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Wholesale Mace 10% Pepper Gard

Flip & Grip Pepper Spray

Become our Authorized Dealer and buy the Mace Pepper Gard at wholesale. When people see the Mace name, they instantly think of a high-grade self-defense spray designed to incapacitate attackers. That is what Mace 10% Pepper Gard is intended to do. This high-quality product contains 10% Oleoresin Capsicum pepper that will stop any attacker in his or her tracks.

Your Market for Mace 10% Pepper Gard

As a retailer, success relies on understanding your market. We are happy to tell you that the market for Mace 10% Pepper Gard is already out there and waiting to be tapped. We know because we have been in business for more than 20 years. Safety Technology and our many dealers sell tons of this stuff all over the country. Your market likely consists of middle-aged homeowners looking for a safe, non-lethal self-defense weapon they can keep on hand. It consists of single moms and university students, postal workers and delivery drivers, security officers, and more. Virtually anyone who believes in the value of non-lethal self-defense is a potential candidate for purchasing Mace 10% Pepper Gard. Our job is to be your wholesale distributor of Mace brand products and other personal safety items; your job is to take these products to the public. Trust us when we say it is not hard to do. We live in a society that has an ever-growing appetite for non-lethal self-defense and personal security. It only takes one look at Mace 10% Pepper Gard to encourage most people to at least think about buying.

If You Sell, They Will Buy

Among the many reasons we are confident in your ability to sell Mace 10% Pepper Gard is the fact that we sell so much of it to dealers. If there were no demand for it, our dealers wouldn’t buy so much. The fact that they do is evidence that their customers want it. In short, customers will buy if you sell it. You just need to take it to where they are. One suggestion is your local flea market. Safety Technology offers a complete flea market package containing dozens of products we know do very well at flea markets. You get the entire package at a discounted price that makes turning a profit even easier. The thing about flea markets is that they generate a tremendous amount of traffic. What’s more, the customers who visit flea markets are usually not casual shoppers. They come already planning to buy. That means the hard work is already done. You just have to introduce them to Mace 10% Pepper Gard. Set up your flea market space with a full range of products from Safety Technology. Engage your customers as they walk by, striking up a discussion about non-lethal self-defense. If you are easy to talk to and you can answer their questions, customers will be more than willing to spend a few minutes looking at what you have.

Other Places to Sell Mace 10% Pepper Gard

Flea markets are just the start. We also encourage you to check out local events in your community. We are talking self-defense demonstrations, art shows, music festivals, block parties, food festivals, and any other kind of event that tends to attract big crowds. These kinds of events are great venues for selling non-lethal self-defense products like Mace 10% Pepper Gard. Event organizers are always looking for vendors willing to set up shop, and a lot of people who visit these events do so because they want exposure to the vendors. It is a win-win for everyone. Moving on, gun shows are another great venue. Gun shows feature hundreds of vendors brought together by the event organizer in a single location. These are events capable of attracting large numbers of people with self-defense mindset. It is just the kind of environment you need to move personal safety items, including Mace 10% Pepper Gard.

You Don’t Have to Be a Master Salesperson

Don’t be afraid that you lack what it takes to sell personal safety and self-defense in a setting like a gun show or flea market. You don’t have to be a master salesperson to succeed. Why? Because these products virtually sell themselves. You really don’t have to convince people of the need to defend themselves against attackers. Listen, all your potential customers read the news. They all see viral videos. They know full well that we live in an increasingly dangerous world where attackers can come from just about anywhere. All you need to do is present them with the opportunity to purchase an affordable, non-lethal self-defense weapon they can carry with them wherever they go. Furthermore, the Mace brand is the first name in self-defense sprays. The brand is so common that it has become a generic name for self-defense sprays of all kinds. So once your customers see the Mace name on the packaging, they will know they are looking at a top product. To help make sales easier, we carry six different Mace 10% Pepper Gard items. You can sell all six or just choose two or three you believe will be especially effective among your target audience. It is really up to you. Whatever you do, we encourage you not to stop at this one product. We have hundreds of products covering everything from pepper sprays to alarm systems to hidden cameras and survival gear.

Dropship Mace 10% Pepper Gard

We also want you to know that stocking Mace 10% Pepper Gard and our other products for sale at gun shows, flea markets, etc. is not the only way to go about this. Safety Technology also offers a dropshipping service ideal for selling online. With dropshipping, you do not need to invest hundreds or thousands of dollars in stock. We will hold on to the stock until your customers order. Then we will ship directly to them on your behalf. Dropshipping offers you a way to start your own personal safety business without a big investment in overhead. You don’t have to pay for stock or storage space because products go directly from our warehouse to your customers. You don’t have to invest in shipping supplies either. We handle shipping for you. Just provide us with customer information and leave the rest to us.

The Advantages of Dropshipping Mace 10% Pepper Gard

We would never attempt to discourage you from selling Mace 10% Pepper Gard in a traditional face-to-face retail setting. But there are definite advantages to the dropshipping model. We have already discussed stocking, overhead and shipping; here are a few more advantages:
  • Easy Online Sales – Dropshipping makes selling personal safety items online as easy as possible. Our dropshipping dealers are free to invest all their time and resources in building and maintaining an online store without having to worry about stock and shipping.
  • Greater Control – Utilizing our dropshipping service gives you greater control over what you sell, and when you sell it. Because you are not having to stock items yourself, you can add and remove products at will. You can quickly respond to seasonal changes, customer demand, etc.
  • Great Pricing – Safety Technology offers our dropshipping customers low wholesale prices with no extra fees attached. You only pay the price of the product plus shipping and packaging. The difference between what you pay and what your customer pays constitutes your profit.
  • Full Support – We are not in the habit of signing up dealers and then leaving them on their own. When you dropship with Safety Technology, you get our full support.
You can start out as a dropshipper just to get your feet wet. If you’d like, you can combine both in-person sales and dropshipping to maximize revenues. Your ability to sell our products is only limited by your access to customers. The more sales venues you can get involved in, the greater your sales will be.

Start Selling Mace 10% Pepper Gard Right Away

Hopefully we have provided enough information to convince you that selling Mace 10% Pepper Gard is a wise money-making move. When you combine this product with the hundreds of other products in our inventory, you have access to everything you need for a complete personal safety and self-defense store. Are you ready to get started? If so, we invite you to complete and submit our online dealer application. If there are no hitches in the application process, you will be ready to start selling Mace 10% Pepper Gard within 24 to 48 hours. Approval as a Safety Technology dealer gives you access to our product list, wholesale pricing, print- and web-ready graphics, and more. And of course, you will get the full assistance of the Safety Technology customer service team. One more thing we would like to mention: if you want to sell online but you’re not web savvy, we can build a high-performance website for you. This is a website that is built on one of our already proven designs. It will be your e-commerce storefront capable of reaching customers all over the country. Are you ready to make money? Then start selling Mace 10% Pepper Gard as a Safety Technology Authorized Dealer.