Wholesaling All in One Camera

Fisheye Camera

All-in-one surveillance cameras come with a built in DVR so you do not have to hook up to a DVR to record. Video cameras are to surveillance what pepper spray is to self-defense. There are lots of ways to surveil one’s surroundings, but few tools are better for doing so than HD video. That’s what makes our self-contained surveillance cameras such hot retail items. People want to be able to watch their surroundings without investing thousands of dollars in expensive equipment.

More about Self-Contained Surveillance

A good surveillance system includes both the ability to view live video and record it. To most people, that means cameras connected to a pretty robust DVR located in a separate location. A self-contained surveillance system is based on the same principle, but there’s one big difference: the camera and DVR are in the same unit.

All In One Surveillance Indoors

A self-contained system in your office or store provides around-the-clock surveillance and video recording to protect you even when you are not there.

The benefits of such a system should be obvious. Video footage is often used by police agencies to investigate burglaries and robberies. That same footage can be used when making insurance claims as a means of proving that you have been victimized by criminals. And, of course, criminals are less likely to take a run at your home or business if they know they are being surveilled.

A good self-contained system offers HD video and motion-sensitive activation. The HD video is essential if you are looking for crystal-clear images that make investigating an incident as easy as possible. Grainy, low definition images just don’t cut it. As for motion-sensitive activation, it makes self-contained surveillance more efficient.

Because a motion-sensitive device only records when it detects motion, you are not wasting DVR space recording nothing. That also makes finding footage you want a lot easier. Your camera is only recording the important stuff, so finding images from a specific time doesn’t require working your way through hours of useless video.

Surveillance Systems Are Easy to Sell

By now you might be asking yourself why you should even consider selling self-contained surveillance systems. In a phrase: they are easy to sell. Surveillance and self-defense are two of the hottest categories in retail right now. Technological advances and falling prices are making things like self-contained surveillance systems more affordable to the average American.

People understand we live in a world that is less than ideal. They also know that police agencies are limited in the amount of help they can provide. A self-contained surveillance system allows your customers to do their part to protect themselves, their property, and their families. And should an incident occur, surveillance system video provides evidence that might help solve the case.

The thing about self-contained surveillance systems is that you do not need to pitch them all that hard to sell them. Just a brief description along with a live or video demonstration should do the trick. People already understand what surveillance is, they just need to know how a particular device works. Arm them with that knowledge and making the sale suddenly becomes a lot easier.

The Systems Are Easy to Install

A big advantage of the self-contained surveillance system is that it is a snap to install. Being self-contained means there is but one piece to worry about. You are not working with three or four different cameras plus a remotely located DVR. Just place the device wherever you want to maintain surveillance and plug it into a power supply. It starts working right away.

A self-contained model makes for effortless installation without having to cut into walls or connect to a building’s electrical system. Self-contained systems are also portable, so your customers do not have to invest in a dozen systems all hardwired in place. Your customers can take the devices with them wherever they go.

Self-Contained Surveillance for Your Retail Operation

We recommend you invest in self-contained surveillance for your own retail operation if you are selling via a retail store or kiosk. The personal experience will make it easier for you to explain how these devices work. You can add them to your own inventory with the confidence that comes from your having used them yourself.

If you already sell personal safety and self-defense items, you should make room for self-contained surveillance systems. For that matter, all our surveillance systems can be very productive for your retail operation. Surveillance sells. It is just that simple.

If you are not yet selling, a selection of self-contained surveillance cameras could be the foundation of a business that you gradually build over time. Start with a few of our self-contained systems, then add multi-component surveillance systems, personal alarms, and home alarm systems. There are lots of possibilities to choose from in this business.

We Are Your Surveillance Wholesaler

Where are you going to get all those surveillance systems? From Safety Technology, of course. We have been in the self-defense and personal safety business for more than 20 years. During that time, we have seen it all. We know that self-contained surveillance is a good seller.

As your wholesaler, it is our job to provide the products your customers want at good prices. That’s just what we do. Our wholesale prices are considerably lower than retail, giving you the ability to add a decent markup to cover your expenses and generate a profit. And if you buy in lots of 1,000 or more, you will get even better prices thanks to our bulk pricing structure.

We want you to know that Safety Technology is more than just a wholesaler. We are a locally owned and operated business managed by people who believe in the small business concept. When you become an authorized Safety Technology dealer, you become a member of our family. With that comes the full support of the Safety Technology team. We want your business to grow and succeed, and we are here to help make it happen.

We Offer Free Dropshipping

One of the ways we help our new dealers is by offering free dropshipping. If you are not familiar with the dropshipping model, it is pretty straightforward. You do not stock any items yourself; rather, we manage the stock for you. All you have to do is order products through your Safety Technology wholesale account to cover the items you sell to customers. We ship whatever they buy directly to them in packaging that bears your name.

You pay the exact same wholesale price via dropshipping as you would if you were purchasing your own stock of self-contained surveillance systems. We charge the same wholesale price for everyone. All you pay above and beyond that price is our cost for shipping and packaging. You pay what we pay for both.

Dropshipping is a terrific way to get started selling self-contained surveillance systems without needing a ton of cash up front. Moreover, dropshipping allows you to sell online right away. You can post self-contained surveillance systems on auction sites, retail sites, and anywhere else online you can find marketing space.

Sell Surveillance Systems in Person

You are not limited to selling online. If you’d like, you can sell self-contained surveillance systems in person as well. One of the first opportunities that comes to mind are the annual homeowners’ expos that just about every urban center offers during the spring and summer. Then there are gun shows, self-defense exhibitions, and even local cultural events and festivals.

You can sell at flea markets and pop-up shops if you are so inclined. Wherever you can find decent foot traffic is a suitable place to set up shop. You just need to become a Safety Technology dealer to get started. To do so, just complete our quick and easy online dealer form.

Becoming a Safety Technology dealer costs you nothing. The application is just a few lines long, and we only need a small amount of information from you to verify you are running a legitimate business. You can start selling the minute you are approved, which generally doesn’t take very long.

If you’re ready, our self-contained surveillance systems are here waiting for you. They sell very well. If you want to see for yourself, submit the dealer application and let’s get started.