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Fake Security Cameras Wholesale

Solar Powered Dummy Camera with Motion Activated Flashing LED

Fake security camera

Surveillance cameras have become more popular both at home and in retail settings. The general assumption is that cameras deter criminal activity by giving would-be criminals enough reason to worry. We sell Fake security cameras because we know some individuals and businesses want the deterrent effect of surveillance cameras without the material expense of investing in the real thing. We encourage you to begin selling dummy cameras alongside other Safety Technology products.

Statistics justify Dummy Cameras.

There has been an ongoing debate over whether the installation of surveillance cameras deters crime. In almost all the studies that say they don’t, no distinction is drawn between deterrence and displacement. Furthermore, studies critical of surveillance cameras generally point to no reduction in overall crime rates rather than looking at specific kinds of crimes and where they take place.

On the other hand, studies showing the positive effects of surveillance cameras are more specific in what they look at. For example, statistics show that while surveillance cameras may not lead to an overall reduction in property crimes, they do lead to the displacement of those crimes. In other words, criminals avoid surveillance cameras by looking for softer targets where no cameras are present.

Research data also shows that the volume of property crimes decreases in and around areas where surveillance cameras are installed. So yes, the data does justify installing cameras to protect your property against burglary and theft. That same data explains the use of dummy cameras since criminals have no way of knowing whether a camera they see mounted on the wall is real or not.

Criminals Don’t like Evidence

The main impetus behind deploying dummy cameras is a simple fact that criminals do not like evidence. Criminals are, by and large, cowards looking to do what they do without anyone finding out about it. If there is any chance a camera mounted on the wall is recording activity in the area, a criminal who spots it is more likely to consider leaving the premises rather than taking the risk of being caught.

A real camera records the footage that can be used for investigative and prosecutorial purposes. Criminals know this. What they do not know is whether that camera they believe is watching them is genuine. Your average criminal is not willing to take the chance. There are far too many other targets to choose from.

Dummy cameras create the illusion of being monitored. Remember that criminals operate at a heightened state of sensitivity due to the anxiety and fear that comes with committing crimes. Your average criminal will not make an effort to determine whether a camera is real. He or she will see that dummy camera, assume it is the real deal, and then act accordingly.

Who Buys Dummy Cameras

We are happy to say there is quite a substantial market for dummy cameras. As a Safety Technology dealer, your target audience is divided up into three primary groups:

  • Retail Operators – Retail shop owners are solid candidates for dummy cameras. They want to protect their operations as much as possible, yet they may not want to invest in a monthly security system with surveillance. Dummy cameras can provide that extra measure of security they need.
  • Homeowners – The home security industry has enjoyed significant growth over the last 5 to 10 years. As homeowners realize they need to be more proactive about their security, items like dummy cameras have been flying off the shelves.
  • Commercial Property Owners – Like homeowners, commercial property owners use security equipment more frequently. Some rely exclusively on dummy cameras to create the illusion of monitoring; others combine real surveillance cameras with their dummy alternatives to create the illusion of complete surveillance across the entire property.

Your main goal as a dealer is to communicate with potential buyers about how dummy cameras can help to deter crime. You can do this through face-to-face conversations, social media posts, blog posts, informational articles, and printed literature.

Our job as your wholesale provider is to give you a good selection of dummy cameras to meet your customers’ needs. We believe we have done just that, as evidenced by our inventory.

We Sell Dummy Cameras at Wholesale

Our current inventory of dummy cameras features several different models useful in retail, commercial, or residential settings. For example, we carry two distinct dome models that look identical to the genuine cameras you might see in a department store. There is no way a criminal could tell that either one of these cameras isn’t real.

Note that all our dummy cameras are available to you at wholesale prices. You buy from us at wholesale, add your own markup to cover your costs and generate a profit, and then sell the products to your customers at retail. How and where you sell them is entirely up to you.

As your wholesaler, it is neither our desire nor our responsibility to dictate how you run your business. We are here only to help and support you in your efforts as a dealer. One of the ways we do that is by remaining committed to keeping our wholesale prices as low as possible so that you can be competitive.

If you are new to the retail game, please familiarize yourself with wholesale and retail pricing. The price you pay us for any given product is its wholesale price. The price you sell it at is the retail price. The difference between the two is your gross profit. Net profit is determined by deducting all your expenses from your awful.

Why is this important? Because you need to mark up the wholesale price high enough to cover your costs and make a profit. Yet you do not want to make it so high that you are not competitive. You have to find that sweet spot that makes doing business profitably without inhibiting your ability to sell.

Where to Sell Dummy Cameras

Dummy cameras are impulse products that are relatively easy to sell when people can see and handle them. As such, we recommend selling them by some means of in-person sales. For example, you might buy a small amount of stock you can take to residential and retail security shows around your state. Such exhibitions are great venues for finding customers.

If you live in an area where flea markets are prevalent, they are another great venue. Flea markets are high-traffic environments where it is possible to find just about anything. A well-designed display should attract customers to your booth; an engaging conversation with you could help seal the deal.

We do have dealers that operate full-scale retail operations out of local storefronts. Dummy cameras are sold alongside real cameras, alarm systems, and so forth.

We understand that not every Safety Technology dealer has the wherewithal to sell in person. We are okay with that. You can also sell our products online. Dummy cameras can be listed on retail and auction sites (think eBay, Amazon, etc.) or promoted via online classifieds.

You can sell dummy cameras on your own website as well. Whether you build the site on your own or have Safety Technology do it for you, a dedicated website acts like an online storefront. You can stock dummy cameras alongside all the rest of our products.

We Dropship Dummy Cameras

Are you interested in becoming a Safety Technology dealer but do not have the cash to invest in thousands of dollars of inventory? No worries. Safety Technology dropships dummy cameras along with every other product in our stock. As your drop shipper, we will handle your orders without charging any extra fees for doing so.

Dropshipping is a terrific way to get started as a safety and self-defense dealer without renting a storefront or stocking a warehouse. The dropshipping model is essentially a turn-key business just waiting to get started. You sell in whatever way you see fit; you leave shipping and handling to us.

For the record, we are the biggest drop shipper in our industry. We give our dealers great wholesale prices, unparalleled customer support, and a range of marketing materials that make dropshipping as easy as possible. You will have access to it when you sign up as a Safety Technology dealer.

Start Selling Dummy Cameras Today

After more than 25 years in this business, we know what sells. We sell dummy cameras at wholesale prices because we know retail customers will buy them. So, what do you say? Are you ready to make money selling dummy cameras?

Take a look at our dummy camera inventory and see what you think. And while you’re here, look at our other product categories. We believe we have enough to offer anyone who wants to start a retail business in safety and self-defense. That could be you.s