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I started looking for a new line of work when my income was cut in 1/2 about three years ago, and I knew my day job would not last forever. After taking the time to research products and types of businesses I really loved and enjoyed, I focused on self defense products. I found a company called Safety Technology that offered a turn-key opportunity to start my own business for a low price, considering how much it would cost to do it all separately.

They also offered cameras and surveillance equipment, and I felt I found a home. I ordered two websites that were stocked and loaded with auto responders, shopping carts, online ordering, and of course great products, which made it so easy. As part of the program, we were enrolled in a monthly coaching club, where we have several calls per month that help us in different ways to sell the products. And I have to tell you, that is the key part of why this has worked for me.

And promote I have; all of the tips and tricks Mike suggest we do have helped drive traffic to my sites. I make videos and post them on YouTube, I write articles and they get read by many, I have two blogs that I am constantly talking about news and new products, I am learning about the web 2.0 opportunities with Twitter, Squidoo, and Technorati, yet I am only scratching the surface in that area. I still was working the day job and after processing orders and helping with dinner, it was soon 9 pm and time to get ready for bed.

In my first full year in business, we did about $280,000 in gross sales. Our growth is steady and rising and we feel we have products that are recession proof.

My day job has been going so bad, my pay was 25% of what it was 3 years ago, and I finally received some great news; I was fired! No more do I have to spend all my time doing what I HATE. Now I am doing what I LOVE, and I love helping people with products that they need to protect themselves, their loved ones, and their property from crime.

Mike, you gave me my future and freed me from being an employee. It was not easy, and I am just getting started, however, you helped nurture my dream and gave me some of the tools I needed to succeed. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Chris Winkler – Costa Mesa, CA

From the bottom of my heart, I can’t thank you enough for your guidance. From the day I purchased my new sites to 3 years later I have a tremendous respect for you & your staff.

I do have to say that I did 6 months of groundwork before I decided on your company for many reasons.

First the start up cost was minimal in comparison to others I looked at, you were always right to the point and not one time did you say I could make money while sound asleep or on a vacation. You said I will have to work and read everything I can to make this work. Naturally, I did not believe you and went to sleep for 3 months with nothing. However, as each month went by, I listened to your monthly calls and knew that everything you said was from the heart and all I needed to do was listen and apply.

One day I woke up and started to apply what you said to my site. As you walked us through each step, I could see the progress. Get links, write articles and before I knew it I was making money and the best part was that I am able to say that with the help of your well trained staff from Laura, John, Joe, Nicole and everyone else who has taken the time to answer all of my questions I am very pleased to say that you have made my pipe dreams a reality and surpassed all of my expectations.

I look forward to many years of business with Safety Technology.

Donna Biasi – Middletown, NY

I had Safety Technology build me a website. My experience with Safety Technology has been excellent.

They do a great job of being my third party shipper. They even keep up with any backorders for my clients. The service on getting products shipped has been superb. When I place an order, it is shipped very quickly (usually same day). The employees at Safety Technology are very conscientious about doing a good job and are always very polite and helpful.

Whenever I call Safety Technology’s office with a question, they answer the phone and direct me to the correct person or they answer my question themselves. (no voice mail run-arounds!) I have even e-mailed the president of the company (Michael Gravette) over the weekend and he answered back within hours!

Michael Gravette offers a coaching class. He gives suggestions on how to improve the Web site. He holds conference calls with distributors where you can ask questions. It’s also helpful to hear from the other distributors and get marketing ideas from the other distributors. Michael Gravette seems genuinely interested in helping us promote our business.

In nine (9) months time, my sales are over $10,000 last month. If you are determined to succeed, and willing to follow Michael Gravette’s plan, then, you, too can be successful at this business. I am thrilled to be in this growing industry and am very pleased with Michael Gravette’s company, Safety Technology.

David Brackman – Johns Creek, GA
My end goal was always to be self employed and doing well. Sadly though, all of my previous attempts failed. Then I was lucky enough to stumble across Mike Gravette’s Safety Technology website and my life has been changed ever since.

With all of the support and assistance available from Mike and the fine folks at Safety Technology, my new business has begun to thrive and will only get better. I started out making a modest few hundred in sales the first month or so and now have peak months in 9K plus range and all of this in my first two years of business.

I attribute much of my success both present and future, to the partnership I have with Safety Technology and the mentoring of Mike Gravette. It is much easier to succeed with good people around to help and guide you.

Thanks for everything Mike!

Chuck Dougherty – Dallas, TX

Being a dealer for Safety Technology products has been an absolute dream! It’s less like being a dealer and more like being a business partner. It’s more of a partnership because they care so much about our success. It starts off with their superior customer service and expertise. Their expertise is hard to find, because they help you with everything from learning the technical aspects of the products you’re selling, to how to do marketing, to how to successfully run your business. Due to the help from Safety Technology, I am proud to say that we made more money in 2008 than we did the year before, despite what they say about the economy! Thank you Safety Technology!

