Sell Utensils, Bowls, Mugs For Camping And Emergencies

When You're Camping What Do You Eat With?

Our survival gear isn't just for people expecting a disaster. It is also for campers, hikers, and outdoor enthusiasts in general. Take our survival utensils, for example. Between utensils, cups, and bowls, we can outfit a person with everything he or she needs to eat meals in the great outdoors. We invite you to take a look at these items for possible inclusion in your retail operation.

Your Customers Still Have to Eat

Whether you sell to survival enthusiasts or campers and hikers, they all have to eat. And nothing is worse than preparing for a meal in the great outdoors only to discover you do not have utensils or dinnerware. That is where our survival utensils, bowls, and mugs come in.

Our dinnerware collection includes everything your customers need to eat their meals in the field. For example, consider the Double-Up Bowl. This incredibly useful product is actually a two-in-one utensil that people wonder how they lived without before they owned one.

It starts with an iodized aluminum bowl perfect for heating up soup or canned pasta over the fire. But that's not all. It also includes a food-grade silicon insert that can be used with the bowl or separately. In this one utensil alone, you have a cooking pot and bowl to eat from.

The key to making great dinnerware for outdoor use is to make it light and compact. Our survival utensils, bowls, and mugs fit that description nicely. Lightweight materials are combined with advanced, modern designs to create products that every survivalist or camper can carry with ease.

Your Audience for Survival Dinnerware/Cookware

Some of our survival gear products are limited in terms of their audience. Not so for our dinnerware/cookware collection. These products are so versatile that you have a much broader audience to communicate with. Let us start with hunters and fishermen.

If you are a hunter, you know what it's like to get up at the crack of dawn and spend all day out in the field. You also know that eating crackers and trail mix all day is not really good for your morale. A dinnerware kit consisting of one of our bowls, a mug, and a three-utensil set changes the game. With a portable fuel supply and some matches, you can have a hot meal while you're waiting for that big buck to go strolling by.

Fishermen are in the same boat, so to speak. They are on the water or ice for hours at a time. It would be nice to enjoy a delicious meal or a hot cup of coffee while waiting on the fish to cooperate.

Scout troops are another great target audience for survival dinnerware/cookware. They want to carry bowls, mugs, and pots with them without adding a tremendous amount of weight to their total gear. Our survival-oriented products are perfect for their needs.

Of course, we haven't forgotten the traditional survivalist along with the camper who chooses the great outdoors instead of a commercial campsite. Both groups of people are ideal targets for survival dinnerware and cookware.

Sell Survival Dinnerware/Cookware at Home

Of all the products in our inventory, none is as well suited to home parties as our dinnerware and cookware. A home party is an ideal setting for those who are just getting started in this business. Home parties are non-intimidating for starters, and they attract the kinds of people who are used to buying from catalogs.

To pull off a home party, you first need to sign up as a Safety Technology dealer. Then download a full color catalog or use our marketing materials to custom design a catalog of your own. The catalog will be your ticket to making money at home parties. Just pass it around and start taking orders.

Home parties are made a lot easier when you do business by way of our dropshipping program. Dropshipping is easy. You just take orders from your customers, login to your Safety Technology account, order those same products from us, and provide shipping information so that we can send orders directly to your customers. That's it.

How much extra do you pay for dropshipping survival utensils, bowls, and mugs? Nothing. That's right, Safety Technology does not charge any additional fees for our dropshipping service. You pay wholesale price plus whatever we pay for shipping and packaging. Nothing more.

We offer such a great dropshipping program because we want you to succeed. We understand you might not have thousands of dollars to put into buying inventory you store on-site. By combining home parties with dropshipping, you can get your business up and running without a huge financial investment. And you can do it from home.

Our Wholesale Pricing on Survival Dinnerware/Cookware

You cannot make money in this business, or any retail business for that matter, if you can't get your hands on affordable wholesale pricing. Well, no worries. Safety Technology is known throughout the industry for having very good prices. We sell at the best possible wholesale price so that you, as a dealer, can make enough profit to make doing business worth your while.

For the record, the difference between our pricing and yours is only your gross profit. It is not what you will actually put in your pocket. That is your net profit, and it is determined by deducting all your expenses from gross profit. That's why there is so much room between our wholesale price and the suggested retail price of our survival dinnerware/cookware.

If you do have the money to spend on stocking your own inventory, we want you to know that you can get even better wholesale pricing by buying in bulk. Our bulk buyers typically order 1000+ items at a time. We want to reward them, so we do so by offering them even lower pricing.

Look, you do not have to be a bulk purchaser to make money selling survival utensils, bowls, and mugs. You just have to have a willingness to work at building a business. A combination of hard work and creativity can help you build a retail operation you'll be proud of.

Where to Sell Survival Dinnerware/Cookware

You have made it this far, which tells us that you are on board with the idea of becoming a Safety Technology dealer. That's great. Now you need to know where you can sell these excellent products. Beyond home parties, we would suggest you get started by signing up to be a vendor at local community events and festivals.

Does your community host an annual food-tasting festival? If so, that is a great place to sell utensils, bowls, and mugs. People are already thinking food.

Flea markets are another good venue, especially when you consider the amount of traffic they tend to generate. Remember the two biggest words in retail: location and traffic. Combine both and you're golden. That's exactly what the markets offer. They are a location at which visitors actually look to spend. They are venues that enjoy a lot of foot traffic.

Sell Survival Dinnerware/Cookware Online

You might be the kind of person who doesn't do well in face-to-face situations. That's not a problem. You are not precluded from building a successful retail business thanks to online sales. The internet is a vast sea of retailers offering all kinds of products. You can sail on that sea as a Safety Technology dealer.

Some of our dealers focus mainly on established auction and mass retail sites. They have learned how to compete in those environments, and they do very well. Other dealers sign on with e-commerce platforms that give them everything they need in a single package – including their own domain and store name.

The rest of our vendors sell through their own dedicated websites. Some build the sites on their own while others have us do it for them. At any rate, selling through your own dedicated website gives you maximum control over everything. With that control comes a few extra administrative and financial responsibilities.

Let's Start Selling

We have told you just about everything you need to know about our survival utensils, bowls, and mugs. We give you a brief introduction in how you can sell these products. The only thing left to talk about is how to get started. If you are ready to make money on survival dinnerware/cookware, we are ready to help.

Becoming a Safety Technology dealer is as simple as completing our online application form and then following up on the instructions we send you via e-mail. Once your dealer application is approved, you will be given your own Safety Technology dealer account through our website. This account gives you access to our complete price list, our full-color catalog, a selection of custom displays, web and print-ready graphics, and more. You’ll also place your orders through this account.

There is money to be made selling survival gear. If you want to make some of it, sign up to be a Safety Technology dealer and start selling survival dinnerware/cookware.