Wholesale Tasers

Buy Tasers and resell this very popular self defense tool. Among all the non-lethal self-defense products on the market, none has the worldwide visibility and reputation. The brand is so well respected in our industry that Safety Technology is proud to say we have been a Master Distributor for two decades. We want you to be part of the success of this product by selling online or in person. Please note that Safety Technology only sells civilian models. If you are involved with law enforcement in any way, you should contact Taser directly for more information about law enforcement models.

Your Source for Tasers

Successful dealers also know that another key to success is the choice of vendors they work with. We won’t mince words: we want to be your one and only source.

We fully believe and are committed to the Taser brand because we know it is one of the best brands in the personal security business.

Buying from us affords you great prices that leave you plenty of room for markup. You can set your margin at whatever you want and then go from there. The beauty of being a dealer is that you control your own business. You can sell online, in person, or through any combination of both.

You can choose to be a wholesale Tasers dealer exclusively or you can sell them alongside other personal safety and security equipment. The choice is yours.

We just want you to know that the vendors you choose to do business with will influence your chances of success. Safety Technology has been in the business for 32 years; we have the knowledge, experience, pricing, and connections to be your source. If you are going to sell online or in person, we would appreciate the opportunity of being part of your success.

We Offer the Best Prices

We understand how important price points are for retailers. Manufacturers and distributors are sensitive to our price concerns, and we do everything we can to be equally sensitive to the concerns of our dealers. We can promise you this: we strive to continually offer the best prices you will find anywhere.

As a dealer or retailer, our low prices can mean one of two things to you. First, you can sell products at a price comparable to other sellers. This means more profit in your pocket inasmuch as the difference between your retail price and our discounted price is greater than many of our competitors.

The other way to think of it is making money by volume. Because we offer such low prices, you could sell your Taser products for less than the competition. You may earn less per piece, but you should make up for it in volume. There is nothing wrong with employing a volume-based sales strategy as opposed to margin per piece.

No matter how you look at it, we are committed to offering the best prices. This allows you to sell through a variety of outlets and make good money doing so.

We Dropship As Well

Are you interested in selling without having to stock product? If so, we have an excellent solution in our dropshipping service. As a dropship retailer, you can sell Tasers along with all the rest of our products without having to stock a warehouse or set up a storefront.

Here’s how it works:

  • You list our products on your own website, a website you get through us, or sites like eBay and Amazon.
  • Your customers purchase at the retail price and pay you through whatever means you have established.
  • You log on to your Safety Technology account and order the same product from us, providing the name and shipping information of your customer.
  • We package and ship the product using the company name you provide us.
  • The difference between what you pay us and what your customer paid you is your profit.

You see how easy it is to dropship? We dropship because we want to offer every opportunity to self-starters like you to build a successful business selling personal security products. As an added benefit, we are happy to provide dropshipping service because we know just how well it works.

Merchants just like you are making good money by working with dropshippers like us. It’s a partnership built to succeed. You are benefited because you can build a business without expensive overhead and high startup costs. This benefits us because we get to sell more of our products to customers all around the country. Your customers benefit by being able to deal directly with you rather than product manufacturers. It’s a win-win win!

Sell Pulse, X2 and X26

At this point, you need to know that the Taser is not just one product. It’s the brand name of a series of products sold by the manufacturer behind it. So whether you sell via dropship or buy inventory, you will be selling Taser Pulse+, X2, and X26 products to your customers.

Each of the models has its own set-up and accessories. The one thing they all have in common is the same reliability law enforcement models are known for. They all possess tremendous take-down power in a device small enough to be held comfortably in your hand.

In addition to the Taser devices themselves, Safety Technology is also your source for power magazines, holsters, cartridges, and practice targets. Everything your customers need to learn about, practice with, and safely use these self defense products are included in our inventory.

We Are An Axon Master Distributor

Remember, all the Taser models mentioned above are at hugely discounted prices. That means you are getting prices that are significantly lower than retail. You add your own expenses and profit margin to the price you pay us to come up with the retail price you charge your customers.

Tasers can be the foundation of a very successful personal safety business you start in the coming weeks. If you are already in business, this is an excellent brand to add to your inventory. It is a brand with a tremendous amount of loyalty due to the company reputation and the fact that Taser is the granddaddy of all nonlethal stun guns.

Start a Business Today

You can start a business today by filling out our dealer form so that we can open an account for you. The dealer form gives you access to our confidential pricing whether you decide to stock product or go the drop ship route. Consider this, though: you can actually do both.

You can attend local gun shows and flea markets selling in person as a dealer. All the while, you could also have an online operation going for dropship sales. The advantage of combining both is that you are still generating sales online even between gun shows and flea markets. Combining both business models give you the greatest chances of steady revenue.

Should you decide to sell online, there are multiple ways to do this too. You can list our products on sites like eBay and Amazon in mere minutes. And because both platforms work with you as a third-party seller, they offer built-in payment processing that is worry-free for you.

You can also set up an e-commerce website by building it yourself or letting us build it for you. The advantage of having your own site is that you are not competing with other retailers in the same digital space. But keep in mind that having your own site will require a lot more marketing than eBay and Amazon.

If you’ve been looking to start your own personal security retail business, we encourage you to sell Tasers. You will find that the name sells itself once people find you.