Craig Anderson – Rogers, MN

I sell at gun shows and have been a satisfied distributor for Safety Technology for the past ten years.

I place a high regard towards customer service. The companies that I do business with must be efficient and courteous. Safety Technology has given me excellent customer when I place orders on a weekly base. The representatives are always friendly and knowledgeable. They are quick to respond to difficulties, in order that I may receive my products as fast as possible.

Safety Technology offers unique, competitive products and their stun guns have increased my business by up to 25%.

Howard Whitman – Winchester, CA

Mike I truly enjoyed working with Safety Technology over the past 9 years. Your entire staff has been most helpful to our needs. All orders are processed quickly. I really appreciate all the marketing ideas.

Ed Talley, Talley Security – Flagstaff, AZ

I deal with many vendors and the employees at Safety Technology are by far the most helpful, professional, and the fastest when it comes to getting my customer’s orders out.

Without Safety Technology, I would not be able to do all of my volunteer work that means so much to me. My two daughters would not have such nice clothes for school. Their favorite activity “piano lessons” would be non-existent. Our refrigerator would not be full. Thank you Safety Technology. We love you all!

Sandie Stevens – Norco, CA

A little over a year ago I decided to start selling things on ebay to make some extra money. I am 6 years from retirement but know even when I leave my career I will want to work at something. I made every mistake a person could make. I spent more money than I had on books on ebay secrets and how to make money on the web. I opened an ebay store and let them nickel and dime me to death with all kinds of fees. I did research on products that sell but could never get the prices other people seemed to be getting. I was ready to give up.

Then one day a good friend of mine had her purse stolen in a local parking lot. It made me so mad that she didn’t have pepper spray to scare those teenagers away. I starting looking for places I could find products to protect the people close to me. That is when I found Safety Technology. I opened an account and sold mainly to family and friends.

As part of being a distributor for them, I started getting educational e mails from Michael. At first I thought it was a marketing ploy to sell me more products. I started to really read them and listen in on the question and answer calls. Everything he was saying was starting to make perfect sense. I had a hard time believing someone wanted to help me make money.

Last December I closed my ebay store, had Safety Technology build a web site for me and I decided to stop fooling around with all other products. I don’t care how long this takes me. I am learning to build my business correctly. I feel like I am back in college learning a new career. I know nothing is easy and nothing will get you rich overnight.

For the first time I don’t feel I am doing this alone. My family is getting tired of hearing “Michael said” while we are sitting around the dinner table. All people have to do is listen, really listen. Some will “get it “some won’t. I do and I will make this work for me. I go to sleep some nights thinking of what Michael says – “You can not fail if you never give up”.

Fay Freedell – Hudson, FL


I find your products to be both dependable and affordable. For some reason most people seem to wait until an incident occurs before they realize how vulnerable they are.

I’ve been successful in convincing people “that it’s better to have something and not need it, than to need something and not have it.”

Carl Jones – Roselle, NJ

Safety Technology is the definition of customer service! I myself grew up in a service background; my father and I had an appliance repair business. I know what it means to give outstanding customer service and I have found that Safety Technology does just that. Outstanding customer service. Their terrific products and awesome staff exceed all expectations.

Using Safety Technology has brought me many repeat customers and I look forward to many years of doing business with Mike and his staff.

William Jones – Terry, MS

Mike, It’s been my extraordinary pleasure to become a member of your family business. With all the infomercials and business ads out there that promise instant success, you deliver on the claim that if you’re willing to devote reasonable time and effort, YOU CAN SUCCEED!

In my first 6 months my sales have totaled over $23,000. I think you can agree that if I can achieve this level of success part-time and in a short period of time, my future indeed looks very promising. And, I’m now planning on venturing into other areas of marketing that has huge potential. This is very exciting! Thank you for this opportunity.

Ted J. Basowski – Frankford, IL

I’ve wanted to write a letter to you to show my appreciation to the personal support that I have received from Safety Technology. I guess I’ll start at the beginning.

When I decided to start my own business, I already had a supplier in mind, but he didn’t have everything that I needed to start out right, so I started searching online for a company who had what I needed.

What ended up making you MY Company was my very first phone call. I had no idea what I was doing or even what I needed, and I immediately got Michael Gravette, the PRESIDENT OF THE COMPANY, on the phone to answer my 100’s of questions. After talking with me for over ½ an hour, even after learning that I would be a very small customer, I knew everything that I needed to know, and started selling as soon as I got my “kit” in the mail.

What started out as a small “Hobby” has turned into a pretty good business, and I owe a lot of that to your instruction and intuitiveness. If I had to narrow it down to one thing that has gotten Safety Tech my complete business, I couldn’t but I will try. Did you think I would say, “Customer support?” You are almost right, but it is more than that.

What it really is, and what I like to call it, is RELATIONSHIP. I wish I had time to write down every occasion when someone from Safety Tech has gone above and Beyond to help a small customer like me, but just let me say…I am a Loyal, Happy and Permanent customer, and Safety Technology never ceases to amaze me!

