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Drop Shopping Information

QUESTION: Do you drop ship?

ANSWER: Yes, we do.

QUESTION: What is drop shipping?

ANSWER: Drop shipping is when we ship directly to your customer for you and put your name and address on the shipping label. This way, you never have to stock any product. Your customer won’t know we even exist. When you receive an order you forward it to us for fulfillment. We will ship the product directly from our warehouse to your customer, and charge you only the wholesale price of the shipped product. Your profit is the difference between what your customer pays you and you pay us.

QUESTION: What are your drop shipping fees?

ANSWER: NO drop shipping fees.

QUESTION: How is shipping figured?

ANSWER: We ship both UPS and USPS. Either you or your customer will choose the shipping method. Shipping is based on weight and destination. We use the published UPS or USPS rates (you can get from their websites or if you have us build you a website, it calculated automatically) and add $1.00 per order for packing materials, boxes, etc.

QUESTION: How do I become an Authorized Dealer?

ANSWER: Please click here for more information on becoming an Authorized Dealer and the options available.

QUESTION: Is there a minimum order?

ANSWER: No, there is no minimum order. Other companies will charge a handling fee if your order is not above $100. We don’t!

QUESTION: Are there any fees to do business with Safety Technology?

ANSWER: NO! We are a true wholesaler and have been for 34 years.

QUESTION: How long does it take to receive an order?

ANSWER: We try to ship the same day we receive the order. We ship either UPS or USPS. Below is a chart to give you an idea of how long it will take to arrive to you or your customer if shipped by UPS.

QUESTION: If I want to sell on the Internet, will you build a website for me?

ANSWER: Yes. More info on the website here. You will find the information you need.

QUESTION: If you build a website for me, can you help me get a merchant account?

ANSWER: Yes. We offer use of our merchant account for only $25 a month. If you use this, we process all orders for you automatically. You can focus on marketing your website.

QUESTION: What are the benefits of drop shipping?

ANSWER: The drop shipping model has a number of advantages:

    • Less investment needed: With drop shipping, you don’t need to invest thousands of dollars in inventory. Instead, you only order what you need to fulfill an order.
    • Wider Product Selection: Because you don’t need to spend a lot of money to stock products, you can offer more products to your customers.
    • Reduced Risk: Because you don’t need to invest a lot of money in products, if you change your mind about being in this business, you’re not stuck with a lot of inventory.
    • Work From Anywhere: Because you are not stocking or shipping products, you can work from anywhere there is Internet connection.
    • Highly Scalable: Once again, since you are not stocking products, you can grow your business quickly because you can offer as many products as you want.


    QUESTION: What kind of profit percentage will I make drop shipping?

    ANSWER: Since Safety Technology does not have a minimum order requirement, your profit is the same as anyone else. The percentage of profit will vary from product to product, but the average is around 40%. You will have access to the wholesale prices after you fill out the dealer application.

    QUESTION: Do we provide customer service and/or talk with my customers?

    ANSWER: Drop shippers generally do not provide customer support for your customers. However, since we have so many products and can’t expect you to be an expert on all of them, we will answer any questions your customer may have. Put a help ticket in with the question and we will answer it for you. We will also speak directly to your customer on your behalf for situations when an email from you won’t do. For instance, maybe they need help installing a camera. You let us know, give us your customer’s phone number and best time to call and we will call, representing you, and help your customer. This is exceptional service not offered by most dropshippers.

    QUESTION: How do I submit orders to Safety Technology?

    ANSWER: We have a custom wholesale ordering site. You will have your own login and customer ID. You login and place your orders, submit and we receive it. You can do this 24 hours a day.

    QUESTION: How do I get tracking information for orders?

    ANSWER: You will be emailed the UPS or USPS tracking information.

    QUESTION: How do I pay Safety Technology?

    ANSWER: You can pay with Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express credit cards. Debit cards are accepted also. PayPal is another payment option.

    QUESTION: Who pays for the shipping costs on orders?

    ANSWER: For the most part, your customer will pay the shipping cost. You then pay us to ship the item. If you have us build you a website, the amount of shipping you will pay is the same as the customer pays you. This happens because the shopping cart that comes with the website is synced with the published UPS and USPS shipping rates.

    QUESTION: Do orders appear like they came directly from me?

    ANSWER: Yes! This is one of the great things about our drop shipping model. The label on the package will have your information, not ours.

    QUESTION: How do returns from customers work?

    ANSWER: Most drop shipping companies will have restrictions on what can and can’t be returned. So you’ll need to make sure you clearly communicate (both before the purchase AND before accepting the return from the customer) that it meets these criteria. Most suppliers will issue you a RA (Return Authorization) number. This unique number will identify the return in their system. Once received, simply pass along this RA number along with the address of the warehouse to your customer. Once the supplier receives the return, they should send you a notification along with a credit invoice showing that they’ve credited you for the item. Then, you in turn refund the customer who purchased from your store. We’re sorry, but we cannot accept pepper sprays as returns.

    QUESTION: Does Safety Technology drop ship ship internationally?

    ANSWER: We do dropship to other countries, but because of the nature of some of our products, we are not able to drop ship all of our products. For instance, pepper spray and stun guns are classified as weapons by our government so it takes a few weeks to get the paperwork in order to ship. You also need to consider the laws of the country you are shipping to. Our products are not legal in all countries. You also need to consider issues with returns and fraud. If an international customer receives a defective product, getting them a replacement will be significantly more expensive. And the instances of fraud and abuse increase with shipments to other countries.

    While it’s possible to sell drop shipped items in a number of ways, creating your own eCommerce site offers the best chance of building a scalable, profitable and successful business in the long run.