Dealer Comments

"I started a business relationship with Safety Tech around 1996. While I do many other services and products, I have appreciated the continued relationship with Safety Tech over the years. The span of time has seen financial up's and down's, trying times through society and business practices as it navigates through technical leaps and bounds. I want to thank you for being a great supplier and efforts you put into your customers."
Carla Mattingly
"5 rescued horses and 6 rescued dogs are the reason I sell Safety Technology feeds them! Without all the animals I could live very comfortably on my SS and pension, but my life would be pretty empty and meaningless. So ST products keep us all fat and happy. Selling on the Internet allows me the freedom to travel back and forth. Your company is by far the best wholesale company I have ever dealt with and I look to many more years of sales."
Fay Freedell
"I just have to say it is always a pleasure dealing with all of you. From the person who fields the calls, the dude that answers all the tech questions (he is great), the ease to place an order and the follow through. You are an example for professionalism and outstanding customer service. Your commitment to total quality and satisfaction is impressive."
Marco Bentacourt
"I want to let you know how happy I have been so far with my experience with Safety Technology. It has helped me expand my business and my customers are very happy with the products."
Jonathan King
"I want to take this opportunity to praise your staff for everything that they have done for me. They basically drop everything & treat me as if I'm the only customer they have. I read it all, before signing up with you, but never knew they could be even better than the people who gave the "rave" reviews said they were."
Joanne Henry
"The effiency of the order/shipping department is a wonder to behold. As you may know, this is not always the case with vendors, especially those who drop shop. This helps me with quick accurate shipments which me look good to my customers."
Gene Brenner
"I work 2-3 home shows, boat shows and gun shows per month on weekends. I finally got to a place where I am making more than double the money in one weekend than what I am making at my full-time job in a week."
Elen DiPaolo
"We have had a great end to 2020 and an amazing start for 2021 and looking for a big year ahead. Your team and the service from ST has been exceptional and as a newbie , we can't be happier that we connected with you."
Perry Gold
"Just wanted to take a brief moment and tell you how great a job you guys do in the warehouse & shipping areas! Outstanding service & delivery! I've had to deal with some other wholesalers on a few other products I carry and they don't come close to you guys! I've had to deal with numerous shipping errors, poor packing and late deliveries, just to name a few! Thanks for always taking those extra steps to Wow your customers!! "
Dan Mullins