Leah Cowan – Houston, TX

When my wife and I stared our personal security website business we knew very little about how to market our products effectively. We spent some big time dollars trying to acquire the knowledge it takes to be successful. Chances are if you are still looking for a company to partner with, you have not been working with Michael Gravette and his awesome staff at Safety Technology.

Deena and I have been in the personal security business on the web since 2006. Between mid-2006 and fall of 2007 we had $0 in sales, but we had done all the things the “experts” said that would generate sales, we were stumped, why we were getting nothing. Does this story sound familiar to you?

If you are fed up with getting ripped off, let me tell you how Michael Gravette changed our lives.

In early November 2007 I landed on The Safety Technology web site. I ended up getting Mikes wholesale kit and started blazing through the information and the lights started to come on, I then joined Mikes coaching club and putting in to practice what Mike was teaching.

The sales started to trickle in. By Jan 2008 I was starting to forecast what our sales for the year would be based on the sales we were getting. The forecast was 15,000 for the year. Deena and I were excited since we had nothing up until now.

For year end 2008 we generated $48.000 in sales. We owe our success to the direction and advice that Mike has given us over the past year.

Mike has taught us to optimize our site “correctly,” market our products and most importantly make sales.

Teaming up with Mike and Safety Technology is the best business decision we have made.

Darrell and Deena Hacker – Cincinnati, OH

I can’t begin to express my appreciation for Safety Technology. The prices alone for your products are unparalleled! Your entire business operation in general, from the effortless online ordering process, to your secure and prompt shipping, is paramount!

Through Safety Technology, I now have the means and the opportunity to help every person I know, arm and defend themselves using the mere push of a button! Even if none of my customers ever use your self defense products, you have helped them, including my mother, to live easier, feel safer, and be survivors- not statistics!

My mother and I thank you endlessly! I look forward to working with you in these years to come. May God bless you and your company.

Nicholas McGowan – Moreno, CA
Since my husband and I discovered Safety Technology our quality of life has increased exponentially. I am 28 year old stay at home mom with three children, one of which is an infant, and my husband and I owe it all to Mike Gravette and his team at Safety Technology. With the additional income we are able to earn by selling these incredibly marketable items, I was able to trade in a 40hr workweek in Corporate America, for a chance to invest in my own financial independence.

Who would have ever thought that selling surveillance equipment, pepper sprays, and stun guns could be so lucrative and rewarding for a stay at home mom. Not only do I get compensated for the sales I bring in, but I also sleep better at night knowing that my husband and I are educating many defenseless men and women about personal protection products and equipping them with alternative forms of self-defense. Mike, you and your entire staff should be commended for helping us make the transition to business ownership so easy.

Safety Technology makes business partnership extremely gratifying. Everything from pricing to customer service has been excellent. We believe in what Safety Technology stands for and will continue to support your vision.

Cassandra Taylor – Charlotte, NC

I am not only a distributor I am a proud user as well.

The products that Safety Technology offers and there low price rates are great. I love this company. I have introduced and the products to friends, neighbors, co-workers and even my family members. My family and my wife’s family are proud owners of Safety Technology products and they love them.

Safety Technology to me isn’t just another company out to cash in on innocent people, but a company that really cares about the safety and well being of there customers, distributors and others offering products that are well tested, hard to find and top of the line equipment.

I have searched for several years to find a honest company like Safety Technology that allows distributors to make a part-time; full-time income from the comfort of there home or which ever way he/she chooses to sell the product, but I never thought that I would find such a great organization with great products like Safety Technology.

Darrell Gee, Houston, TX

In 2005 I wanted to start an internet storefront. My requirements were to find a supplier that would drop ship the products in a timely manner, provide marketing tools for my website development and answer my most basic questions. Fortunately I found Safety Technology.

They have met and exceeded all of my expectations and continually provide outstanding support and service. One of my customers ordered a surveillance camera and upon receipt of the product my customer called with technical questions. I put the customer on hold and immediately called Safety Technology. Your staff offered to contact my customer as a Technical Associate for my company. Now that is great customer service! It is a pleasure to work with Safety Technology.

Janet Cohen – Mount Laurel, NJ

Safety Technology has been & still is a great asset to me & my business. They’ve shown me compassion during difficult times; provided ongoing technical & marketing tips geared toward the success and increase of my overall business sales; staff has addressed my questions & concerns in a timely manor and they’ve even walked me through a step by step process. If it hadn’t been for them, I clearly would have fallen.

Therefore, I am convinced that because of their dedication and willingness to provide not only good quality products, but great service. I strongly believe they are in the business of helping entrepreneurs become better at their business. Thanks a million for the millions I anticipate making!

Corey Roby – Milwaukee, WI

We’ve been distributing your products for 6 years and the one word to describe Safety Technology is “unbeatable” … the quality of products, pricing, customer service and support, order processing and shipping… all Unbeatable! We couldn’t ask for a more professional company to work with, with the best products to sell to our customers.

