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Wholesale Talon Stun gun

Talon Stun Guns - Wholesale Price as low as $8.50
Talon Stun Gun

Dropshipper and Manufacturer

We’ve heard stun guns characterized as safety in your hands. Now you can provide Talon stun guns to your customers because of our low wholesale prices. an incredible self-defense weapon that generates enough non-lethal stopping power to prevent an aggressor from continuing an attack. As a seller of personal safety products, you owe it to your business and your customers to start selling the Talon stun gun.


  • 4.7 milliamps
  • Measurers 3 ¼” x 3 1/8” x 1”
  • Rechargeable
  • 75,000,000 Volts


  • Nylon Belt Loop Holster
  • Rubberized Coating
  • Activate With The Palm Of Your Hand
  • Built-in LED 120 Lumen Flashlight

About the Talon Stun Gun

There is a lot to know about this state-of-the-art self-defense weapon. First and foremost is this: it packs a jaw-dropping 75 million volts of raw stopping power. That is enough electricity to temporarily incapacitate an aggressor long enough for the victim to escape. It is not enough power to cause permanent injury or death. That is what makes the whole stun gun concept so brilliant.

The next thing to note is that the Talon stun gun has a built-in LED lamp capable of producing 120 lumens of brilliant light. Your customers can use it as a flashlight or as another way to temporarily disable an aggressor. Trust us when we say that no one wants 120 lumens shining directly into their eyes.

The Talon stun gun is designed to fit nicely around the knuckles for maximum contact when needed. The trigger has been placed in a natural and comfortable position for easy deployment and effortless concealment. All in all, the design of the Talon stun gun is brilliant. We offer this item in both black and pink for the convenience of your customers.

Buy Talon Stun Guns at Wholesale Prices

Has our description of the Talon stun gun convinced you to buy it? If so, you can buy it at wholesale prices from Safety Technology. We are not a retail dealer, we are a wholesaler supplying high-quality, low-priced personal safety products to dealers just like you. We want to be your only wholesaler for everything from stun guns to surveillance cameras and survival gear.

Stun guns are excellent products to add to your personal safety inventory. They are legal to own and sell, without restriction, in more than 40 states. Moreover, people want them. We sell the Talon stun gun because it is an item that consumers will buy if given the opportunity to do so. All they need is someone to make the product available and explain all the benefits of owning one.

As for our wholesale prices, they are low enough to allow you plenty of room for a healthy markup. And remember this: the difference between your markup and our wholesale price is your net profit. Your gross profit is determined by subtracting your expenses from the net.

Make Good Money Selling Talon Stun Guns

It’s nice to know that our wholesale pricing leaves you plenty of room for markup, but can you really make money selling Talon stun guns? Absolutely. Safety Technology has been in the personal safety business for decades. During that time, we have helped untold numbers of dealers and retailers establish their own personal safety businesses featuring stun guns as a core product.

We know these products sell because we sell a ton of them to our dealers. If our dealers were not selling them, we wouldn’t be selling them either. It is as simple as that. The fact is that the demand for non-lethal self-defense is there, and it’s growing with every passing quarter. People want the opportunity to protect themselves against aggressors in non-lethal ways. The Talon stun gun is a product that does just that.

How much money you can make is entirely up to you. As with any small business, your revenues will be largely determined by the amount of time and effort you put into your business. But know this: Safety Technology is here to support you in any way we can. We want you to succeed as a dealer of personal safety products.

Start by Selling the Talon Online

We understand that to become a successful dealer requires starting somewhere. We also realize you may not have tens of thousands of dollars to invest in stocking a store. No worries. We make it easy for you to start selling the Talon online through our dropshipping program.

What is dropshipping? It is a business model in which you and Safety Technology work together to get products into the hands of your customers. We stock the products for you while you concentrate your efforts on sales and marketing. An order placed by your customer prompts you to login to your Safety Technology account and place the same order with us. You provide the shipping information so that we can pack and ship the order to your customer. To top it all off, your name is on the packaging, not ours.

As you can see, dropshipping makes it possible for you to start your own personal safety retail operation without a large investment in overhead. Your biggest investment will be the time you spend marketing and selling.

You can sell the Talon stun gun online in other ways as well. Whether separate from dropshipping or in combination thereof, you can create your own website complete with an e-commerce shopping cart. We can create a website for you if you’d like. A dedicated website becomes your online store where you can feature all sorts of personal safety products, including the Talon stun gun.

Finally, you can sell on retail sites like Amazon and eBay. The possibilities are almost endless.

Sell the Talon Stun Guns at Gun Shows

A lot of our dealers like to supplement their online sales by selling the Talon stun gun at local gun shows. The typical gun show is a logical place for stun guns given the fact that self-defense is the main theme. People browsing firearms and ammunition are very likely to stop and give stun guns a good look. Some will even buy.

Hand-in-hand with gun shows are self-defense exhibitions and trade shows. These kinds of events are typically filled with vendors that show organizers have solicited to demonstrate their wares. Vendors give such events more drawing power and a certain level of legitimacy.

Like gun shows, self-defense exhibitions draw people who are already thinking about ways they can protect themselves. Offering them Talon stun guns is a natural. What better way is there to introduce someone to non-lethal self-defense than showcasing an effective and affordable stun gun?
Stun Guns and Home Parties

We are still not done talking about all the ways you can sell Talon stun guns. For example, think about the home party. The concept of home parties was established decades ago when homemakers set about earning some extra cash by holding parties featuring food storage containers or cosmetics and health and beauty items. It is a great concept because it works.

You can do the exact same thing by holding a home party focusing on self-defense and personal safety. Once you become a Safety Technology dealer, you will have access to our full-color catalog. Just take that catalog to your home party and let it do its thing. Talon stun guns and our other items will sell themselves.

Don’t Forget Flea Markets and Pop-Ups

Rounding out our list of ways to sell Talon stun guns are flea markets and pop-up stores. Beginning with flea markets, do you know why they are so attractive to so many vendors? Because visitors do more than just browse. They spend. Flea market visitors go to their favorite markets looking for a deal. Offer them one they can’t resist and they’ll buy what you’re selling. Suffice it to say they will buy the Talon stun gun.

The pop-up store is a lot like the flea market except that it’s only temporary. Pop-up stores have recently become a hot item in retail, so you might find your personal safety business does very well in this kind of environment. Just focus on the right kinds of locations that guarantee heavy foot traffic for the entire time you plan for your pop-up store to be open.

Being in Business for Yourself

Now that you know enough about Talon stun guns to get you started, let us talk business. We are offering more than a moneymaking opportunity here. We’re offering you the opportunity to go into business for yourself, selling Talon stun guns and other personal safety products from Safety Technology.

As a business owner, you have every opportunity to take full control over your income and your future. You will be able to build a business that you can be proud of; a business you can sell or pass on to family members when you’re ready to retire. How does that sound?

If you are ready to start your own personal safety business, Talon stun guns are good product to begin with. Just fill out our dealer application and submit it to get started. Approval as a Safety Technology dealer will give you instant access to our catalog, price list, product descriptions, pictures, and more. You’ll have everything you need to start selling online or in person.