you pair them with the stun guns they are designed for, your potential for sales is even greater. Do better yet by selling a full array of self-defense products alongside stun guns and their holsters.

Sell Stun Gun Holsters Just About Anywhere

You can sell stun gun holsters just about anywhere you can find an audience. Obviously, you will probably do better if you sell them alongside the stun guns themselves, but even that's not necessary. For instance, consider selling on Amazon or eBay. Both of those sites represent a terrific opportunity regardless of the size of your retail operation.

Take eBay, for example. You don't have to establish a full-blown eBay store to sell stun gun holsters. You can sell them as an individual piece on a one-at-a-time basis. Just create a listing and off you go. You can be up and running on eBay in a matter of minutes. And by the way, Safety Technology provides all the information you need to list products on eBay. We give you product descriptions, pictures, and more.

Selling on eBay and Amazon is easy enough that you could focus all your attention only on stun gun holsters. But that's only if you want to. If you have a desire to sell any of the other products on our website, you are free to do so. You can sell as little or as much as you want, in any legal way you see fit.

Speaking of legalities, there are a few states in which stun guns are either totally illegal or heavily restricted. Those restrictions do not apply the stun gun holsters. You can sell holsters to customers in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. That makes your online market even larger.

We Dropship Stun Gun Holsters

With plans to sell our products online, you may be wondering whether we dropship stun gun holsters. In a word, yes. We dropship all the products in our inventory at no extra charge to you. You pay us wholesale price for the product plus the cost of shipping and packing materials. Note that we do not markup either shipping or packing. You pay what we pay.

Dropshipping is a way of doing business many of our new dealers appreciate. Because we take care of stocking and shipping products for you, you can start a dropship business with very little cash up front. You will only be investing your time and any amount of money you choose to put into marketing. You don't have to buy thousands of dollars’ worth of stock to put in a rented warehouse.

Of course, dropshipping isn't the only way to sell stun gun holsters. Some of our dealers sell by way of home parties. They gather their friends together, show the products and take orders on the spot. Then we can ship directly to them.

You can sell stun gun holsters at flea markets, gun shows and personal safety exhibitions, in your existing online store, and anywhere else you can find an audience. It's really up to you.

We're Here to Help You Succeed

There's not much more we can say about stun gun holsters as a retail product. It all comes down to this: we want you to succeed as a personal safety and self-defense dealer. As such, we offer great products, low wholesale prices, full dealer support, and dependable customer service.

Whether you are starting a new business from scratch or you've been selling for a while, Safety Technology wants to be your wholesale supplier of everything from stun gun holsters to 16-channel surveillance systems. Browse our inventory to get a good idea of what we sell. When you're ready, complete and submit our online dealer application to get started.