Along with selling your products on our website, we also get a lot of business through my partner’s Private Investigative business. Many products sold are to PI’s and we receive nothing but praise on the high quality of the products and fast shipping.

The one thing that is most impressive to me is Safety Technology’s extremely knowledgeable staff when it comes to answering any questions I may have. I’ve always received very informative and detailed answers to the simplest of questions regarding ANY of your products. I also love the email updates of new and discounted products and items on sale.

Each of you needs to give yourselves a big pat on the back. You all are an A+ team and thank you for giving this small business owner a great opportunity.

Chris Frank – Youngsville, IL

Safety Technology is our back-bone drop-shipper and they have never let us down and that is what keeps us going strong today.

And to put all business to the side, they show great empathy as well! Back a couple years ago, I personally was having trouble in my neighborhood and was concerned about my Family’s well being while I was away. I called Michael Gravette up and explained the problems I was having and said I needed to get the Voice Motion Alert. I was going to pay my wholesale cost, but check this out! He shipped this product personally to me at no charge, and on top of that had it shipped overnight! If this is not true definition of “Empathy” I don’t know what is. Hands down!

I have dealt with many drop-shippers and none of them can hold a candle to Safety Technology. Keep up the great work my friends and I look forward to many enjoyable years to come!

Steve Lee, Raleigh, NC

Hello, to all my friends at Safety Technology. When I first started I was thinking these are great products and they will sell. I have found they not only sell, they sell quickly. I spend about 1hour a day and put 200.00 a month in my pocket.

My first sell was too a bus driver who’d been feeling fearful since she took the place of a driver who one week earlier had been disfigured with a knife. Her daily frown has turned to a smile.

I have sold to women who have been victims of domestic violence, and people working in high crime areas. I think the best part of this lucrative business is that I can be of service to the people in my community and make extra money.

Roy Gipson – Woodland Hills, CA

It’s been 7 years since I became a Safety Technology distributor and I’m glad I made the right choice. I was an engineer, non-native English speaker, and am not good at selling. Without Safety Technology’s good selection, great prices, and good service, it would have been very hard for people of my background to succeed at running a business.

Safety Technology has high demand, unique products which are extremely easy to sell. Many products are directly sourced from overseas and are not available through other suppliers. They’ve got a substantial inventory so even when there are bulk or wholesale orders, they can still deliver immediately. In case there is products out-of-stock, the backorders are managed extremely well. Their prices are low and leave a good margin for us.

My business is one of hundreds of stores Safety Technology supplies products to, but I am never treated as such. Their staff treats me as if I was their biggest customer and always promptly answer technical questions and resolve any problems that might arise. As a result I look very competent to my customers.

Safety Technology has faster shipping at better prices than if I had shipped the products myself. I have consistently received good feedback from customers pleased at how fast their orders arrived.

I make a good amount from my store. More importantly, I have gained valuable experience and confidence. I would highly recommend Safety Technology for anyone looking to start their own business.

Julie J. Wang – Sunnyvale, CA

I appreciate the speed with which my drop ship orders are fulfilled. I know that, if I fax an order in today, it will go out today.

Even while I was on the other side of the world, doing business with you was easy and all my orders were filled as though I was right there doing it myself. Thanks for great service!

Marc Werschem – Ft. Smith, AR


Wow!! It’s hard to believe that I have been with you guys for almost 7 years. Let me start off by saying that I use several vendors and Safety Technology is by far the best in the business.

The quality and pricing of your products can’t be beat. Mike, your customer service is absolutely amazing John, Laura and the rest of the people have been nothing but true professionals. It’s good to know that when you are doing business with a company that they have your best interest at heart and really want to see you do well with your business.

My favorite thing about Safety Technology is you keep really good stock of your products. In my opinion this is really important because it can make or break a company as far as keeping distributors. I myself had to leave a vendor for this very reason. I really can’t thank you all enough for helping my business grow to what it has. I have made over $500,000 selling your products on the internet alone.

For anyone out there looking to get into the Self Defense Products business, Safety Technology is the place to go to get your supplies. Their pricing, quality, customer services, and product availability is the best in the business. Mike, John and the rest of you guys please keep up the good work. It’s been a pleasure.

Ingrid Johnson – Fairfield, CA

Safety Technology has provided consistently great customer service. In-Ram Total Security has been a loyal customer of Safety Technology for two years.

Safety Technology has allowed the average person a vehicle for which to start their own business and help protect others.

We are grateful to Safety Technology and look forward to many more years of loyal service and great customer service from Safety Technology.

Marni R. Nixon – Atlanta, GA

I have been looking for the perfect business for a long time. I needed products that were in demand and a company that is willing to make sure that you have everything you need. I found all that with Safety Technology.

People love these products. It’s just like Mike says. “Get these products in front of people and they will sell.” The crew at ST has been extraordinarily helpful over the past few months.

