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Safety Technology has been a Master Distributor for Mace for over 20 years. Mace gives us great pricing on the Mace Pepper Foam spray so we can wholesale to you at great prices.

Our inventory of pepper spray products includes the Mace® brand for obvious reasons. Mace is the company that got it all started with the very first self-defense spray developed back in the 1960s. Including Mace 10% pepper foam on your list of products can only help your business.

A Little Bit about the Mace Brand

When the original self-defense spray developed by Mace was introduced some 50 years ago, the formula was drastically different than what is used today. Through several decades, ownership changes, and reformulations, Mace remains the industry leader by which other products are measured.

Their 10% pepper foam product contains 10% oleoresin capsicum pepper combined with other ingredients to make a foam. The natural human reaction to a face full of foam is to attempt to wipe it away. That only makes matters worse, as explained below. Needless to say, 10% pepper foam is an excellent self-defense product anybody can carry safely and effectively.

How Mace 10% Pepper Foam Works

A pepper foam works on the same basic principle as a spray or gel but with an interesting twist: when an attacker’s face is covered with foam it instantly triggers a reaction: the attacker attempts to wipe the foam. Unfortunately, he or she only succeeds in working the pepper into the skin. This causes pain and inflammation of the mucous membranes and eyes. The more the attacker wipes, the worse it gets.

The beauty of a foam product is that it can be used without pinpoint accuracy. A shot landing anywhere on the face will be enough to cause an attacker to wipe it away – and the misery begins. Fighting the pepper foam will only exacerbate the discomfort.

A Product People Want

Now that you know a little bit about Mace 10% pepper foam, let us talk about its potential as a retail product. We can safely say that this is one pepper spray product people want. Remember that pepper sprays, gels, and foams are all about non-lethal self-defense. People who buy them are looking for an effective but easy-to-use solution to a somewhat scary problem.

When people think about foam products, they generally think about things like shaving cream and hair mousse. They know from experience how a foaming product increases on application. They immediately understand how devastating Mace 10% pepper foam can be because they already know how foam products work.

It doesn’t hurt that Mace marketing executives have put some very compelling images on their packaging. They show an attacker with a Mace covered face and leave the rest of the imagination of the customer. Well, guess what? The packaging works. People see it and they are intrigued.

To put it mildly, Mace 10% pepper foam is a product that people want. They only have to be introduced to it to be encouraged to purchase. That means your biggest job as a self-defense retailer is to introduce your customers to this awesome product. Put it in their hands; let them read the packaging; answer their questions. You will make sales.

Sell Mace 10% Pepper Foam Virtually Anywhere

The market for non-lethal self-defense is wide open right now. Introducing Mace 10% pepper foam to your customers is pretty easy as a result. Practically speaking, you can sell this product virtually anywhere pepper spray and other self-defense products are sold. If you can sell pepper spray in general, you can sell Mace 10% pepper foam.

A good place to start is the home party circuit. Selling at home parties is an effective way to get right into it without having to worry about stocking hundreds of dollars’ worth of products at home. Just download the catalog for circulation, then take advantage of our dropshipping program to fill your orders.

Conducting a home party is easy. Start by inviting friends and family members over for a self-defense demonstration and a look at some new products. The demonstration can be anything from a DVD to a live demonstration conducted by a friend. Afterward, pass around the catalog to start collecting orders.

One successful home party will lead to another. It will not take long before word-of-mouth begins to increase your customer base and your sales. Then you can branch out into other forms of selling: online, at flea markets, via gun shows, etc.

Dropshipping Mace 10% Pepper Foam

We realize you may not be familiar with the dropshipping method of doing business. We certainly don’t want that to inhibit your desire to start selling personal safety and self-defense items at home parties, so we will explain how it works.

Safety Technology operates as both a wholesaler and dropshipper. In terms of the latter, we take care of stocking and shipping all products for our dealers who choose the dropship business model. As a dealer, you would open your own store of sorts by selling in whatever way you see fit. Safety Technology is the store you shop at.

When a customer orders from you, you login to your Safety Technology account and order the same products from our wholesale store. You will pay less than what you charge the customer, allowing you to cover your expenses and make some money. We handle all the shipping and handling for you. You need only provide us with your customer’s information and then we ship the package out with your name rather than ours.

Buy in Bulk and Save More

Safety Technology does not require dealers to operate on the dropship model. If you want to stock products yourself, you can do so. We would only encourage you to purchase wholesale products from us in bulk whenever possible. Why? Because we offer bulk pricing that is even lower than our standard wholesale pricing.

Bulk pricing gives you more room to make a nice profit on the products you buy from us. The more you sell, the more profit you make. We will be here every step of the way to support you with competitive pricing, answers to your questions, marketing materials, and our unparalleled customer service.

Different Ways to Sell Mace 10% Pepper Foam

You can use the drop ship model to sell at home parties or online. If you would rather buy in bulk and stock your own site, there are other ways to sell Mace 10% pepper foam – both online and in person. Beginning with the online method, consider selling our personal safety and self-defense products in the following ways:

  • Your Website – You can build your own website complete with a shopping cart solution like Magenta or Woo Commerce. If building your own site seems a bit scary to you, no worries. You can let us build a site for you. We have been in this business for more than two decades; we know what we’re doing.
  • Retail Sites – Lastly, you can sell on well-known retail sites like Amazon and eBay. Just bear in mind that they charge a percentage of every sale you make.

You may not be all that much into online retail. If so, there are lots of ways to sell Mace 10% pepper foam and the rest of our products in a more traditional setting. You can even combine online sales with traditional retail for maximum revenues. Here are some suggestions for in-person sales:

  • Flea Markets – If you have a local flea market or two in your area, know this: flea markets are guaranteed traffic generators. The flea market is one of the most cost-effective ways to sell to people who want to spend.
  • Self-Defense Demonstrations – Every once in a while, a self-defense demonstration might pass through your town. If so, operators are likely going to look for vendors to fill up floor space. You can be one of them.
  • Gun Shows – Gun shows are a lot like self-defense submissions in that operators look for vendors to fill their shows. These kinds of gatherings are virtual gold mines for Mace 10% peppers foam and other similar products.
  • Retail Store – You can always go old-school by renting a mall kiosk, opening your own place in a strip mall, or going the pop-up shop route. Traditional retail is not dead if you have the right products to sell.

Make Money Selling Mace 10% Pepper Foam

What we are offering you here is not just a single Mace brand product. We are offering you the opportunity to make money as a personal safety and self-defense dealer buying at wholesale prices from Safety Technology. We are in this to help you build a successful business that will, in turn, help us continue to pursue our own success.

You can make money selling Mace 10% pepper foam. If you are ready to get going, fill out and submit our online dealer form. We will process your form and let you know what you need to do next.