Wholesale X2 Taser

Fires 2 Cartridges

The top-of-the-line civilian model Taser is the Taser X2. Our wholesale prices let you sell the Taser X2 for a nice profit. If you are looking to sell the absolute best civilian stun gun on the market, the X2 is it. We are proud to carry this product in our inventory because of its reputation for effectively incapacitating of even the most aggressive attackers. Whether you are starting a new business, or you have been selling personal safety products for a while now, you absolutely must include the Taser X2 in your inventory. It has no rival.

Why Sell the Taser X2?

Given all the other personal safety products we sell, you might be wondering why you should get involved in selling the Taser X2. Here’s why: the Taser X2 was designed by law enforcement to be a dual-shot self-defense weapon. Furthermore, this particular Taser has a set of features that you will not find on other models. They include dual lasers to improve accuracy and the capacity for up to 500 firings on a fully-charged power pack.

There is no other civilian-grade Taser that matches the X2 in capability and features. This non-lethal self-defense weapon is even weatherproof. Your customers will be comfortable taking it with them in the rain, snow, and even the intense heat of summer without worrying about its ability to get the job done.

The heart of the X2 is the time-tested, reliable technology Taser is known for. Since the 1970s, the Taser brand has been the number one brand in non-lethal self-defense. The company behind Taser has a long-standing reputation for innovation and quality. These are the kinds of things your personal safety customers are looking for in the products they buy.

We Sell the X2 at Wholesale

Safety Technology gives you, as a dealer, an advantage in that we sell at low wholesale prices. Our pricing structure is such that we make the profit we need to meet our bottom line while, at the same time, leaving you plenty of room to mark up the products to a solid retail price that earns you a nice profit.

You can mark up the Taser X2 to a price comparable with other retailers selling the exact same model. This will allow you maximum profit by taking full advantage of the difference between our wholesale price and your retail price. Alternatively, you could mark the Taser X2 a bit lower than your competition. What you might lose in per-piece sales you can make up by selling at a higher volume than the competition.

Regardless of the size of your mark up, one thing remains consistent: our wholesale prices make it very possible for you to earn good money selling the Taser X2. At the end of the day, that is what retail business is all about. You want to make money as a personal safety seller. We want to help you do so by offering you wholesale pricing on the kinds of products your customers want.

Many More Wholesale Products

Safety Technology can help you round out your personal safety inventory with an extensive list of additional wholesale products.

You can complement the Taser X2 with accessories such as:

  • power magazines
  • left and right-hand holsters
  • replacement cartridges
  • practice targets.

Why stop there? We also sell wholesale pepper spray products, personal safety products, home protection equipment, survival gear, surveillance systems, and hidden cameras. You could use the Taser X2 as one of your core products and then build around it with select pieces from our expansive inventory.

Selling the Taser X2 has a lot of potential on its own. But the demand for personal safety products is such that you do not have to limit yourself to just the Tasers. In fact, the most successful retailers don’t. They sell a wide range of personal safety products to satisfy the broadest possible audience. You should too.

You can start with the Taser brand as the core brand for your store. That would mean selling the X2, X26P, Pulse, and Bolt models alongside their accessories. Then you would add a few products from each of our categories to round out your starting inventory. You would then track sales and gauge customer interest in order to make inventory changes moving forward.

Sell at Gun Shows and Flea Markets

You can sell the Taser X2 along with the rest of our wholesale products at gun shows and flea markets. In fact, a lot of our dealers make a very good income doing just that. Gun shows are one of the more lucrative venues given that visitors are already interested in personal safety and self-defense before they arrive to the shows. They represent a core group of customers that only need a little bit of information to be convinced to buy.

Flea markets are another great venue due to the nature of impulse buying. Consider this: nearly every flea market visitor goes shopping with the intention of spending money. For you, it is a matter of getting them to spend it on a Taser rather than something else. But make no mistake, they will spend. You can get your fair share of flea market sales by stocking the right items and putting on a convincing presentation.

The great thing about the Taser X2 is its brand name. Taser products tend to sell themselves once the conversational doors open. How so? Through brand recognition. The fact is that the Taser brand has become synonymous with stun guns in the same way Coke has become synonymous with cola. Given the chance to purchase a Taser over another brand, customers who want the highest quality and best value will choose Taser.

Sell Taser Products Online

Our low wholesale prices make it possible for you to sell the Taser X2 online and still make a tidy profit. In fact, our online sellers have access to the same wholesale prices as our bulk dealers. We do not distinguish between the two. Furthermore, we don’t add any extra fees for our dropshipping service.

One way to sell online is to get a website directly from Safety Technology. When we build your website for you, you will have the advantage of our decades of experience as online sellers. You will get a dynamic website that will work for you, so that you can concentrate all your efforts on marketing.

If you do not want us to build your business site, you can certainly sell the Taser X2 and other personal safety products on a site you build yourself. You can sell our products on eBay, Amazon, and other similar sites.

The only thing to decide is whether you want to stock and ship the products or do business using our drop ship service. Dropshipping involves selling online but leaving the packing and shipping to us. It is actually quite simple:

  • Market products on your own website or via something like eBay
  • Take orders and payments from your customers
  • Order the products your customers purchase using your Safety Technology dealer account
  • Sit back and let us ship the order directly to your customer.

The beauty of dropshipping the Taser X2 is that the package we send out will have your name on it. As far as your customer is concerned, they have dealt only with you to complete the transaction. They do not need to know that you don’t have a warehouse full of product along with a full-time shipping team getting packages out the door.

Sell the Taser X2 and Make Good Money

We are especially thrilled to carry the X2 alongside the other Taser products in our inventory. We are also thrilled to be able to offer you an opportunity to make good money selling these products. We have been in the personal safety business for more than 20 years, and very few brands have the kind of reputation and loyal customer base enjoyed by Taser.

Selling the Taser X2 is your opportunity to make good money in the personal safety business. If you are starting a brand-new business from scratch, the Taser brand could be the foundation of your operations. If you’re already operating a successful business, adding the X2 and other Taser products can expand your reach and increase revenues.

Let’s face it, there really is no good reason to not sell the Taser X2. As a non-lethal personal defense weapon, the X2 is a civilian-grade Taser unmatched by any other product. It is the one you want to place in the hands of your customers who demand the most stopping power and the most features in a non-lethal self-defense weapon.

As a Taser X2 seller, you can count on us to be your wholesale distributor of choice. Over the years, we have helped untold numbers of retailers start and build successful businesses in the personal safety industry. Not only will you find our products to be great moneymakers, but you will also enjoy the support of a wholesaler who knows what it takes to succeed in this business. Now, go out there and start selling.