They are always there when I need help and always have a quick and informative answer to anything that I can throw at them. This has allowed me, on more than one occasion, to get answers to shoppers and turn them into customers. People really appreciate the quality of service that ST helps me to provide to my customers. After years of prospecting for the perfect way to start my own business I have finally found exactly what I was looking for.

Tim Vires – Letcher, KY

I wanted to take this time to let you and everyone there at Safety Technology how much I appreciate the customer service that your organization has provided. I have been a distributor of the self defense products your organization supplies since October 2002.

Whenever, I have had a question regarding a product or even education about a product line you provide, your organization was there immediately by phone (even on the weekend- Mike thanks) or by return email. I can honestly say I have never had a problem with Safety Technology that was not handled in a timely or courteous manner. Once again: Thank You for the business opportunity.

John Sellers – Colleyville, TX

The reasons I started selling Safety Technology products are as important to me as the true need for them is. I had an abusive husband and could not get help from the authorities. There was a lack of protection and varied verbal abuse toward my children for many years.

After speaking with many women and a diverse section of the community I found my circumstance, lack of prosecution or intervention was not an isolated incident. It is for this reason I started selling protection products. I made up my mind in 1995 that if I could find suppliers I would make protection products available to everyone who needed or wanted protection products.

Safety Technology has been very easy to work with. They have taken the extra step to personalize their customer service with an attitude that genuinely finds, implements and supports ways and means to help their customers succeed in today’s global market place. I have found them to be honest and go beyond what I receive from other suppliers. I sell at flea markets, face to face, and from my WEB Store. I am not their biggest customer; however I am treated as though I was. I have a full time job that consumes 10-12 hours per day. The WEB Store, flea markets and direct sales are a part time supplement to my income.

The Safety Tech products out sell my other product lines. Every show I do and many direct contacts let me know that I am doing the right thing selling products that there is a need for and having the foresight to have something to fall back on. Almost everyone knows someone who has lost a great deal through job cuts, out sourcing, corporate greed, etc.

Carla J. Mattingly – Decatur, IN

I started selling Safety Technology products early 2005. I am a woman, age 57 and wanted my own business.

After a lot of thinking, product comparisons and products by internet user requests, I decided on Self Defense Products. I get a lot of surprised looks since I’m a woman. When I explain women really need these products, I get a lot of yes nodding. The products and Safety Technology were an answer to my prayers. Great products as well as great service!

Ann C. Glover – Salt Lake City, UT

Safety Technology is the “Best” Wholesaler of Self Defense product in the U.S. They stand behind their products and offer outstanding customer service.

I would say that Safety Technology always goes the extra mile to help its distributors and the prices are unbeatable. I thank you for all you have done for me and my business.

Manny Alvarado – Thompsons Station, TN

I remember about 18 months ago I called you guys and asked about advice on how to improve my site. I was really struggling back then. I didn’t know what to do and I was about to give up making a living online. I left a message with Laura. And within a few hours Mike returned my call. Not only did he gave me a few very constructive points on my site he also gave me a very good pointer for my business. He told me “don’t design and operate my business based on my ego.” He told me “always keep my customer in mind. Always design the site based on what is easy for the customer and what is useful to the customer.”

I took his advice and redesigned my business and my site. The sales were increased dramatically. My sales went from negative to average $15,000/ mo.

That phone call has changed my life. I was nobody and Mike, the owner actually return my call and spent time explaining and helping me. It really makes me feel that he really cares about my success! He really cares about his customer!

I now have two websites and they both bring me a very renewable income. If it wasn’t Mike’s call I think I would’ve already been lost for long time in the business world. Thank you so much!

Joe Lau – Wilkes-Barre, PA

I don’t remember exactly how I ended up at your website, but it was the best thing that has ever happened to me. I think back now and I can’t believe that I almost didn’t send the five dollars for your catalogs with the wholesale price list. That was a life changing decision I made that day and it has changed my life.

I started selling your items immediately at online auctions with shocking success, and I was only selling one of your products! Thanks to your drop shipping service, I did this all with no money up front and I didn’t have to purchase your products up front to keep in stock. Drop shipping has allowed me to focus on selling your items without having to worry about keeping in stock and shipping them. All I have to do is sell!

Safety Technology has a top notch team that you won’t find anywhere else! Thanks to their products, their service, and of course my hard work, I should be able to retire from my full-time 9-5 office job very soon and dedicate my time to selling these products, which is something I can’t put a price on.

Robert Young – Jenison, MI
This year’s profit (my second year as a distributor) is up an amazing 75%!

I feel very fortunate that I stumbled onto this business opportunity while shopping for pepper spray that my wife could carry with her to protect herself when I wasn’t around. I saw an advertisement for Safety Technology and their business plan sounded very legitimate and involved minimal upfront costs. Essentially, you don’t buy any products from Safety Technology until you already have an order from a customer and have been paid by that customer.

