Wholesale Taser Bolt

Sleeker, Less Threatening, and Designed  To Carry In Purses, Briefcases, etc.

As an Authorized Dealer for Safety Technology, you are able to get the Taser Bolt at wholesale prices. There is a huge market for Taser devices just waiting to be met. You can meet them by working with Safety Technology to get Taser products into the hands of consumers who want them. Tasers are legal to own and sell as non-lethal self-defense devices in 46 states. In most of those states, there are little or no restrictions. Only four states – Hawaii, Massachusetts, New York, and Rhode Island – ban civilian ownership of the devices.

Sell the Taser Bolt

Often considered an entry-level stun gun, the Taser Bolt is a hand-held self-defense device that most people would not recognize as a stun gun unless they were intimately familiar with the Taser brand. This seemingly unassuming device looks more like a flashlight than anything else. Under the hood though, it is a powerful stun gun designed to instigate muscular override in the event of a potentially dangerous encounter.

The Bolt is an excellent stun gun for carrying in a purse, messenger bag, backpack, or even a coat pocket. Its ergonomic shape and well-designed hand grip make for a seamless transition between retrieval and deployment. This Taser model comes highly recommended for customers new to stun gun technology.

You can sell the Taser Bolt by promoting it as an inexpensive and nonlethal self-defense weapon to people who are concerned about their own safety but uncomfortable with firearms. An excellent way to market the product is to illustrate to customers just how easy it is to own and carry a Taser, without restriction, in most states.

Buy the Bolt at Wholesale

Your primary goal as a Taser dealer or retailer is to get the Bolt into the hands of as many customers as possible so as to help them protect themselves and simultaneously build your business. The place to start is by purchasing the Bolt at wholesale prices from Safety Technology. We sell wholesale Taser products to dealers in bulk; dealers who then sell them at retail in local stores, flea markets, etc.

Why buy wholesale from us? First, because we strive to keep our prices as low as we can. We want to support our dealers and retailers by giving them plenty of room for retail markup. Second, Safety Technology has been in the business for more than 20 years. Choosing us as your wholesaler means choosing a company with a long history, a proven reputation, and a commitment to supporting you as a dealer.

Finally, you should buy wholesale Taser Bolts from us because:

  • Safety Technology has no minimum order policy
  • We charge no fees for doing business with us; and
  • We can dropship products for you with no additional fees

You are in the personal safety business to make money. So are we. We have discovered that making it as easy and affordable as possible for our dealers to do business helps us both. We sell more products; our dealers make more money by taking advantage of our wholesale prices.

Sell the Bolt by Having a Conversation

We have discovered that the Taser Bolt is one of those products that easily sells itself once the customer is engaged. So we recommend having a conversation with your customers. Talk to them about personal safety and self-defense. Get them thinking about what they would do in the event of a dangerous encounter with a potential criminal. Then point them to the Taser Bolt as one of the best nonlethal self-defense weapons on the market.

If you choose to sell the Bolt online, you can still engage your customers in conversation. Rather than speaking to them in person, you are engaging by way of product descriptions and extra content like blog posts, reviews, and informational articles. The key is to get them thinking about nonlethal self-defense. Once a person's mind is moved in that direction, it is easy to show them what an excellent self-defense option the Taser Bolt really is.

Sell Bolt Accessories Too

Choosing to sell the Bolt as a Safety Technology dealer or retailer is just the start. Remember that your customers will be looking to you for both the stun gun itself and the accessories that go along with it. So plan on selling replacement power magazines, cartridges, cases, and holsters. Your customers are going to want them.

Be sure that any accessories you sell for the Bolt have been designed specifically for this model of Taser. Some aftermarket accessories made by third parties may not work with the Bolt. How do you protect yourself against ordering accessories that are not appropriate? By sticking with Safety Technology. The Bolt accessories we sell are guaranteed to work with the device right out of the box.

Accessories are an excellent way to increase revenues among both current and future customers. Like any other retail product, accessories for the Bolt are easy to upsell because they are hard to ignore. Imagine being a customer looking at the Bolt and leaning toward a purchase. It would probably not take much of a nudge to get you to also consider a pack of replacement cartridges and either a case or holster.

Start Your Business with the Bolt

Safety Technology recommends the Taser Bolt to anybody who sells personal safety and self-defense items. We think it is a great item to add to your existing inventory of stun guns, pepper sprays, and other personal safety items. But what if you are starting a brand-new business from scratch? No worries. You can start your business with the Bolt as your anchor product.

Civilian model stun guns are extremely popular in these increasingly dangerous times. People want to be able to protect themselves against robbery, assault, and a whole host of crimes that, far too often, end in personal injury. Selling the Bolt gives your customers the opportunity to defend themselves in any situation.

The Bolt is an excellent anchor product to get things started for you. Whether you choose to sell online or in person, the Bolt is an entry-level stun gun that makes it easy for you to introduce the concept of self-defense to your customers. It is non-threatening to buyers in that it is a non-lethal form of self-defense. At the same time, your customers will easily understand that it is threatening to anyone who might seek to do them harm.

We Dropship the Taser Bolt

We make it easy for you to start your own personal safety and self-defense business with the Bolt as your anchor product when you take advantage of our dropshipping program. That's right, we will dropship the Bolt so that you don't have to put a lot of money into overhead and storage space. This frees you up to concentrate your time and financial resources on selling online.

Set up your own website featuring the Taser Bolt as your anchor product. If you'd like, you can get a website directly from Safety Technology. You can also sell the Bolt on existing e-commerce sites like Amazon and eBay. And if you have access to an e-commerce platform like Shopify, you will find that the Taser brand of products can be easily integrated into any existing online store.

The beauty of dropshipping is its profit potential without the added expenses of doing brick-and-mortar business. Consider this: setting up a retail shop involves all sorts of expenses including rent, insurance, and utilities. You also have to pay to outfit the store with the necessary chattels. Dropshipping avoids all of that by offering new business a model that doesn't require a physical presence in a retail store.

The other major benefit of dropshipping is that it is right in line with the modern shopper's tendency to buy online. Dropshipping the Bolt represents an excellent business opportunity that could be the start of something big for you.

Sell the Bolt in Person

While we think dropshipping is a great business model, we understand that some of our dealers want to get out there and interact with their customers in person. That's a great choice too! That's why we offer great wholesale prices to dealers looking to buy the Taser Bolt in bulk. You can order as many products as you want through your Safety Technology dealer account; we will ship them to you right away.

Arrival of your products means you ready to get selling. You will find that it's easier to sell the Taser Bolt in environments where people are already thinking self-defense. Gun shows are one of the first venues that come to mind. Even people who browse gun shows with no intention of purchasing a firearm are potential buyers of the Taser Bolt.

The Taser Bolt is an excellent, non-lethal self-defense device ideal for anyone who wants to be able to protect him/herself while out and about in public. It is also an excellent self-defense device for home protection. As a dealer or retailer, you have an opportunity to take advantage of a wide-open market with high demand. Contact Safety Technology today so you can get started selling this excellent personal safety product.