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Lil Guy Stun gun

Manufacturer and Dropshipper

We are proud to sell the unique Lil Guy stun guns wholesale to our Authorized Dealers. Stun guns are one of the most creative inventions in non-lethal self-defense. A good stun gun delivers millions of volts guaranteed to drive away virtually any attacker quickly and safely – all in a package small enough to hold in your hand easily. You can sell them to your customers with confidence and pride.

  • 3 ½” x 1” x ½”
  • 4.4 milliamps
  • LED flashlight
  • wrist strap
  • highest quality aircraft aluminum
  • available in 5 colors
  • quick charging mini-USB port
  • 60,000,000 Volts

Li’l Guy Stun Guns for the Masses

As a retailer in the personal safety industry, you already know that many people are concerned about their safety and are either unable to carry firearms or have no desire. That’s the advantage of the stun gun. A Li’l Guy stun gun gives your customers every opportunity to defend themselves during close encounters in a way that is safe for them and non-lethal for their attackers.

Stun guns are self-defense weapons for the masses. They are compact, easy to use, and effective at deterring those who seek to harm others. Best of all, the stun guns made by Li’l Guy are small enough to carry in a pocket or purse. They are no bigger than a portable MP3 player or a moderately sized cell phone.

Despite their relatively small size, Li’l Guy stun guns pack a powerful punch. Take the Stun Master Purple Stun Gun and Flashlight as an example. Just the touch of a button delivers 60,000,000 volts of attack-deterring electricity. Its accessory flashlight is an extra feature that comes in handy more often than people know.

Wholesale Lil Guy Stun Guns for You

How do you get started as a stun gun retailer? By purchasing wholesale Li’l Guy stun guns from Safety Technology. With more than two decades of experience under our belts, we are a wholesale provider you can rely on for quality products, competitive pricing, and helpful customer service. We are here to help you succeed as a dealer or retailer.

Buying wholesale Lil Guy stun guns sets you up to profit from a product people want. Our wholesale prices are low enough for you to apply a decent markup to cover your expenses and profit without pricing yourself out of business. And as you know, pricing is a big part of doing well in retail.

You can base your retail strategy on volume or margin, whichever you prefer. You can combine our Lil Guy stun guns with other personal safety products to create exciting bundled packages. You can make stun guns the core of your retail operation if you want to. Our priority is to support you with great products and pricing regardless of how you build your business.

How to Market Wholesale Lil Guy Stun Guns

To sell Lil Guy stun guns to your customers, they must first know you carry them. It is all about marketing. You want to not only inform customers of the stun guns in your inventory, but you also want to educate them as to why this is a product they need.

An excellent way to market stun guns is to address the topic of personal safety. Don’t we all want to feel safe while out in public? Absolutely. And one of the best ways to feel safe is to know you have a means by which you can protect yourself. That is how you market stun guns.

You find ways to reach your customers with the message that a means of self-defense equals peace of mind. You help them understand that being able to defend themselves will give them an added measure of confidence whenever they leave the house. And then you talk about self-defense at home, too. A Lil Guy stun gun is an effective means of self-defense regardless of where your customers happen to be at any point in time.

Sell the Entire Lil Guy Inventory

Once your customers understand the benefits of owning a Lil Guy stun gun for self-defense, they will need to know exactly what products you carry. We encourage you to offer everything we have. We offer wholesale pricing on nine different Li’l Guy Stun Master stun guns and a selection of seven leather holsters in an assortment of colors.

Why sell the entire Lil Guy inventory? Because retail customers love choices. The more choices you offer, the broader the appeal of your stun gun inventory. If you are worried about having to stock so many options, there is another way to sell Lil Guy stun guns without filling a warehouse. It’s called dropshipping.

Dropship Lil Guy Stun Guns

Dropshipping has taken off now that e-commerce has finally reached maturity. Many dealers with Safety Technology sell our products through the drop ship method. They enjoy all the benefits of a robust retail business without the hassles of maintaining inventory, renting storage space, filling orders, and shipping.

How does dropshipping work? Dropshipping, in effect, creates a partnership between you and Safety Technology. We act as your wholesaler, supplier, stockist, and the shipper. And because you don’t have to worry about the physical side of getting products into the hands of your customers, you can concentrate your efforts on e-commerce and marketing.

You would sell Li’l Guy stun guns by marketing them online. You could do this through a website you get from us or one you build on your own. You can also sell through e-commerce platforms or websites like Amazon and eBay. Where you sell is entirely up to you. When you get an order, here’s what happens:

Your customer provides shipping information and makes payment through whatever means you have set up.

You log in to your Safety Technology account, order the product from us, and provide the customer shipping information.

We package and ship the product directly to your customer using packaging that bears your name.

That’s all there is to it. We take care of order fulfillment so that you don’t have to. You make money by charging retail prices, whereas you pay us wholesale prices.

Other Ways to Sell Lil Guy Stun Guns

While Safety Technology is very much behind the dropshipping business model, we are not married to it as the only way of doing business. There are many other ways you can sell Li’l Guy stun guns. For example, you can buy them in bulk to sell at home parties. As your business grows, you can work with others to create a network of home parties focusing on personal safety and security.

Another way to sell is to shop at a local flea market. This model is prevalent in the South and Southwest, where favorable weather keeps outdoor flea markets going all year. The flea market is a terrific way to reach thousands of customers who go shopping to spend. Furthermore, flea market spaces are much more affordable than mall leases and retail storefronts.

If you are inclined, you can sell Lil Guy stun guns in a traditional retail setting alongside a complete inventory of personal safety items. You could sell stun guns, Tasers, personal alarms, hidden spy cams, GPS tracking devices, and more.

Buy Lil Guy Stun Guns in Bulk

The key to making it as a traditional dealer – instead of dropshipping – is buying Lil Guy stun guns in bulk. Why in bulk? Because bulk pricing is wholesale pricing. You spend less per unit, giving you more room to profit with your market. Buying in bulk guarantees you enough stock to meet customer demands throughout the year.

The tricky part about buying in bulk is knowing how much of each item to keep in stock at any given time. You’ll figure it out as your business evolves. You will come to understand consumer trends, seasonal influences, and other things that determine what people buy and when. In the meantime, do not hesitate to ask us for advice. Remember that we want you to succeed as a dealer. We want your retail business to boom.

Start Your Own Stun Gun Business

Retailers with established businesses understand everything they have read here. We’re here to help you establish your stun gun business featuring the Lil Guy brand if you are starting. Stun guns are great non-lethal self-defense weapons that people both need and want. We can promise you this: the demand is there. It is a simple matter of finding your market niche and exploiting it.

We invite you to buy your wholesale stun guns through Safety Technology. They can be the foundation of a successful business you build over time. Our competitive wholesale prices and unparalleled customer service offer you everything you need to become a personal safety dealer or retailer. The sooner you start, the sooner you can begin growing your business.