At this point, my plan is to continue to develop the business and marketing ideas on the side until the business grows enough to replace my wife’s salary from her full-time job. She has agreed that it makes sense for her to stay home and raise our son while replacing her full time salary by managing our business in 3-5 hours per week. In addition to not having to depend on your employer for job security, there are a lot of great tax benefits available if you own your own business and work out of your home. I am proud American, but I don’t feel it’s necessary to pay one extra dime to my “Uncle Sammy” than I am legally required to!

In addition, I have been able to earn extra income from affiliate marketing programs by placing advertisements for other company’s products on my website. When someone either clicks on the advertisement or makes a purchase from one of my affiliates, I earn commission. Since I have to market my website to drive traffic (potential customers) to see my website, it makes sense to get the biggest gain for the buck. Essentially, my website is evolving into a “virtual mega-mall” where customers an purchase just about anything they need at one website. I’m excited about the vast potential to grow my profits this way and diversify my revenue streams.

Steve Lane – Shoreview, MN

I have been doing business with Safety Technology since 1995. Without Safety Technology’s great and prompt service I would have never been able to make over $800,000.00 during the 10 years I have been doing business with Safety Technology.

I know that when I order pepper spray it is not only the best in the business but I get it the next day.

Safety Technology has helped me to have a healthier and more enjoyable retirement. I have been able to invest in my coin and stamp collection, spoil my wife and most importantly spend time with my grandson.

Bob Baker – San Antonio, FL

Although I’m semi-retired now and only work three days a week, I enjoy selling the products I buy from you because I feel that each time I sell a stun gun, mace, and other self defense and security items, I am helping to, maybe, save a life, stop a rape, stop an assault, and maybe stop a thief from stealing someone’s valuables.

The money is good too!

George Factor – Los Angeles, CA
Safety Technology’s products and service have been great. The products I buy are packaged well and based on the quality of the products sold are indeed good quality. Because of the quality of the personal protection products Safety Technology is my number one supplier.

Frank Brown – Westminster, CO

I have been a loyal Safety Technology customer for over fifteen years and have done over $14,000,000.00 (yep, 14 million) in sales. I started my business with a “big dream” and very little money. While there were many companies offering me great price deals at the time, most of them required an unreasonably large purchase quantity to get the price they were advertising. To make matters worse, the quality of the merchandise was so poor that, as a former police officer, I would have refused to let my own family carry it.

Safety Technology has consistently offered me a far superior product at a great price, in purchase quantities that fit my business needs. Even better, each piece is guaranteed. Mike has always worked with me when times were slow. He is a true businessman who wants to help and keep his customers. More than once, I have been in the position needing merchandise immediately and he has been able to get it to me the very next day.

Mike has a highly knowledgeable support staff that is willing to spend the time needed to make sure my order is accurate. Many of the same employees have been working there for years allowing me to develop a friendly, professional relationship with a staff that knows and understands my needs.

I highly recommend Safety Technology to others who want excellent and dependable service at a fair and reasonable price. They will be dealing with professional, dependable people who are dedicated to helping their business succeed.

Bill Cain – Lawrenceville, GA

Safety Technology has given me my life back. After surviving a near fatal car crash 11 years ago my life was changed forever. I suddenly found myself physically limited to what I could do to earn a living.

After struggling to make ends meet for 9 years, I found Safety Technology. I am now once again independent. Selling your products allow me to work at my own pace, pay my own bills and not be dependent on anyone else. I can once again hold my head up knowing I’m supporting myself.

Your high quality products make it easy for me to be proud to sell them. I have never had a return of a faulty product. In fact, I’ve never had a complaint of any kind. Of my repeat customers, many have thanked me for helping them be able to better themselves. I have even had a woman return to tell me how her stun gun saved her life. She purchased two more right then and there for her mother and sister.

Your products let people feel safe, myself include and that is a wonderful feeling.

Cheri Klocek – Harris, MN
Safety Technology was my first safety/security supplier as a new dealer. To be honest, as I signed up with other wholesalers, Safety Technology was pushed to the background and rarely worked with. Eventually, I again relied on Safety Technology for their products.

I am most impressed, with their willingness to receive criticism and suggestions from those who are not members of their own staff. This shows me that Safety Technology truly wishes to have their fingers on the pulse of their dealer’s needs.

They also provide what is needed to not only increase sales, but to further good business relations with a family touch.

Peter Johnson – Tempe, AZ

The customer service that I have received is by far above and beyond anything that I could have imagined. It’s a wonderful feeling when you hold you financial future in your own hands and not somebody else. It’s also nice when you can make your own schedule. Hands down Safety Technology is the best decision I have ever made.

Chris Burdin – West Lafayette, IN

Thanks to all Safety Technology for running such an efficient operation. Your drop-ship service is excellent and in second to none.

The employees at Safety Technology have always been extremely courteous and helpful. The entire staff is to be commended.

Linda Praesel – Montgomery, TX

I have to say from beginning without the knowledge; I can’t think of a better company to start the experience with. I feel you offer some of the best knowledge and power behind the product.

