Wholesale Survival Gear

The Survival Equipment Market is Booming

Survivalists have been among us since the dawn of humanity. Now, you can tap into that wholesale survival gear market with the great wholesale prices from Safety Technology. Survivalism really came into its own as a marketable enterprise with the Y2K scare nearly 20 years ago. The market is still alive and well today, which is why Safety Technology is so pleased to offer you an opportunity to sell survival equipment for a profit. There is a ready-made market for any retailer willing to get involved.

Basics of Survival Equipment

The list of survival equipment your customers might be interested in is nearly limitless. After all, survival is about finding new and unique ways to do everyday tasks. Our inventory of wholesale survival gear and equipment focuses mainly on the basics of survival along with a number of hard-to-find products your customers will truly appreciate.

Understand that we offer wholesale survival equipment to you at prices that are significantly lower than retail. The concept here is simple: you purchase at wholesale only to turn around and sell at retail. We keep our prices low enough to encourage a healthy mark-up that will put good money in your pocket.

The preferred method for new retailers is to sell our products via dropshipping. The drop ship model is one that allows you to partner with us to sell wholesale survival equipment at retail prices. You set up an e-commerce website to market products to your customers. You do not have to stock those products because we take care of that for you. You simply order from us when a customer orders from you. We ship the product directly to your customer in packaging that bears your name.

Having us send the products for you to your customers is a great way to get started as a survival equipment retailer with a minimal investment and very little risk. And because our products tend to sell themselves, your business is likely to be self-perpetuating once you establish a consistent customer base.

Drop Ship Survival Saws

How would a dropshipping business function from a practical standpoint? We can explain it by describing how we dropship survival saws for our retailers. By the way, a survival saw is a hand held saw a person can use in situations when power and fuel are not available.

As a dropshipper, we maintain an inventory of three different survival saw models at different price points. You would list them on your dedicated retail website or an e-commerce site like eBay or Amazon. Note that you set your own retail price to reflect your desired profit margin.

Your customers order from you through whatever sites you use. They also pay you directly. You then log into your Safety Technology account and order the same product from us, furnishing us with the customer’s name and address. You pay us wholesale price and we ship the product to your customer.

We drop ship all the products in our inventory. So whether you want to sell survival saws, solar products, or any kind of wholesale survival equipment, you can purchase through us and enjoy competitive prices along with unparalleled convenience.

You Can Sell Water Filters

Another item just as popular as the survival saw is the portable water filter. Every survivalist knows that when infrastructure goes down, drinking water will be hard to find. Perfect for hikers, campers, or those wishing to safeguard themselves against a possible water quality compromise, portable survival water filters are truly a godsend.

The portable water filter makes it possible for survivalists to get their water from creeks, streams, and other natural sources without having to worry about that water making them sick.

Our inventory of water filters includes half-a-dozen models at different price points and with varying features. From a mini water filter pump to the portable gravity pouch, we have the water filter products your customers demand.

Each one is a high-quality device capable of providing reliable service in the event of a water emergency. Survival water filters are great for staying alive and preventing death due to dehydration.

Sell Solar Power Products Too

Being in survival mode is about more than just clean water. Your customers can be in survival mode and still be comfortable, thanks to solar power products that offer some of the conveniences of modern life. You can sell solar power products alongside portable water filters and your other survival equipment.

One of our biggest sellers is the solar-powered oven bag. This ingenious invention is essentially a soft sided oven that uses solar energy to cook meals. It can reach temperatures in excess of 250° for slow cooking of meat, vegetables, and more. Survivalists love the solar oven bag because it opens the door to meals that go above and beyond dehydrated meal packs.

If you are going to sell solar power products, you will want to include solar chargers and portable kettles in your inventory. Both items are great sellers in a convenience-focused world. Solar chargers are particularly desirable because they keep tablets, cell phones, and other electronic devices going even when the power is out.

We Carry Wholesale Fire Starters

Even with solar products and the convenience they offer, survivalists still have to be able to get back to basics. And when there’s no power or fuel, nothing is more basic than fire. We carry wholesale fire starters for that very reason. Any survivalist who purchases from you would be happy to have access to a high-quality fire starter kit.

A good fire starter begins with a flint striker. A flint striker is the tool you need to generate the spark that will start your fire. Our best-selling fire starter does include a flint striker, but it goes a step further. It also has a built-in compartment for storing tinder, lint, or another fuel for combustion. It offers a built-in compass and a few ‘cheat codes’ relating to well-known hand signals and Morse code.

The fire starter is a basic piece of survival gear that every survivalist should have. As such, we offer our retailers access to wholesale fire starters at fantastic prices.

We Sell Wholesale Survival Knives

As long as we’re talking survival basics, we have to mention the survival knife. A good survival life is a heavy-duty, multipurpose implement that can easily become the survivalist’s best friend in an emergency situation. The only thing more important to survival than a knife is a water filter.

We sell wholesale survival knives to retailers who deal exclusively in this one product category. Some of the other retailers we work with purchase our knives to sell alongside other survival products. How you do it is entirely up to you. Our job is not to tell you how to sell; it is just to make sure that you have the survival knives your customers demand.

Our inventory currently includes half-a-dozen models. You can sell them all or pick and choose to meet the needs of your customers. Whatever you decide to order, your purchase will be backed by our excellent customer service and full retailer support.

We Sell Wholesale Power Packs

Continuing with our theme of wholesale products, consider the wholesale power pack. This product is essentially a heavy-duty, rechargeable lithium-ion battery that can be used to charge any USB-enabled device. Customers can use the power pack to recharge a cell phone, a tablet computer, and more.

Survivalists love power packs because they provide portable charging power during short-term emergencies. If the power goes out during a weather event, a fully-charged power pack will keep your customers’ cell phones up and running. The power pack can be a lifesaver if a customer ever experiences a breakdown while on a hike in the middle of nowhere.

Don’t Forget Wholesale Para Cord Products

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where a good length of rope would come in handy? Well, your survivalist customers are fully aware that those situations come up quite frequently. As such, we encourage you to not forget wholesale paracord products when you order from Safety Technology. These products could also be lifesavers under the right circumstances.

Paracord is a kind of rope typically used for parachutes and their bags. Paracord is extremely flexible but still strong and durable. It is used on all sorts of survival gear including backpacks, clothing items, tents, tarps, and more.

Our wholesale paracord products begin with several items that constitute emergency rope for multi-purpose applications. But we do not stop there. We also offer a number of ParaTinder products that combine a length of paracord with an embedded strand of tinder for starting a fire. These dual use products are extremely popular among efficiency loving survivalists.

As you can see, Safety Technology offers a complete line of survival gear that could be the foundation of a very successful business for you. We encourage you to start your own survival gear business using us as your wholesale supplier. If you are already selling personal safety and security products, why not enhance your inventory with our survival equipment?

The survivalists market is wide open right now. You can sell online, in flea markets, in a pop-up store, or anywhere else you have access to survivalists. Here at Safety Technology, we will stand behind you with high-quality products, great prices, and complete customer support.

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