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What is the first thing you think of when someone mentions survival gear? You may not think of saws, but some survivalists do. It turns out that the survival saw is one of the most important items in a survivalist’s inventory. A saw just does so many things that it is considered indispensable. Survival saws should be an indispensable part of your survival inventory. Thankfully, Safety Technology carries them.

Survival Saws Explained

We get it if you are not familiar with what a survival saw is. This item isn’t one that most of us would give any thought to unless we found ourselves in a situation of being stranded in the middle of nowhere. This is the sort of thing that survivalists think of, though.

In the simplest possible terms, a survival saw is a multi-purpose tool that can be used to gather firewood or kindling, clear brush, or saw pieces of wood that can be lashed together for any number of purposes. But don’t let the word ‘saw’ fool you. A survival saw does not necessarily need to be a sharp, multi-toothed blade with an ergonomic handle and an electric motor. Anything that can cut will do the trick.

One of our saws is actually a wire saw. It consists of a 21-inch stainless steel cutting wire with multiple strands and handles on either end. What appears to be an innocuous piece of wire at first glance is capable of cutting through wood with ease. The most attractive feature of this saw is its size. It can be rolled up and carried in a backpack or pocket with ease.

Your customers are never going to stock a season’s worth of firewood using a survival saw, but that’s not the point. Survival saws are designed for emergency situations. They are small, lightweight, and easy to use. That is what makes them ideal for survival needs.

We Sell Affordable Survival Saws

Survivalists are people always looking for new items to add to their stock. But here’s what you need to know: they are not looking to spend a fortune. These are people who know what it takes to survive in an emergency, and they know they don’t have to break the bank to do so. That’s why we sell affordable survival saws.

Take a look at any of the survival saws here on our website. You will notice a suggested retail price on each product description page. Those prices are pretty reasonable, aren’t they? They are low enough to be attractive to your customers but still high enough for you to make a good profit. Your wholesale price is even lower.

The key to making money in retail is to have a quality wholesale supplier you can rely on. Safety Technology is that kind of supplier. We offer our dealers a full range of very affordable self-defense and survival products at some of the best wholesale prices in the business. We support our low prices with great customer service and a full selection of marketing resources our dealers can use to sell.

Does this sound interesting to you? If so, we want to help you start selling survival saws to the kinds of people who are most likely to buy them: survivalists, hikers, campers, and even homeowners.

Focus on the Impulse Buyer

We began this guide by asking you about the first thing that comes to mind when someone mentions survival gear. That was no accident. The fact is that survival saws are something that very few people think about. In fact, most people have never heard of a survival saw. You can use this to your advantage by understanding how impulse sales work.

Retail is largely based on the concept of impulse. You display products that you believe will appeal to your customers. If your display is set up properly, you will notice customers browsing – this works both online and in-person. A browsing customer can be turned into a paying customer with a simple conversation.

What you have done is create the impulse to buy and then followed up with engagement. The engagement portion is what transforms the impulse into a financial transaction.

A good example of what we are talking about is selling survival saws at a local flea market, along with things like fire starters, paracord products, and solar chargers. People will walk by your table or booth and briefly glance at what you are selling. If your displays are attractive enough, they will stop and look. Now you have an impulse to work on. Engage that customer and close the deal.

Who Buys Survival Saws?

You might be wondering who would actually buy a survival saw. There are lots of people. Take backpackers, for example. They think nothing of strapping on a backpack and walking through the wilderness for days at a time. They also tend to travel lightly. A survival saw would be a welcome addition because it fits so easily in a pocket. The survival saw gives the backpacker a tool for cutting without having to take something larger, heavier, and more cumbersome.

Survivalists are also on the list. The name ‘survival saw’ demonstrates as much. Your average survivalist wants inexpensive and easy-to-use tools that offer a practical purpose. There are very few tools within the survival category as small and practical as a survival saw.

Believe it or not, even homeowners are good candidates for survival saws. For example, you may have a homeowner who needs to clear out some honeysuckle from the back of his or her property. It is a small enough job that buying a chainsaw is unwarranted, but a big enough job that some sort of saw is necessary. A SaberCut survival saw will do the trick. That honeysuckle will be cleared out in no time without investing in an expensive chainsaw.

Sell Online or In Person

Modern retail is a combination of brick-and-mortar storefronts, trade shows, local events, and online sales. You can choose just one of these venue categories or combine all four. As a Safety Technology dealer, you will be a self-employed business owner with complete control over how you sell.

Stock your own inventory and focus your efforts on flea markets and community events. Travel your state and sell at camping and RV shows. Sell through your own website, an all in one e-commerce platform, or on popular auction and mass retailing sites. It is entirely up to you.

Your best chance of success is to not focus only on survival saws. They are great items to sell, but you should sell them alongside other products your target audience might be interested in. Remember the word ‘impulse’. Someone might come to you looking for a fire starter for his next camping trip. While browsing your inventory, he also runs across the survival saw. Get the idea?

Dropship Survival Saws Through Us

No matter how you decide to sell, we can offer you an opportunity to get started as a survival gear and self-defense retailer without requiring an investment of tens of thousands of dollars. How? Through our dropshipping program. Safety Technology is the largest dropshipper in our industry, probably because we do not charge any extra fees for doing business this way.

When you sell through our dropshipping program, you don’t have to invest thousands of dollars in stock. You do not need to rent storage space. You don’t need a warehouse manager to keep track of your inventory. We handle all of that for you. You do not even have to worry about shipping because we ship from our warehouse direct to your customer.

Dropshipping combines the best of what we do as wholesalers with your ability to sell at retail. So if you’ve been thinking about setting up your own retail operation, we think this is a fantastic way to do it. We would be honored to work with you as your wholesaler and dropshipper of survival saws.

Take a Look at Our Inventory

We invite you to browse our website and take a complete look at our inventory. As a Safety Technology dealer, you will have access to every item we sell. Leave the stock to us by dropshipping or purchase your own stock for running a brick-and-mortar operation. Either way, you will enjoy great wholesale prices and our unmatched customer service.

For even better pricing, consider buying from Safety Technology in bulk. We reward our bulk buyers with lower prices that give them even more room for making money. And make no mistake, there is money to be made in this business.

Safety Technology wants to be your number one supplier of survival saws and other survival/self-defense products. Whether you are starting a brand-new venture from scratch or you already own an existing business, we believe we offer more than our competitors. Put us to the test and see for yourself.

Your future as a retailer relies on having a reliable wholesaler you can work with. So whether it’s survival saws or stun guns, we want to be your wholesaler.

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