Such a “flowing” company from beginning of the transaction to backing the products 100%. I’ve never felt more comfortable with the stability of a company and dealing with such professionals. Always a willingness to help and work with a person as needed.

Your efforts go above and beyond what I’ve seen with others.

Diana Parsons – Fleming Island, FL

From the first day our firm began ordering from Safety Technology the product selection and superior customer service has been the benchmark we use with all potential suppliers. I can sincerely say that no other firm can come close with product selection, price, and customer service.

Douglas O’Conner – Garden City, NY

Of all my vendors Safety Technology is the only one that ships on time and has a consistency of inventory. The daily specials and communications are second to none. When calling Safety Technology the staff and management always has the answer I need.

Safety Technology was my first vendor in the Self Defense business and if it was not for their product line and commitment to my business we would not be as successful as we are today.

Michael McBee – Riverview, FL

The success of a retail business depends on good vendor relationships and great service delivery. The staff at Safety Technology has proven themselves to be not only dedicated and knowledgeable customer service professionals, but more importantly, solid business partners who can be relied upon.

In comparison with other vendors, Safety Technology has a very high in-stock percentage and practically zero turnover rates within a given year. This makes them among the most reliable vendors that we have worked with. Addo Enterprises would like to say thank you to Mike Gravette for building and maintaining an outstanding company! We look forward to continuing a long and profitable relationship.

William Chibwana – South Nyack, NY

I started in 1998 doing this part time. I now do between $30,000 and $50,000 a month. Dedicated, dependable employees who perform with great accuracy and efficiency are rare. But that’s exactly what you receive with Safety Technology as your drop-ship wholesaler, and without the added cost of personnel.

We have complete trust and confidence in Safety Technology as the leading wholesale supplier/distributor of security, safety and surveillance products. Safety Technology’s profitable high demand products, distribution services, and marketing support tools will help us continue to prosper and grow for years to come.

Walter Norris – Schaumburg, IL

I’ve been selling Safety Technology’s products since 1996. Although scores of vendors provide goods and services, only Safety Technology provides practical suggestions and tips on how to sell better and more efficiently. We consider Safety Technology not only the top pioneer vendor of safety products, but a “hand shake” partner helping you build your business.

Karl Forister – Renton, WA

Dear Mike, I wanted to take a brief moment to thank you and your staff for your comment to quality products and excellent in customer service.

Like a house with a good foundation, you company makes it possible for security retailers to start and grow a successful business by providing the foundation needed. Thank you again.

Chris Rock – Dallas, TX

The reasons we continue to do business with Safety Technology? Its simple- their honesty, integrity, and trust!

Honesty- Safety Technology has NEVER promised me anything that they did not completely follow through on. One time, I had a customer that needed 300 personal alarms, and fast! Safety Tech had them in stock, and was able to get them out that day! Same day shipping really does mean SAME DAY!!!

Integrity-Unlike other vendors that we have had in the past, Safety Technology works with us to foster a mutually beneficial relationship- they don’t just sell us merchandise, they give us the kind of personalized service that you just don’t find these days. They have called us to inform us and prevent fraudulent scams and work with us every day to take care of out personalized needs and ensure that we are satisfied every step of the way.

Trust- When we call Safety Technology, we speak to a human being, not in minutes, but from the moment the phone is answered! We trust Safety Technology because over the years, they have earned it. Through hard work, an understanding of our needs as an online retailer, product knowledge, fairness, and attention to detail, we completely trust that Safety Technology is our partner, not just a vendor.

This incredible partnership has allowed our online business to flourish and my family to prosper- we have made enough money with this “side business” to redesign our website this past year, and have created a savings account for our children’s college education. We are confident that we will continue to have success in the future, and are planning on buying a new car in the coming year- all form profits made online using Safety Technology as our distributor of personal protection and security products.

Ross Reichard – Las Vegas, NV

Safety Technology is by far the most dependable wholesaler in the business.

I started my security business from home in the year 2000 and have never looked back. To prove how helpful Mike Gravette and his staff were to me, I didn’t own, let alone know how to use a computer, before Safety Technology enriched my life.

Mike made setting up my two web sites so easy that even I, a first time computer user, could sell on the internet and generate thousands of dollars in sales each month my first year and over $400,000.00 in total sales to date.

Throughout the years I have had hundreds of conversations with the staff of Safety Technology and they are the most knowledgeable staff in the business. I’ve had conference calls with Safety Technology and camera customers when I wasn’t sure how exactly a hidden camera functioned and 98% of the time the call ended with an order.

Thank You Mike and staff for giving me the opportunity to afford the summer home I’ve always dreamed of. All from a guy who never touched a computer before the year 2000.

Kurt Cameron – Edgewater, NJ

I’ve had a rich and rewarding relationship with Safety Technology since 1991. At that time, I was between jobs. My sales experience coupled with your product line has lead to a freedom and career in developing my own business in security products, including cameras and surveillance equipment that has made a life-long dream and aspiration.

