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Bouncer Stun baton/Flashlight

Looking for a powerful and versatile self-defense weapon? Look no further than the Bouncer Stun Baton from Safety Technology. This powerful stun gun and flashlight combo packs a whopping 100 million volts of stopping power, enough to take down even the most aggressive attacker. And with a 22-inch reach, you can keep a safe distance from your assailant while delivering a debilitating shock.

The Bouncer is also built tough, made from aircraft-grade aluminum for durability and featuring a rubberized grip for easy handling. Plus, the included 280 lumen flashlight is perfect for illuminating dark areas or blinding oncoming attackers. And with two rechargeable batteries and a wall charger included, you’ll always be ready to defend yourself. So don’t wait – pick up a Bouncer Stun Baton today and sleep soundly knowing you’re prepared for anything.


  • 280 Lumen Flashlight
  • 5 Light Modes: You can select either maximum, medium, low, SOS, or strobe mode.
  • Aircraft Grade Aluminum
  • 2 Removable Lithium Batteries and Charger
  • Rubber Handle
  • 22″ long x 2″ wide
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • 4.9 Milliamps



  • Bouncer Stun Gun Flashlight 100 Million Volts
  • (2x) 18650 rechargeable batteries
  • Glass breaker (screws on the end of the unit)
  • Instructions
  • Battery Charger