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7 Things To Consider When Creating Your Personal Safety Plan

People Planning Safety Procedures

When crafting your personal safety plan, start by identifying potential risks. Understand what makes you say, ‘Uh-oh!’ Then, create a strong support network; you’ll need all the help you can get, especially from folks who don’t panic easily. Communication is key—work out secret signals that scream ‘Help!’ without making a sound. Keep important documents and essentials at hand, like your passport […]

Maximize Safety and Savings: Your Ultimate Guide to Wholesale Stun Guns

Wholesale Stun Guns

If you’re seeking wholesale stun guns, you’re likely concerned with two key factors: cost efficiency and product reliability. This guide addresses exactly that, offering insights on bulk pricing, market demands, and quality considerations for retailers specializing in self-defense. Expect details on maximizing profits while catering to consumer safety, with a nod to the legalities of […]

What Is Dropshipping?


Table of Contents Dropshipping Defined Dropshipping refers to a method of retail fulfillment where a store does not have products in stock that it sells. Instead, whenever a product is sold by a store using the dropshipping method, it buys the product from a third party that then directly ships it to the customer. This […]

Self-defense Business opportunity:Find The Right Wholesaling Dropship Partner

Finding Right Drop Ship Partner

Table of Contents The self-defense industry is booming. With the recent increase in protests, violence, and terrorism, people are looking for ways to protect themselves – and their families. An alternative to lethal options – guns, non-lethal self-defense products like stun guns, pepper sprays, personal alarms, and hidden cameras are attractive to millions of people. […]

The Power Of Asking For Help

Man Asking For Help

Nobody Makes Money Alone I would not be where I am today if it wasn’t for those I asked for help. There have been many over the years. Not all volunteered to help. I had to ask. And I’m glad to say I was never too proud to ask for help. I also know that […]

Can Pepper Spray Blind You?

Image Of An Eye Irritated By Pepper Spray

Pepper spray packs a potent punch, particularly to your peepers. When you’re confronted with the question of whether this self-defense spray can blind you, it’s important to think about the temporary trauma it triggers. Capsaicin, the active ingredient, can cause an intense burning sensation, leading to temporary blindness. However, permanent vision loss might not be […]

Can a Stun Gun Kill a Human?

Can A Stun Gun Kill A Human

Ah, the stun gun: humanity’s attempt at pacifism with a spark. You might think it’s just a tickle party for attackers, but there’s more beneath the surface. While it’s designed to hinder rather than decorate a tombstone, the question lingers like an uninvited guest: can a stun gun kill a human? The answer isn’t as […]

A Guide to Stun Gun Voltage

A Guide To Stun Gun Voltage

As you wade into the sea of self-defense options, stun guns stand out as a beacon of security and a complex choice. Understanding stun gun voltage isn’t just about recognizing a high number; it’s about comprehending the balance between voltage and microcoulombs for effective use. While voltage grabs headlines, the charge delivered—measured in microcoulombs—plays a […]

Is Pepper Spray Flammable?

Is Pepper Spray Flammable

Carrying pepper spray for safety means you’re prepared, protected, and proactive. Have you ever considered what it’s made of and how easily it can catch fire? Oleoresin Capsicum is the core ingredient. It’s not quick to ignite. The devil’s in the details. Ingredients matter, like propellants and carriers. Knowing why some sprays ignite can be […]

Essential Personal Safety Laws You Should Research Before Taking a Trip Somewhere New

Personal Safety Laws You Should Research Before Travelling

Traveling to new places is exciting, but did you know that ‘personal safety laws you should research before taking a trip somewhere new can significantly affect your journey? From pepper spray possession to digital data protection, being ignorant of the local laws can lead to fines or even detainment. This article outlines the critical safety […]

How the Definition of Self-defense and Attitudes Toward It Differ Around the World

How self defense laws vary around the world

Looking into self-defense rights, you’ll face different legal limits and cultural norms worldwide. Our deep dive reveals how the meaning of self-defense and people’s views change from country to country. You’ll get the scoop on Brazil’s tough rules for proving self-defense, the stand-your-ground laws in places like the U.S., and how society and laws mix […]