Safety Technology allowed me to start with a shoe-string budget and grow my business one phase at a time. To date, I’ve done over $100,000.00 in sales just with Safety Technology’s products.

Safety Technology also treated my small beginnings with the same care and concern they would a Fortune 500 company even though my company was only a budding home-based business; selling from my kitchen table by direct sales, flyers and catalogs, word of mouth from satisfied customer. I did not have to stock a large inventory because of their wonderful drop ship program.

Its an honor and privilege to recommend Safety Technology and I know that those who follow my lead can look forward to the same rich and rewarding relationship that I’ve enjoyed for the past 18 years.

R. Metcalf – Brooklyn, NY

I had been searching and searching for some products to sell on eBay for quite some time. Just when I thought that I had found a product that I thought would sell, there always seemed to be something about the company that turned me off. Either they didn’t drop ship or they wanted you to pay some kind of membership fee or there was a minimum order requirement.

Then one day while browsing through a magazine I found Safety Technology. They had everything I was looking for, great products at excellent prices, they drop shipped and there was no minimum order fee.

Not only that but they provided beautiful color catalogs that I could send to my customers. I now had a full fledged home business with what seemed like an unlimited supply of products. The next test was to see if I could compete and if people wanted the products. Well let me tell you the first time I listed some of the products on eBay they were selling about as fast as I could list them. Then came the big test. I must admit I was a bit apprehensive about selling a product sight unseen from a company that I had just contacted a few days earlier, not to mention that I would then have to get feedback from these same customers to give my new business credibility. Well not only did I get great feedback about the products but most went out of there way to compliment me on my speedy delivery.

Fredrick Burns – Gardena, CA

I have been buying products from Safety Technology going on 4 years now and have done over $1,500,000.00 in sales.

From day one I have been impressed with the customer service I have received. My orders get processed in a quick and timely manner and if there is a problem with the order I get a phone call the same day to get it resolved.

When I have orders drop shipped I can always count on receiving a tracking number which allows me to provide the number to my clients via email. The few times that I have had billing problems, a simple phone call is all it takes to get a resolution.

Mike is a great guy and his “can-do” attitude is evident in all of his staff. They are always willing to help and always willing to take time to talk with you. The product line and prices allow us to pass on great offers to our clients.

Many companies forget the basics of customer service but not Safety Technology – they provide the same high level of service today as they did 4 years ago. It’s a pleasure doing business with SAFETY TECHNOLOGY and I look forward to a continued relationship.

Chris Dugger – Jacksonville, FL

Setting up an online business through Safety Technology was the best decision we ever made. Beginning as a small start-up hoping to make some extra money, our business very quickly began paying for all our bills. In fact, my wife, Jennifer was able to quit her 9-5 job to help me build this business.

We literally started TBO-TECH in our spare bedroom, which then grew to our garage. The business was taking over our home, so we took a big step; we moved TBO-TECH out of our house and into 2200 square feet of office and warehouse space. We also had to hire someone to help because of the overwhelming amount of orders we receive, we can’t make time to do anything else!

Through the guidance, advice, and wealth of knowledge provided by Mike and his staff, our business has flourished. Since April of 2000, we have grossed nearly $3,000,000.00 in ONLINE sales.

Proudly and successfully, we are entering our sixth year of being in business, and we can still count on Mike to be there if we need anything. We owe a lot of our success to Mike and Safety Technology. We appreciate the courtesy and professionalism we receive from the staff.

TBO-TECH Self Defense Products is our way of life, our living, and again, it’s the best thing we have ever done.

Steve and Jennifer Thibeault – Bonita Springs, FL

We are taking the opportunity to say our company has done business with Safety Technology since 1999. I just had to tell you that I am extremely pleased with your products. I have been selling Safety Technology products for about six years now and have had nothing but excellent results.

There are 5 compelling reasons we do business with Safety Technology:
1) Safety Technology is a direct source for security products.
2) Safety Technology offers a high profit margin on items.
3) The variety of security devices Safety Technology sell is extensive.
4) The products sell themselves. Attractive, informative packaging with guaranteed quality, sure to generate repeat business and word of mouth advertising.
5) Faithful, efficient, complete and excellent service with well-trained, knowledgeable and motivated staff.

Ashley Maynard – St.Croix, VI

In 1989 my sister’s daughter was raped and beaten in a parking lot. I looked around to see if there were programs being offered to teach people what to do in a crisis situation but I couldn’t find any.

I contacted the Rape Crisis Center and the police department to get information of what people can do to make themselves safer. Based on this information, I developed a seminar on crime awareness.

As luck would have it, I had a friend who was aware of Safety Technology. I called and started ordering products in 1992.

I would explain how to use the products in my seminars and tell them they could buy them if they wanted at the end of the seminar…and, boy did they.

That was 17 years ago and I’ve been making a good living in excess of $60,000.00 a year for the last few years. My only regret is that this information and these products weren’t available for my niece. If they had been, maybe she wouldn’t have been raped.

Guy Blaising – St. Joseph, MO