Wholesale Digital Recorder

Record Phone Calls And Conversations

Recording conversations, lectures, and speeches used to be a tricky thing to do. Not anymore. Thanks to digital recording technology, people can now record just about any sort of audio easily and efficiently. Safety Technology is thrilled to be able to offer that opportunity to your customers, by making audio recorders available to you at great wholesale prices. Want to know more? Then continue reading.

Audio Recorders Explained

In the simplest terms possible, an audio recorder is a device that records sound. In the old days that would have meant a portable tape recorder. Today though, we are all about digital. A modern audio recorder receives sound and records it as digital information. That information can then be retrieved later or stored indefinitely.

The wonderful thing about digital technology is that it has reduced the size of audio recording devices. Where tape recorders used to be fairly big and bulky, a modern audio recorder is small enough to fit comfortably in the palm of your hand. It is small enough to carry in a purse or pocket without taking up too much space.

Another advantage of digital technology is that the storage capacity is built-in. Again, let us compare it to an old-fashioned tape recorder. In order to use a tape recorder, you had to buy an external cassette tape that you inserted into the machine. When the tape was full, you had to replace it with a new one.

A digital audio recorder utilizes no external storage space for recording purposes. The storage is built-in by way of a computer chip. When the device is full, you simply download the data to a PC or mobile device and then record over it. You can record as much audio as you like, then store it indefinitely on any digital storage device.

Hopefully you see the appeal of audio recorders as a retail item. You can sell audio recorders on their own or combine them with other Safety Technology products from our surveillance and personal safety categories. How you sell them is entirely up to you.

Reasons for Buying an Audio Recorder

You might already be familiar with state and federal laws governing audio recordings. If not, you should be aware that it is against the law to record conversations between individuals without consent. In 12 states, consent is required from all parties involved. The remaining 38 states require consent from at least one party. With that out of the way, consent laws in no way diminish the benefits of owning an audio recorder.

Consider the following scenarios:

  • Recording Sales Conversations – One of your customers may conduct sales transactions over the phone. As long as they inform their customers that conversations may be recorded, they can do so legally. Those recordings can act as records of the transaction being made.
  • Recording Meetings – There are very legitimate reasons for recording conversations that take place during business meetings. Such recordings do not have to be covert. As long as everyone in the room knows what is going on, a person can record a meeting for future reference.
  • Recording Speeches and Lectures – University students record speeches and lectures all the time. It is a fantastic way to digitally create reference material for later study.
  • Recording Personal Notes – Yet another scenario involves an individual recording personal notes for him or herself. Think of a writer, for example. Writers are the kinds of people that like to jot down thoughts as soon as they come to mind. With an audio recording, there is no writing necessary. The writer just speaks his/her thoughts and stores them for future reference.
  • Record threatening calls or threats from stalkers

We bet you can think of a dozen other reasons a person might want to record conversations, speeches, or personal notes. There are just so many uses for this great technology. This implies that you have a lot of great reasons for selling audio recorders.

Sell Audio Recorders at Affordable Prices

We believe that one of the secrets to success in retail is to offer affordable prices on great products people want. We have you covered with audio recorders. You can sell them at affordable prices after you buy them from us at wholesale. We give you a great price; you turn around and give your customers a great price.

Looking at any product on our website reveals a suggested retail price at the top of the product listing page. This is the price we recommend for you to sell at retail. It is not what you pay us, however. Our wholesale prices are substantially lower. The idea is to give you plenty of room to mark up the price and still be competitive in the retail marketplace.

What you charge for our audio recorders is entirely up to you. You might choose to go to the very top of the retail scale to maximize your profits on every piece. A lot of dealers do that. On the other hand, you might want to offer a slightly lower price in the hopes of selling more units. This strategy is one that makes money on the volume rather than per piece. It is a fine strategy as well.

Your chosen price for selling audio recorders is ultimately up to you. As a wholesale distributor, we don’t tell you what to set your prices at. We do not tell you how to sell audio recorders either. You are free to sell where you want, when you want, and at whatever price you feel is appropriate.

Sell Audio Recorders Via Dropshipping

If you have been looking for affordable audio recorders from reliable dropshipper, you’ve come to the right place. Not only do we refrain from charging extra fees for our dropshipping service, but we offer literally hundreds of products alongside our audio recorders as well. We are the largest dropshipper in our industry.

If you are not familiar with the dropshipping model, it’s quite simple. Dropshipping is more or less a cooperative effort between our company and yours. We stock every product you see on our site and handle packaging and shipping for you. Your job is to go out and sell. Whether you do that in person, online, or via some combination of both is entirely up to you.

With your Safety Technology dealer account, you order products from us whenever your customers buy from you. We ship the products on your behalf using the customer information you provide. What’s more, packages go out with your name on them. Your customers never know that Safety Technology is involved unless you tell them.

Dropshipping audio recorders is an easy and inexpensive way to get started as a personal security and self-defense dealer. And you do not have to stop with audio recorders, either. You can also sell our surveillance systems, dummy cameras, home alarms, and every other item in our inventory.

We Can Help You Sell Audio Recorders Online

Dropshipping is also a good way to get started selling online. Because you don’t have to invest in stock or warehouse space, you can put all your resources into online marketing. Note that there are quite a few ways to do this, beginning with a website provided by Safety Technology.

We can build a complete retail website for you using one of dozens of pre-designed stores. These online stores have already proven to be excellent selling venues. You do not have to use one, though. The second way to sell online is to build your own e-commerce site from scratch. You rent the web space, you purchase the domain name, and you build the site using a content management system or raw code.

A third option is to sign up with an out-of-the-box e-commerce solution provider. There are lots of them to choose from. One example is Shopify. The primary benefit of this method is that you get everything you need in a single package. You pay a small monthly fee in exchange for the service provided.

Sell at Flea Markets, Community Events, Etc.

Selling audio recorders online is one way of doing things. Another way is to take the products to your customers by selling at flea markets, local community events, trade shows, and the like. Anywhere you can find customers constitutes a good place to sell.

We can support your in-person sales with either drop shipping or low wholesale prices on bulk orders. In either case, our prices will be low enough to allow you to compete. Know this though: we are not here to gouge you on price. We want you to succeed because, when you do, we succeed as well.

If you are ready to start making money selling audio recorders, just complete and submit our online dealer application. Approval of your application will result in a Safety Technology dealer account being set up your name. We will provide you with a username and password right away.

All Safety Technology dealers have access to our full-color catalog, complete product list and pricing, web- and print-ready graphics, and more. And of course, we offer dealers our full support every step of the way.