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The Japanese throwing star is something we most often associate with martial arts movies and samurai lore. Also known as shuriken, throwing stars have been associated with martial arts for centuries. But they are also effective as non-lethal self-defense weapons. We encourage you to consider adding them to your inventory.

More about Throwing Stars

Throwing stars are a Japanese invention despite the fact that so many people assume them to be Chinese. The weapons date back to the samurai of the seventh century A.D. Interestingly enough, the weapons were not always fashioned as stars. They could be made in any shape the user was comfortable throwing. The weapon only had to be small enough to hold comfortably in the hand and aerodynamic enough to find its target.

The samurai never intended their throwing stars to be lethal. Rather, they were intended to both distract and intimidate. History dictates that one of the most popular techniques of throwing one of these weapons was designed to cause a glancing blow that convinced the samurai’s opponent he had been struck by a spirit warrior. This would frighten and distract the opponent long enough for the samurai to move in for the kill.

Key to the effectiveness of the throwing star is the sharpness of its blade. Throwing stars are intended to be aimed at exposed parts of the body like the face and neck. A sharp blade can inflict quite a severe laceration even without embedding itself in the flesh of an attacker. As such, the user doesn’t have to be perfect with his or her throw. Close enough is often good enough to wound an attacker and send him fleeing.

Throwing Stars in Different Shapes

One of our philosophies here at Safety Technology is that variety works to the benefit of the customer. That’s why we sell throwing stars in multiple shapes and sizes. Also note that all our throwing stars are made from professionally edged steel for maximum durability and raw effectiveness.

Your customers may be interested in single throwing stars of a particular shape. Some of them may have been trained in their martial arts classes to use a particular type of star, so that’s what they’re comfortable with. Other customers will be more interested in a pack of throwing stars of different shapes. We have that covered.

The shape of a throwing star is less important than the fact that your customers know how to use them. So encourage buyers to practice after their purchase. Like using most other weapons, practicing with throwing stars increases accuracy and effectiveness.

Non-Lethal Self-Defense

Just like our samurai predecessors of centuries ago, our industry considers throwing stars non-lethal self-defense weapons. Yes, being struck by one absolutely does hurt. Yes, a throwing star can inflict a pretty significant laceration requiring stitches. But it’s highly unlikely that an attacker would be fatally injured by a throwing star.

That means the throwing star is a good self-defense weapon of choice among people who do not like the idea of firearms and knives. More importantly, throwing stars can be deployed at a distance. It is not necessary to wait for an attacker to be within arm’s length before your customer defends him or herself.

The person wielding a throwing star can retrieve it from its carrying case, take aim, and throw – all in one smooth motion that takes very little time to execute. But again, practice is essential. The secret to successfully deploying the throwing star is to practice enough to make using it second nature.

Also note that throwing stars can be used in conjunction with other non-lethal self-defense weapons. A person under attack could deploy the throwing star first, then reach for a canister of pepper spray just in case the attacker is not deterred. Throwing stars can be used in conjunction with kubotans, telescopic steel batons, tactical pens, stun guns, and so forth.

Self-Defense at a Great Price

No matter how your customers choose to use throwing stars, these great weapons will not be all that attractive if people cannot afford them. But that’s not a worry. Unlike firearms, throwing stars are very affordable. For less than a decent fast casual meal, you can sell your customers a set of four throwing stars along with an attractive carrying case.

Price point is everything in retail. Find that sweet spot between your wholesale price and maximum retail price and you will have no trouble selling these great products. People are more than willing to spend on self-defense if they believe they are getting a fair deal on a product they can actually use.

By the way, price point is critical to wholesale business too. That’s why Safety Technology works so hard to keep our prices under control. We need to make a profit to stay in business, but so do you. So there’s no point in us gouging our dealers and taking away their mark-up room. Rest assured that we will not do that to you. That’s not how Safety Technology operates.

You can buy throwing stars at great wholesale prices by becoming one of our dealers. Our prices are considerably lower than retail, giving you the opportunity to mark up the throwing stars high enough to cover your expenses and generate a worthwhile profit.

No-Fee Dropshipping

Along with the great wholesale pricing is a no-fee dropshipping service that is second-to-none. In fact, Safety Technology is the largest dropshipper in our industry. Dealers love working with us because we do not charge anything extra for this service. You pay the same wholesale price plus our cost for shipping and packaging. That’s it.

Again, we could follow the example of some of our competitors who charge extra for dropshipping service. But what would be the point? We already have profit built-in to our wholesale prices. Why charge dealers more and then leave them less room for making money? We don’t do it because it’s self-defeating.

With Safety Technology as your dropshipper, you will pay the exact same wholesale price you would pay if you were stocking items yourself. As for the shipping and packaging charges, we charge you exactly what we pay. We do not markup packaging and shipping.

Start Selling Throwing Stars Today

A lot of people visit our website looking to start a brand-new business selling self-defense and personal safety items. If you fit that description, understand that you can start selling throwing stars today. You can build an entire business by using throwing stars as your first product. Then you can add other products to your inventory, including things like telescopic steel batons and compact stun guns.

Safety Technology’s complete inventory gives you enough choices to fill up an entire store. You can build an online store or set up a brick-and-mortar retail shop in your local area. The choice is yours. If neither of those options appeal to you, there are more choices. You can sell at gun shows, flea markets, and self-defense seminars and displays.

Some of our dealers got their start by selling self-defense products at home parties. They downloaded and printed our full-color catalog, then took that catalog to neighborhood gatherings. They utilized our free dropshipping service so that all they had to carry with them was the catalog itself.

Here’s the point: starting your own personal safety and self-defense business doesn’t require tens of thousands of dollars and 80 hours a week. You can get started with a very minimal investment by taking advantage of our dropshipping service. Then, as your business grows, you can take some of the profits you earn and reinvest them in your company. You can do it all starting today, by filling out our online dealer application.

Throwing Stars Are Just One Product

Please understand that throwing stars are just one product in a seemingly endless retail category. Safety Technology offers hundreds of products for you to choose from, and we barely scratch the surface of what’s out there. There are so many non-lethal self-defense and personal safety products that it is impossible to quantify them all.

This is a great business to be in for a lot of reasons. First and foremost is demand. Since human beings have been roaming the earth, the desire for self-defense has been an inherent part of who we are. That is not going to change, ever. The natural instinct to defend oneself is built into human DNA as a matter of survival.

With that said, there will always be a demand for non-lethal self-defense items like throwing stars. People want the ability to take care of themselves without having to rely on lethal means. Throwing stars are part of the equation for many of them.

If you are considering adding throwing stars to your store’s inventory, we hope you’ll consider purchasing them from us. All our throwing stars come with affordable wholesale pricing, the full support of the Safety Technology staff, and access to hundreds of other products you can sell right along with them.