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Start Fires Without Matches

We love survival gear almost as much as self-defense products. At the top of our survival gear list is the trusted fire starter. You can purchase a number of different fire starter products at wholesale prices from Safety Technology, then turn around and offer them to your customers after applying your own markup. These are products we know will sell.

The Fire Starter Concept

A fire starter is not just intended for the survivalist looking to hang on in the face of the apocalypse. We include them in our survival gear inventory for a very particular reason: they can be used to start a fire in a variety of weather conditions. Not only that, but they eliminate the need for matches – which could be hard to come by in the event of a disaster that renders a visit to the local grocery store impossible.

Such is the fire starter concept. The fire starter is designed to be a multi-use tool that can be carried wherever you go. It is small enough to fit in a pocket or carry in a small bag. It is easy enough to use that anyone with a minimum amount of dexterity can handle it. Most of all, the fire starter is effective.

Customers who purchase state-of-the-art fire starters from you will have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that potentially life-saving fire is just the flip of a switch or the strike of a flint away. They will be confident in knowing that all they need to start a fire is the tool they purchased from you and a bit of tinder. And by the way, we sell tinder products too.

Fire Starters for Campers and Survivalists

So, who is your target audience for these items? Start with campers and survivalists. When we say campers, we are not necessarily talking about people with RVs and fifth wheels. They generally don’t rely on fire for survival purposes. No, we are talking about campers who take nothing but a tent and a backpack into the wilderness. These are people who are better off with fire starters than matches.

Campers love fire starters for lots of reasons. First, the items are both rugged and waterproof. They can stand up to quite a bit of punishment and still work as designed. The same cannot be said for matches and butane cigarette lighters. Second, a high-quality fire starter will last for years. Matches and lighters will not. And third, a good fire starter works even in windy and wet conditions.

Survivalists are another good audience for obvious reasons. They have a mindset that encourages them to do things in ways others don’t think about. For example, survivalists learn early on how important fire is to survival. That knowledge leads them to prepare by procuring reliable fire starters and tinder.

Beyond campers and survivalists, you can sell fire starters to backyard fire pit enthusiasts. They don’t really need to mess around with matches and butane lighters either. You can sell these products as a replacement for matches to anyone who uses fire for just about any purpose.

How Fire Starters Work

All modern fire starters work on one of two principles. The first principle is the tried-and-true flint and steel method for generating sparks. We sell a fire starter that still utilizes the manual method of striking flint against steel. We also sell a product that automatically strikes flint against steel with the push of a button.

The other principal for starting fire is to create sparks by way of electrical current. One of our fire starter products does just that. It includes a USB port for easy charging and works just fine in windy and wet conditions.

Regardless of the model chosen, the idea is to get the fire starter as close to the tinder as possible before generating the spark. Heat from the sparks ignites the tinder, which is then fueled by air the user gently blows toward the tinder. A healthy fire should be burning in under a minute.

Sell Fire Starters Online

With a basic understanding of fire starters under your belt, you might be wondering where and how you can sell these products. Might we suggest you start online? Auction sites and online classifieds are the perfect environment for selling items like these. Fire starters are very much impulse products, and online shopping is very conducive to impulse sales.

Your ability to sell online is limited only by your available resources. Don’t have web space of your own? That’s okay. Sell our fire starters on eBay or Amazon. Feel free to use any other similar sites you know of. Any place you can find an audience is a viable place to sell.

If you do have your own web space, there are couple of options to consider. First is building your own e-commerce site. This would mean designing a basic site to which you can add a shopping cart application and payment processing.

If that seems too complicated, no worries. Safety Technology can build a website for you. We already have a number of pre-designed templates we can customize to meet your specifications. It is fast and easy because we do all the work.

One last option is to subscribe to an e-commerce platform like BigCommerce. There are a number of these platforms available at fairly reasonable prices. For a monthly fee and the cost of processing electronic transactions, you get an all-in-one solution that includes everything you need to run an online store. You just add pictures, product descriptions, and prices.

Sell Fire Starters in Person

Selling online is not the only option. You can sell fire starters in an environment that lets you meet your customers face-to-face. For example, have you ever visited a local festival or exhibition and walked up and down the rows of vendor tables? You could be one of those vendors yourself. You just need to establish your business and sign up as a Safety Technology dealer.

Flea markets offer yet another opportunity. Personally, we are big fans of flea markets in that they are known for their heavy foot traffic and propensity to attract people willing to start spending the minute they set foot on property. With a good selection of Safety Technology products, including fire starters, you could potentially do very well at a flea market.

There are other in-person opportunities to consider. Some of our dealers focus on pop-up shops; others sell our products alongside their other inventory at gun shows; still others are enthusiastic about selling at home parties. There really are no limits. Be as creative as you want to be. Sell fire starters in whatever way works best for you.

We Sell at Wholesale Prices

If you are like a lot of people, you might be thinking it is time to get down to brass tacks and talk about cost. That’s good. It shows that you have a mind for business. That said, you can rest assured that we offer extremely competitive wholesale prices designed to help you succeed as a retailer.

We do not believe in gouging our dealers on price. In fact, we don’t understand why so many of our competitors do it. If we are to succeed as a wholesaler, we need our dealers to succeed at the retail level. They cannot do that if it costs them an arm and a leg to buy from us. You can rest assured we do not work that way.

We sell at wholesale prices low enough to give you plenty of room to make a decent profit. We don’t want you to just cover your costs, we want to help you earn the kind of margin you deserve. That means covering your costs and putting a good amount in your pocket as profit.

We believe one of the keys to retail success is partnering with the right wholesale providers. In the arena of self-defense and personal safety, we want to be your only wholesaler. To sweeten the deal, we have put together a dropshipping program that costs you nothing extra.

Dropship Our Fire Starters

When you choose Safety Technology as your dropshipper, you pay only the wholesale cost of the products ordered plus exactly what we pay for shipping and packaging. There are no extra fees added. Perhaps this is the reason we are the biggest dropshipper in our industry.

Between great wholesale prices, free dropshipping, and one of the largest personal safety and self-defense inventories in the business, we believe we deserve the chance to be your only wholesale provider. If you are ready to start making money by selling fire starters and other Safety Technology products, just complete and submit our online dealer application. We’ll take it from there.

Fire starters are great products for campers, survivalists, and backyard hackers. We hope you will consider adding them to your existing retail inventory. If you are just getting started, consider including Fire Starters with the rest of the Safety Technology items you plan to sell.

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