Kubotan Wholesaling

Self-defense items do not have to be extremely large or look terribly intimidating to be effective. Something very small and inconspicuous can still do the job, as any law enforcement officer or prison worker can tell you. And sometimes, a small package is better. That is what the kubotan is all about.

Kubotans As Self-Defense Weapons

A kubotan looks like nothing more than a small, metallic cylinder your customers use as a key ring. An attacker will think differently the minute he or she is struck by one of these nasty little devices. Police and self-defense experts often refer to the kubotan as an ‘instrument of attitude adjustment’ because a few well-placed strikes or jabs can completely change an attacker’s mindset.

The genius of the kubotan is its compact design. Small enough to hold in the average adult hand without difficulty, it can be used to strike bony parts of the body with pain-inflicting impact. The sharp tip can be used to jab fleshy parts of the body to inflict equally agonizing pain. Such strikes and jabs are a lot more effective than people realize.

The History of the Kubotan

The kubotan dates to the 1960s and is based on a similar weapon known as the hashi stick. Once introduced to the market, police agencies began purchasing kubotans and teaching officers how to use them during altercations with suspects.

There are two ways to use the kubotan, as previously described. The first is to strike bony parts of the body. The dense nature of the kubotan can inflict quite a bit of pain when contact is made with bone. Moreover, the person using the kubotan doesn’t have to be extremely accurate; a strike anywhere on a bone will be effective.

The other way to use this device is to poke and jab. Police agencies recommend going for pressure points but doing so is not absolutely necessary. Just find a place with a little bit of flesh and dig in. The side of the neck, back, groin, and chest all work very well. The pointed end of the kubotan is the business end, and an attacker will take notice with every jab.

Sell Kubotans Legally

There is a lot to love about this personal safety device. For starters, you can sell them legally across United States without any issue. There are no restrictions or regulations against them, which cannot be said for things like stun guns and pepper sprays. You can sell kubotans anywhere you can sell key rings.

As long as we are on the subject, the kubotan includes a key ring at the bottom. This serves three purposes. First, it guarantees that your customer will always have the kubotan whenever she has her keys. Second, attaching keys to the bottom of the kubotan is a way to conceal its true purpose. Attackers may not even notice because it looks like a key ring.

Third is the reality that your customer can hold the kubotan and swing the keys freely as yet another weapon. Striking an attacker in the face with a set of keys will get his attention in a hurry. Then, while the attacker regains his composure, the customer can turn the kubotan around and stick him in the groin.

Kubotans for a Dangerous World

We sell kubotans at wholesale for the same reason we sell pepper spray and stun guns: this is a dangerous world we live in. We wish it weren’t but wishing doesn’t change anything. Your customers need and deserve the best weapons they can find to protect themselves. The kubotan is an excellent non-lethal self-defense weapon that is affordable, convenient and, most of all, effective.

College students are great candidates for the kubotan. As campus crime and violence continue to be a problem across America, students need a way to protect themselves in close-quarter circumstances. The kubotan is one way they can do that. The kubotan offers the peace of mind and confidence a student needs to move around campus freely.

Young mothers and single women are good candidates for the kubotan as well. Even seniors who want a way to defend themselves without having to carry larger, more deadly weapons can benefit from the kubotan. This is a great self-defense item for anyone who wants a non-lethal means of protection that can be carried in a pocket or purse.

Kubotans for Your Self-Defense Business

Hopefully you now fully understand the benefits of the kubotan as a self-defense product. Now the question is this: are they appropriate for your business? If you are already selling things like pepper spray and stun guns, they absolutely are. The kubotan represents yet one more choice that you can offer your customers. And as any experienced retailer can tell you, choice is one of the keys to retail success.

If you are not yet selling anything, the kubotan is a good place to start your personal safety and self-defense business. It is an inexpensive product, so customers just beginning to think about self-defense are not intimidated by price. And note that you get excellent wholesale prices from us at Safety Technology. You can buy kubotan from us at wholesale, apply a very healthy markup, and sell them to customers at retail.

Remember that marketing is key. Most people have never heard of the kubotan. They will not recognize what it is when they first see it. You will have to find a way to explain it to them. If you are selling in person, a brief description of the device along with how it’s used will tell customers everything they need to know. Selling online affords you the opportunity to create a video demonstration that you can post along with the description of the kubotan.

Also note that you can combine the kubotan with all the other products Safety Technology carries. the kubotan is a great place to start, but it is by no means the only thing you should be selling. You should carry kubotans alongside a complete inventory of self-defense and personal safety items ranging from pepper sprays to personal alarms.

Some Items Sell Themselves

Many of the products in our industry virtually sell themselves once people know what they are. With the right crowd, the kubotan can be one of those items. Imagine selling kubotans alongside stun guns at your local gun show. For a minimal investment, your customers can put another weapon in their arsenal of self-defense products.

Yes, people buy kubotans and things like pepper spray and stun guns together. Why? Because they are smart enough to know that they could encounter a situation in which they need some way to defend themselves even as they are attempting to deploy another weapon. The kubotan allows a person to deploy immediate self-defense even if he or she cannot get to pepper spray or a stun gun.

A great tactic for selling these devices is to market them using their history as a foundation. After all, if the kubotan is good enough for police agencies it is good enough for your customers. Describe a little bit of the history of the kubotan and you will be that much closer to making the sale.

Sell Kubotans In Person and Online

As a self-defense and personal safety dealer, you have a lot of selling options open to you. You may already be selling online through your own website or established retail sites like eBay and Amazon. Perhaps you sell in person at flea markets and gun shows. Or maybe you combine multiple sales channels together. Either way, the kubotan deserves to be part of your inventory.

Kubotans sell very well in all kinds of environments. Take your average flea market, for example. People who visit flea markets are looking to spend money. An eye-catching display will cause them to stop and look at the kubotan in a little more detail. That is your signal to engage the customer in a conversation where you can explain the history of the device and how it can be used for effective self-defense.

Selling online? You can create a video that does essentially the same thing. Describe where the kubotan came from (you can find plenty of information online) and then demonstrate how it is used. A good demonstration is one of the most effective means of selling these devices online.

Buy Kubotans from Safety Technology

Regardless of how you decide to sell, please note that Safety Technology is a kubotan wholesaler you can trust. We have been in this business for more than 20 years. When you buy from us, you get the full support of our entire staff, an inventory of hundreds of items, and a no-fee dropshipping service that takes all the hassle out of online retailing.

Personal safety and self-defense is a great industry to be involved in. We have been doing it for more than two decades now, and we love it. We hope you will consider buying wholesale kubotans from us and reselling them at retail. The kubotan is an inexpensive and easy-to-use self-defense weapon people love.